Dark Details About Tommy Lee

Dark Details About Tommy Lee

As the free-wheeling, hard-hitting drummer
of Motley Crue, Tommy Lee is one of the most notorious musicians out there. As the band’s youngest member, his entire
adult life has been shaped by the rock star lifestyle, for better and for worse. Here are some of the dark details from Tommy
Lee’s real-life story. Tommy Lee’s tape with Pamela Anderson is ridiculously
famous, and the tale behind the tape is as interesting as its contents. In 1995, the couple fired several workers
renovating their mansion in Malibu. This did not sit well with one electrician,
who was already so exhausted with the couple that he was reportedly ready to walk away
from the $20,000 he says they still owed him for the unfinished work. When the electrician returned to the house
in an attempt to retrieve his tools, he found himself facing a shotgun-wielding Lee ordering
him to leave the property. This was the final straw for the working man,
who decided to exact revenge by stealing a safe he knew Lee kept in the garage. One successful heist later, the electrician
discovered that the safe contained something far more valuable than mere jewelry and family
knickknacks: A 54-minute home video by the most famous superstar couple of the time,
featuring roughly eight minutes of extremely personal one-on-one footage. In an amusing twist, the electrician just
so happened to be a veteran of the adult film industry. With the help of his contacts, the tape was
replicated, and copies began being distributed to the public, for a price. Despite the panicked couple’s best efforts
to retrieve the tape, the video spread like wildfire. By 1997, it was such a cultural staple that
Variety actually published a review. In 2007, the MTV Video Music Awards featured
an unexpected bonus performance when Tommy Lee and Kid Rock engaged in some quick fisticuffs
at the table of Sean “Diddy” Combs. Since both men had been married to Pamela
Anderson, the motives behind the animosity seemed obvious, but Rock insists the real
reason went a little bit deeper than that. He says the fight was the culmination of a
five-year stretch of personal attacks and disrespectful actions that took place during
Rock’s divorce from Anderson. Rock promised to retaliate for the long stretch
of abuse, and he apparently wasn’t playing: reportedly, he had already attempted to track
down the drummer and burst through his hotel room door on the previous New Year’s Eve,
but got the room wrong and found himself facing a terrified family instead. As for Lee, he insists he had merely been
socializing at the event when Rock, whom he insists on calling “Kid Pebble,” turned up,
rejected a hug, and punched the drummer. Lee insists he was fully intent on winning
the ensuing battle, but security guards dragged him out of the building. To be fair, he did apologize for his role
in the incident… to Alicia Keys, who was performing at the time. The death of a child is always a nightmare,
but when that child dies at your house during a kid’s birthday party? Well, that’s even more disturbing. This exact scenario played out at Tommy Lee’s
Malibu mansion in 2001, when a 4-year-old boy attended the birthday celebrations of
the drummer’s eldest son, Brandon, and was later found floating face-down, deceased,
in the swimming pool. According to reports, Lee made a 911 call
where he admitted that the child had been left alone and unsupervised for a brief period
of time, and that the ensuing situation was so chaotic that he didn’t know what to do. Though the boy’s parents blamed the drummer
for negligence and sued him for $10 million, he was cleared of any responsibility. The jury in the case found that the death
was more the result of a tragic chain of events in which the boy’s nanny left the party early
to attend a concert, while the babysitter tasked with looking after him left him unattended. In 1996, Tommy Lee grew angry at a cameraman
outside the Viper Room nightclub in Hollywood and threw the poor guy on the ground. This already unwise move reportedly turned
into an epic mess when it came out that the cameraman was Jewish, and Lee had attacked
him while wearing a visible swastika tattoo in his arm. Yes, a swastika tattoo. Lee moved to have the tattoo covered, hoping
to avoid it ever being seen by a jury. He later said that the symbol was, quote,
“a stupid tattoo obtained several years ago.” Lee had the tattoo removed and pleaded no
contest to criminal charges of battery. He was sentenced to two years of probation,
anger management counseling, and a $17,500 restitution payment to the photographer. MTV reports that Lee later settled a civil
case with the cameraman, and even attempted to make amends by shaking hands with his victim…
though the cameraman’s attorney immediately stepped in to block the attempt. In 1997, Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx got a little
too carried away during a concert in Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina… by which we mean
they started harassing a black security guard and trying to incite an ethnically motivated
riot. Reportedly, Sixx was the first to start attacking
and throwing slurs at the guard, but Lee soon joined in to pour a drink on the guard’s head. The poor man’s extremely bad day at work further
escalated when the band encouraged the 2,500 people in the crowd to attack him. Fortunately, the situation didn’t escalate
into a full-blown riot, though a lawsuit does mention that the crowd pelted the guard and
his colleagues with plastic cups and that he had to climb on the stage to escape the
audience. Sixx was arrested two years later when Motley
Crue performed in North Carolina again, and Lee promptly turned himself in as well. The drummer was charged with assault and inciting
a riot with ethnic animosity, but he was able to avoid the racial aspects of the case by
pleading no contest to simple assault, for which he was sentenced to an 18-month probation. The inevitable civil lawsuit by the guard
