Daughters Prank Parents With Tattoos

Daughters Prank Parents With Tattoos

– She thinks I’m doing a
puppy video right now so… I have been considering getting a tattoo for a few years now. – It’s crossed my mind, my
parents don’t know that. They both like never had any tattoos. – I have occasionally
brought it up to my mom and she freaks out. – I’m actually kind of worried that he’s going to lift up his shirt
and be like me too, twins! I’m going to be like no Dad, it’s fake! – She might deny that it’s real or she could burst into tears, third option I guess that she
could have a heart attack. – The tattoo I’m going to be getting is a flower, really girly and cute. I think it’s believable. – I really hope that you have
an ambulance out on standby. – [Interviewer] How was Dasha growing up? What kind of a kid was she? – Dasha was a smart girl, very practical and didn’t get into a lot of trouble. – I think Jennifer was
born Miss Independent. From the very beginning
putting her in a stroller and she wouldn’t stay in the stroller. – Our relationship has matured and I think I could
tell you more things now which is good. – I think we’re fairly
honest with each other. I mean I don’t think we
share every little secret. – Yeah, I think I should tell you. – Uh oh. (laughs) – So I don’t know how
you’re going to react. – I got a tattoo. (laughs) – You’re full of it. – I swear to God. – Show me. – Am I allowed to like
lift up my shirt on camera? – Are you, are you joking, is it real? – It’s a tattoo! – Oh my god! When did you get that? – A few weeks ago. – Is that real, Jen? – Yeah. – Is that permanent, where did you go? – Santa Monica area. – You know hepatitis gets trans– – See it’s a flower, it’s cute, right? – Well I don’t know, looks like a wound. – Oh great! – Why do you do look so upset? You look like you’re going to cry. – You look like you’re crying. – Well you’re making me
feel shitty now about it. – Well it doesn’t make me happy. – It’s not on you. – Damn right it’s not on me. – I just like felt inclined,
thought it was really cute. Maybe had a little bit to drink. – You didn’t think about asking me or calling me or telling me or anything. – No, I was kind of worried
that you’d be upset. – Well it’s, no I just
don’t like that location. – Uh huh. – I think it doesn’t look good. – Everyone else in the
family knew about it. – Everybody else knows? Your dad knows? – Dad knows, Jonathon knows. – Great. – Did you ask anybody else
about it or you just did it? – Yeah, I thought about
it, like some friends to see what they thought,
they said it was cute. – They might not let you
in the convent anymore now. – Yeah I know, I don’t
know what I’m going to do. I’m kicked out for sure. – If Jennifer had asked me first if she could have a tattoo, I mean she, she’s older, out of my control, I mean I’m not thrilled but I’m not, there’s too many other things that are, that could be far worse so… – I have more thing to tell you. – Is there another thing? – Yeah. – But I hope that in the future that if you want to do
something drastic like that that you’ll let me know. – Okay, I’ll make sure moving forward. – I’d feel better with that. – But I have one more secret actually. – Okay, what? – It’s actually a fake tattoo! – It’s fake? – Yeah. (laughs) – And you didn’t tell your dad? – No I did not tell Dad, Jonathon. – Oh, you are, you’re such a great liar! – Did you really hate it that much? – When I get past the fact
that you’re my daughter and you did the tattoo now. – Uh huh. – And I want to like critique that art. – So I should run it by you. – I appreciate it when Jennifer calls me and wants me to be with her for whatever. – So maybe I’ll go get
a tattoo after this, you want to come? – Only if I can get a matching one. – Perfect, let’s do it. (laughs) So for putting you through this. (mellow guitar music)

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  1. You do not need your parents permission to get a tattoo! It's your body and your right to decide what you do with it. It's not like taking hardcore drugs, it honestly shocks me so many parents are like this.

  2. My mom was the one that wanted me to get a tattoo, I was asking for a long time and one day she just went with me and I did it.

  3. My mum asked me if I wanted a tattoo and when I said yes she told me to book an appointment and that was my 21st birthday present from her

  4. She says "my parents think we are filming a puppy video" then they go on to film a parent, child relationship video. Well done😂🤣

  5. If I was the parent they’d be expecting something like: NOOOOOOO WHAT WHYYY?! or I don’t like it


  6. Convent.?!?! Are you serious..?!?! That’s a waste of a beautiful sexy woman for some lucky man..!!!!!

  7. "It looks like a wound" is the kind of savage criticism that never leaves you. If that had been real, every time she showed it to a new person she would tell them her dad said that.

  8. Who else thinks that danish's dad kind of is like Mr magorium from mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium the movie

  9. I am did the same with my dad except my tattoos are real…and he doesn’t know about them 😂 I got 2 on my 16th birthday 8 days ago and have been hiding them and plan on getting more and keep on hiding them until I’m 18 😂

  10. funny💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  11. I don't understand why is tatto sooo bad like…My parents will kill me if i get a tatto…Like,if your older than 18 why to not???

  12. These parents are so controlling – they are their own people stop being so intense and demanding that your ADULT child ask you permission to make decisions for themselves. Good god

  13. Dude i want to do a tattoo when i get older like when it is kinda according to law, i want to do half sleeve of like Satan in the style of old paintings

    …My mom is very religious ,she thinks tattoos are from the devil…

    love u mom

  14. I asked my parents to let me get tattoo and they said okay. I once told my mom about design I wanna get. She was like "ewww nope. I'll choose one for you. Very good and artistic one." 😅😂 she has better tattoo choices than me!! I'm happy with that design my mom has chosen and I'm excited to get it.

  15. Lol both of the parents saying they had to ask to get a tattoo like they are grown women come on

  16. When i got back from my erasmus with a wrist tattoo, my father at the airport just looked at it and was like "it's actually really nice". He was 75 at the time and Greek.Omg, i feel so sad for all the people in the comment section..

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