Desi Lydic Had to Explain Her Feminist Tattoo to Her Conservative Father

Desi Lydic Had to Explain Her Feminist Tattoo to Her Conservative Father

-So this is very cool.
You traveled. You went to Namibia,
you went to Spain, you went to Iceland
to talk about gender equality. -I did.
-The United States, 49th in the world,
which is pretty embarrassing. -Yeah. Not great.
-Not great. -We could be better.
-We could be better. 48 slots available.
-Right. -And how did
the other countries — You know, I think, obviously,
in America, most of us would be pretty disappointed
by that. How do other countries react
when you tell them the United States is 49th?
-Well, you know, I feel like they were as shocked as we were
to find out that news. But they thought that we were
actually ranked lower. -[ Laughs ] Oh, wow.
[ Audience “Ohs” ] -I did “man on the street”
in the Blue Lagoon and asked people, “Where do you
think America is ranked? And they went,
“Oh, I don’t know. 75th? 119th?”
[ Laughter ] I’m like, “Calm down.
We’re not that bad, okay?” -You were in Iceland,
which, as you said in the clip, is number one for gender…
-Yes. -…and you got a tattoo
in Iceland. -I did.
-And, well, what is it and how did it come about
that you got it? -I met with this incredibly
inspiring group of women. They were in the clip. They’re called
the Daughters of Reykjavík, and they are an all-female
rap collective. -Okay.
-22 members strong. So they’re basically like
Icelandic Lady Wu-Tang Clan. -Uh-huh.
[ Laughter ] -And they all share
this matching tattoo. So, like, when you go
to a frat party and someone draws a [Bleep]
on your face. -Yeah.
-It’s like that, but this is
the feminist version of it. -Oh, wow, that’s very —
How do you — Have you had to explain it
to anybody when they see it? -Yeah, well, actually,
I just went home to Kentucky to visit my parents for Easter,
and my dad was like, “So talk to me about
the significance of the tattoo.” And I was like,
“Well, um, it’s a triangle, so it’s, uh, representative
of female empowerment.” [ Laughter ] And with some dots above, meaning the individual
is stronger with the support of others. I barely regret it.
-Yeah, yeah. -I barely regret it. -I don’t think you should
regret it at all. And Namibia,
how was your time there? What was their take on America,
if you asked? -It was amazing.
They, too, were surprised that we were ranked as well
as we were. But they, um… [ Laughter ] Yeah, I got it everywhere.
But they’re incredible. I spoke with this really
wonderful woman, Rosa Namises, and she spoke about
how Namibia has almost 50% representation
in Parliament, and how a lot of that stems back from when they gained
their independence. Women were on the frontlines. They were part of writing
the Constitution, which is, you know, something we’re
still fighting for, equal rights in our Constitution
with the E.R.A. And as she’s telling me
all of this, she’s holding this feather
that she picked up and she’s kind of caressing
the feather. And she looks down
at the feather and then she looks back at me
and she goes, “Desi, I want you to have
this feather.” And I went, “Oh, thank you. “What, is this
a sacred Namibian custom? Will it bring me good luck?”
And she goes, “No, no, it’s to dry your tears
when you’re sad about America.” [ Laughter ]
-Burn. -I have used it many times
since then. -Oh, my God.
She feather burned you. -She feather burned me.
Classic Namibian feather burn. -Your parents, as you mentioned,
are from Kentucky. Fairly conservative?
-Yes. Very conservative. -And you work
on “The Daily Show,” which is a show like this one where we sometimes talk about
the President. -Yep.
-How do they react to it? -Well, they haven’t spoken to me
in quite some time. -Okay.
-But when I reconnect with them, I’m excited to ask them
that question. -Yeah, yeah. -No, they’re very,
very supportive. I think being an actor and
looking for work for so long, they’re just so happy that
I actually have a job. -Sure.
[ Laughter ] -So they are supportive,
but they will watch the pieces. But my mom has to kind of
compartmentalize it, like, “Well, you know,
we could get into it, “but you have to believe
what you believe for your job, to keep your job.”
[ Laughter ] You know. “I don’t want you to lose
your job, so we just won’t talk about it.” -Does humor run in your family? Do you have some relatives with
comedy tropes back in Kentucky? -Yeah. My aunt has, like,
a really dirty sense of humor. -Uh-huh.
-She’s almost 80 years old. And just to give you an idea,
she — For my wedding,
when I got married, she gave me a slow cooker,
like a crock-pot. -Uh-huh. -But she changed
the outside of the box to read “crotch pot.” [ Laughter ] And she filled it with
crotchless panties and lubes and, like, dusting powders. I don’t know what they’re for. -And you had not registered
for that. -I had not registered for that.
-Okay, got it. -I had not registered for that. And she filled it with these,
like, dirty recipes. So, like, she wrote a recipe
for roasted chicken. It was like,
“Gently massage the oil on the skin of the chicken
and spread apart the thighs.” And I’m like, “Oh, my God!
She’s almost 80 years old!” [ Laughter ]
She’s my hero. -We should all aspire to that.
-We should. -Yeah. I mean,
I feel like that alone should bring us up to, like,
48 or 47. -Right?
-Yeah. -If we had more Aunt Jans
in the world, we would be so much better. -Yeah, I think we’d be —
Move over, Namibia. Hey, thank you so much
for being here. Congrats on the special.
Delightful to meet you. -Thank you very much.
-That’s Desi Lydic, everybody.

