Dethatch a Lawn with a Thatching Blade on Mower

Dethatch a Lawn with a Thatching Blade on Mower

Welcome to Tomahawk DIY everyone. I’m Mike. Today we’re going to take a look
at thatching your lawn. This is something you want to do
to remove dead grass and roots that have kind of built up overtime. It’s really easy to do. You just have to buy yourself a thatching blade.
They’re not too expensive. I think they cost around
15 the 20 bucks. You can find them on Amazon
on to the link. You can also get them from
your hardware store. Now the way this blade works, it’s actually dragging this wire or
this spring through the grass. And as that goes around, it’s going to pull up and rip out
dead grass and roots. And then after that you’re going to
have to clean all that up. Before you thatch your lawn, you want to mow it
so you have the grass down at a lower height. So let me show you how
you put this thing on. This one has a label that says grass side so
you know which way it faces down. You can get an idea about
the springs because obviously those need to
pull in to the grass. Alright, we’re going to tilt the mower back. You want to be mindful as you to tilt it back
that you’re not dumping out your oil or gas. Things like that. With the blade propped against this wood
and the mower secured in place we will work on loosening this nut. Pay attention to the direction of the curve on the blade,
you’ll notice that it curves up towards the top. You want to make sure that when it
goes back in that it’s facing the same way. Also be careful not to lose any of
the mounting brackets. You’ll notice how this is secured together
and held in place into that shaft. As you go to dethatch your lawn, It’s important to get you thatching blade
at the right height. You want it so it’s going to actually be
pulling up some of the dead grass and the footings and the dead roots. Just organic matter that kind of
built up and covers the soil and help block some nutrients from
getting down to the roots. So if you look in here right now the blade is not really even
touching where the roots and the grass and the soil all meet. So, it’s too high. We’re going to move the lawn mower to the
sidewalk to make it easier to adjust. So to adjust the mower height, we want to have the top of the tines just touching
or just barely above the top of the concrete. Just above or just touching the concrete. To make the adjustment,
I’m going to lower the wheels. Just do the back wheels now. Alright, so with the wheels down this is maybe a quarter inch to an eighth of an inch
above the side of the concrete So, let’s see how that works if it works at thatching. Alright, let’s see how this works. I’ve propped open the back
so we can see the thatch coming out. If you don’t want to put that thatching blade on,
you’ve got a few other options. You can just use a rake to do the thatching. That obviously takes a little more work Not quite as productive. But you can thatch by hand like that. There’s also a dethatching machine
that you could rent or buy. Those are more commercial grade machines
that do a great job of dethatching. They’re built specifically for that. And another option you have is
you can always hire somebody to do that. Commercial lawn services offer dethatching
services often in the spring time. Let’s take a look at what we’ve
got in the yard now. So, there’s a ton of brown dead grass
and such all over the place here. I’m going to run the lawn mower over it with regular blade on
and raise it back up to the regular height. We can also rake it and bag it. Alright, so there you have it. Thanks so much for watching
Tomahawk DIY. It’s really easy to do. Down at the description
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34 thoughts on “Dethatch a Lawn with a Thatching Blade on Mower

  1. I'm terrible at lawn care. As I've never done this, it's probably something I should do. How often do you do this? …google, google, google… Just saw a picture of a mower with a dethatcher mounted on front as a separate attachment. That could be handy as a one pass solution, but of course I expect it'd be quite a bit more expensive than the blade. One more thing for the never-ending todo list.

  2. I bought a specialized "dethatching rake" last year but it's very hard work, especially in the heat of the summer. I'm going to purchase the blade. Thanks for the video!

  3. I bought a thatching blade today, it had no instructions with it and the blade included several washer type items in a couple different sizes, where do they go?
    So you are saying mow first, then replace with thatching blade, then mow again to pick up all the dead grass? Won't Thatcher kick dead grass into the bag?

  4. I bought a similar dethatching blade and my end result was a scalped yellow lawn. I would not recommend this idea to anyone. While the dethatching blade cost me around $18 at least I can remove the tines and have a third blade. It's been 15 days in the fall with almost no rain over that period but thanks to time and a few light waterings the green is returning. The brand I bought was Arnold.

  5. Did anyone think to place some bets in Las Vegas for when and how many fingers this guy is going to lose. Please be safer.

  6. First time I dethached my lawn, set the thatch blade as he shows. Made 4 passes on the lawn, looked like it was ruined enough to need reseeding or sod. 😱

    About 3 weeks later, that patch had the thickest, greenest grass of the entire yard.

  7. No safety tips,disconnect spark plug you can friction start a hot engine but turning the blade. Al so tork that blade nut. Good job how many hours did the rake job take and how long to get your lawn green again.

  8. I'm thinking you could use a mulching blade to pick up the dislodged thatch so that it gets chopped so more will fit in a trash bag. I do that with leaves all the time. I'm just not sure how well thatch will mulch down.

  9. First thanks for this. I was going back and forth on getting one. Didnt really want rent a machine. And this question is for everyone. Do you just do it once a year? And how does everyone clean it up use a leaf blower or something?

  10. Never leave the back shoot open like he shows!! Either use the side shoot like he has or if you dont have one keep the bag on!

  11. what time of the year do you typically do the dethatching? you said spring… but do you mean like before any of the trees start budding? where i am, i usually start seeding around april/may and first cut is usually done around mid-april too.

  12. Basically lazy mulch mowing is killing our yards. That thatch creates a water, fertilizer and oxygen barrier that harms the soil.

  13. It's all I've ever used. Dirty, quick and CHEAP. It will pull up more stuff out of your lawn than a rental dethatcher with next to no cost.

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