was eventually settled. The three-year marriage of Tommy Lee and Pamela
Anderson is one of the most colorful celebrity relationships out there. They got married in early 1995 after a whirlwind
romance, but things took a turn for the worse after the blissful honeymoon period. Arguments escalated into violence, with Anderson
describing incidents in which Lee attacked her while she was holding their infant child. Finally, one brawl inspired Anderson to call
the police and file for divorce. The drummer ended up pleading no contest to
a felony count of injury to a spouse. He served four months of a six-month sentence
and was ordered to seek anger management counseling, perform community service, and donate $5,000
to a women’s shelter. He also had to avoid alcohol and drugs and
stay at least 100 yards away from Anderson. However, in 2000 the musician violated his
probation and spent a further five days in jail as a result. Motley Crue’s members have obviously been
known to indulge in substance abuse, but their favorite vices all vary. For his part, Lee insists he’s not the “deviant
alcohol abuser” people have called him, but some of the people closest to him seem to
disagree. His son Brandon has reportedly called him
an alcoholic, and that’s not even the worst thing his loved ones have said about the subject. Ex-wife Pamela Anderson called Lee out on
his alcoholism in 2018 by publishing a post titled “Alcoholism is the Devil” on her website. Anderson says the text is the first time she
publicly discusses Lee’s troubles with alcohol, and it paints a fairly hopeless picture of
the drummer and his drinking habit. Though she does point out that Lee is a talented
individual, she also calls the drummer a textbook, quote, “narcissist/sociopath.” “Two new babies. Tommy comes third now, instead of first. I’m a new father. I don’t know how to deal with that.” Still, perhaps the harshest words in her writing
are these: “Nobody understands the lifetime of disappointment
this man has brought our family. Consistently the center of sadness, drama
and confusion. Jealous of his sons’ talent and beauty from
the day they were born. He is sick.” A generous way to describe Tommy Lee’s relationship
with his family would be to say it’s dysfunctional. In 2018, his oldest son straight up punched
him out. The details are just as hazy as you’d expect
from a fistfight involving a Motley Crue member, but reportedly, it’s agreed by both Lee and
his fiancee that Lee’s son Brandon, who was living with his father at the time, stormed
their bedroom and knocked Tommy out cold after a brief argument. According to Brandon, the situation was triggered
when his father posted unpleasant comments about his mother on social media. The son also insinuates that his father’s
excessive alcohol use was a factor in the fight, and the reason he was living part-time
in the premises was to help Lee with his substance abuse troubles and organize an intervention. Regardless of the intentions, Tommy Lee was
adamant on making his son pay for the punch and wanted to press charges for what must
have been an uncomfortably long time… before finally deciding to drop it. In early 2019, Motley Crue’s star was revitalized
thanks to the film adaptation of their infamous autobiography The Dirt. All the attention has also warranted a second
glance at the book’s many sordid stories, one of which has raised some serious questions. In the book, bassist Nikki Sixx appears to
confess to a straight-up assault he and Tommy Lee once committed at a party. According to the book, Sixx approached Lee
at the party and explained to the drummer that he was in the middle of an intimate moment
in a nearby closet, with a woman waiting for his return. The men agreed that Lee would sneak in the
closet with Sixx so they could switch places without telling the woman. Without her consent, Lee subbed in to have
sex with the woman while Sixx stood behind him, playing along. As Sixx tells it, this woman later called
him to tell him that she had been assaulted by a stranger while trying to hitchhike home
from the party. When Sixx heard this, he says, it occurred
to him that for all intents and purposes, he and Lee had assaulted her too. Unsurprisingly, Sixx backtracked on the disgusting
story once it began getting some attention, and now says he doesn’t remember these events,
and that he may have completely made up the story as a part of his drug-addled interviews
for the book. Lee, on the other hand, appears to have stayed
very quiet about the incident entirely. Tommy Lee is known for the extravagant drum
solos he often performs while strapped in complex mechanical contraptions. One of his most famous tricks is the drum
roller coaster, which comes in a couple of flavors: a circular coaster that has Lee’s
drum platform circle 360 degrees, and a large “Cruecify'” rig that carries him high above
the audience. Lee is fiercely protective of his stunts,
to the point where he publicly called out rapper Travis Scott for using similar rigs
on his tour in 2018, even threatening legal action over Twitter. However, Scott’s legal team quickly pointed
out that Lee didn’t invent the concept of concert roller coasters, and the actual creator
of the rigs in question had granted Scott full permission to use them. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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  1. I have always thought that Motley Crue were creeps. I used to like their music, BUT, they have always been sexist and horrible people for the most part. Maybe NOW, a couple of them have gotten clean and have grown into human beings, BUT, Tommy Lee seems to have NOT done so yet. The racism of Tommy and Nikki is a bit shocking to me, I never knew they were racists before seeing this video. I doubt that many young and sexy ladies are falling all over Tommy now, he's looking rough now, but, sometimes women still want rock musicians even when they are old and hagard like Tommy is now. Their blatant sexism had always turned me off, even when I was a teenager.