100 thoughts on “Desi Lydic Had to Explain Her Feminist Tattoo to Her Conservative Father

  1. She's a feminist, but she did MAN on the street, not woman on the street. She also said she is an ACTOR . Not an actress 😁

  2. She's right. I'm from India (it's no heaven either) and that was my first reaction! 49 is too high for a country that's never had a female president or a well-laid out maternity leave.

  3. News flash other countries doesn’t care about the USA, you are not the center of the univers! Icelanders couldn’t care less about the USA

  4. At least 89 other countries have had female National leaders and even those with a track record of imperialism and enslavement so ya, American's really need to do an internal audit.Btw, America being ranked only as low as 49th is clearly a gift.

  5. Desi Lydic is by far and away the funniest person on the Daily Show. Funny, smart and sexy all in one package!

  6. funny when americans are surprised the rest of the world does not share their view of america’s greatness 😅

  7. that all female rap group – Reykjavíkurdætur

    ty desi!

  8. I hate to mention this but I get that women don’t get equal rights and don’t get paid enough but black adults and children are being shot by cops almost everyday. Why are your rights more important then me getting to live another day?

  9. Very attractive, but missing that spark, which really turns heads.

    If you think that is somehow derogatory towards women, or sexist in the least, remember we're 48th in the world for a reason. :p

  10. Desi, 3 guys , The Big 3, control the entire music industry. Support thousands of musicians, end the men trio, and open music to all women, with women in key management leadership positions.

  11. It is quite ironic, that those "aryan dream countries" of those anti-women white-surpremacist christians are in fact role-models for every thing these folks hate… womens rights, social security, health care, living wages, education, …

  12. I wanted Desi to take over for Jon on The Daily Show.
    Trevor is good, but Desi, … I bet she would have been great. 👀

  13. How close were we to the bottom if you take out all of trump the stump's sh!t hole countries? Probably pretty close to the bottom.

  14. So sad to find out she has a conservative in her family. I’d be less embarrassed to have a mass murderer in the family.

  15. Desi!! So glad she's here!! Her contribution to Humanity isn't seen enough!! She's one of the greatest!!

  16. Iceland is amazing but avoid the blue lagoon, so overpriced. They are amazing, free, hot springs all over the place.

  17. It makes me feel sad for my countrymen when i hear them say “we live in the greatest country on earth”. It makes me sad someone can be so delusional, i wonder how they would react if they ever actually looked at the statistics, the U.S. isnt ranked number 1 in any of them unless that statistic is for something bad. It makes is so hard to try to improve our society because first we have to criticize our society to see what needs improving and the moment you do that in the states some ultranationalist will start screaming at you to “support the troops mire” or “if you dont like it, just leave” or “atleast we aint no communist country”. Its so sad, they live in a fantasy while in reality the U.S. slips further behind when we could actually be fixing the problems.

  18. Weird. This makes me go from not really caring one way or the other about her, to just plain disliking her. Just seems like a talking parrot.

  19. Hypocrite feminism. More special privilege for selfish princess. They won't marry a man who makes less money. They won't marry a man who is shorter. And heaven forbid they grow some courage, ask a guy out on a date and pay for it.

  20. Damn. We have fallen so far… Or maybe we never really KNEW just how bad we have made our image, globally, in the first place and were lying to ourselves as part of that ludicrous “American exceptionalism”.

    My neighbor thinks that Trump being president has started to improve our global image/standing…

  21. It's a shame feminism has been weaponized to the point of being ludicrous, Desi seems like she would have been a halfway decent spokesperson for the movement before it became a supremacy group.

  22. The nice thing about the united states is that we still have all the tools in place to be the greatest country in every aspect, not just on this topic but literally in every aspect. The problem is the people who are okay screaming "we're great" without actually putting any effort into it. If I had a nickel for every unambitious soul who justifies their lack of achievements by saying "my ancestors built this country!"…But maybe I'm the one who's got it backwards. Perhaps the real american dream is to have a family member who's done something great while you coast off their achievements.

  23. Rank 49 is good in my opinion , as only Scandinavian country and few country are above USA after rank 7, rank does not matter much very similar with USA country in my opinion.

  24. Hey fun fact: Majority of Americans, in the grand scheme of things, does not give a F&@k about these rankings after the news gets pass it. It’s cool conversation topic, other than that, those not directly affected don’t care. Sadly

  25. Tbh – I thought America would be further down as well🤨 no offense to Americans – it’s well the orange ya know 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Consider that feminism is very strong in other lifestyles as well. Cows get their babies taken away and get forcefully impregnated. Even if not all cows get this horrible treatment those mothers get killed far earlier than their natural lifespan. In any way, even the healthy, organic and free range cows have it dirty and humankind is reasonable that this exists to begin with. Be a feminism to the fullest and combine it with ethical veganism 🙂
    Everyone can do better and should take any step possible to a better place~

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