  2. Bass has gone full WOKE PC open borders [not that he'll allow any of these illegals to crash at his pad] with severe TDS since he married that hilarious Z grade instagram slag, ranting about millions of we Crue Heads that are the "basket of deplorables". We made this prick filthy rich, chanted his name, and he just pissed on us with his ranting anti President Trump brain fade. Clinton had nearly every so called A grade media, music and cinema celeb backing her but in the end did it help her? Nope. Nor does Bass' rants. Or Sixx's Paul Stanley like wanna be intellectual posts bragging how he's a "liberal". I always will remember Sixx attacking Vince calling him "a fucking fat republican who plays golf". Always looking down their rich noses are Sixx and Lee. Politics and music/entertainment do not mix, we want to be entertained, not fucking lectured or pissed on as racist white nationalists. Hypocrites. You spend tens of thousands of dollars paying to see them, buying merchandise, records, streaming, airplane tickets and accommodation, meet and greets [oh TBone don't do these cos he does not like them], and what do you get? Lectured to by Sixx/Lee. And a fake 'The Dirt' on the cheap NETFLIX movie that was sure great, loved it but in a factual sense it was full of more holes than Swiss cheese, mistakes with guitars, small things as well as the actual story line. Brilliantly acted.
    But compared to the telemovie done decades ago about Def Leppard, which was pretty much REALLY spot on, sure had some small significant errors but it arguably was brilliantly acted and the attention to detail story wise was good. 'The Dirt' gave we Crue Heads a fix cos we miss them, but it was not in any way close the 'real' factual story of Crue. Lee's such a talented drummer, but what to do now? Rapping aint workin out really, Crue is the ONLY things that makes Lee relevant. And his appalling personal history of violence towards women. But hey, he's 'traded up' to a chick half his age nearly. Needs the love of the TDS California crowd who he hangs with. And what better way than to try and stay relevant than to be REALLY brave in a blue blue blue State and bash the President, and by extension those of us who support 45.

  3. the whole band became famous for dressing slutier than the girls, then progressed from shitty musicians to mediocre

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  6. This is why I dont want to hear political opinions of Any celebrity. They get away with murder, while treating people like crap.

  7. I thought I recently saw a story on Google that he watches his wife Brittany Furlong take a dump and then eats her. Shit 😁

  8. I myself can not believe they are all still alive.. they must have so much money the docs are giving them some drugs the public will never see.

  9. Lee is jewish whitewash trash with kosher checks so the JEWISH press circus circuit is always entertain the dumbfounded rock's.

  10. Omg tragic detials tommy lee is the shit lol i mean fuck just think about all the tragic deaital about um everyone lol who gives a fuck about his personal life hes tommy fucking lee get over it lmao

  11. HELL NO! Tommy is one of the best drummers of my time. Times were different and we all know sex. drugs and rock n roll. I partied with "them" when they came to Phoenix and they didn't force anyone to do anything they didn't want to do sooo. Ya'll think that because you've seen the Dirt movie makes you experts on Crue! It's Hollywood. A lot of shit is exaggerated and to be honest they weren't that crazy. We all were having fun and acting like people/kids who were drunk and high.

  12. its amazing to me that we hold these young at the time rockstars like their 50 year old preist….good god so they were rich and young wow….move on people

  13. He said there should be abortion clinics on every corner and wants to spread atheist literature every where. He has the mind of a 12 year old prepubescent child.

  14. He's just another fool who thinks he's special because he's got money. Show me a doctor or the likes who can save a life and contribute meaningfully to society and I'll show you someone special.

  15. I know he's a idiot when it comes to politics and I think bands lead singer is heavy and has to catch his breath during songs.

  16. Having been married to and left by a narcissist(28 years) I do understand Pam's comments. Until you
    live and try to maintain a life/relationship with a narcissist you have no idea. These days alone is a wonderful thing.

  17. When we have parties we hire a life guard. $150.00 for 5 hours to watch the kids. That should never have happened and is by far the worst thing that he has been involved with.

  18. Hes a fuckin scumbag. Nothing i didn't already know. He thinks he's the shit because he has a big weiner and can play the drums. Pamela Anderson is a nasty slut, cum bucket scum bag too. She's says all this shit about him and plays the victim but the only victims are the kids for having such pieces of shit parents. I know a lot of cats like this. They fuck every ones wife(all sluts to begin with) and think that makes them men. Im glad Kid Rock beat his ass but the sad truth like my ex so eloquently put it "he really won because he fucked her and its his dick she really wants".

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  22. That had to suck to find a dead child ,O my God time.Dame hope some forgivines finds its way.Life can give a beat down to some people.Im checking my blessings again.

  23. I've always loved Tommy's playing, but that's all I respect him for. He is very immature and still chases women that are young enough to be his daughter. Just think, those women who flashed their boobs at their concerts in the 80s are now grandmothers…lol

  24. WTF? Dude, that is so freaking stupid. I don't remotely understand racial stupidity like that? How does ANYONE think they're better than ANYONE based on something so insignificant as the color you were born. Hate is dumb anyway, but hating people you don't even know because of the race they were born is about the absolute highest level of evil and stupidity that exists in the world.

  25. And I liked Motley Crue when I was a kid, A LOT – can't keep liking idiots who are racist though. And to be rapists too? Yeah, just plain scummy!

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