Daniel Silva Takes On Ryan Ashley: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

Daniel Silva Takes On Ryan Ashley: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

♪ ♪ – Hello San Francisco! [cheers and applause] – We have two amazing artists ready to do some incredible
tattoos for you guys. [cheers and applause] – On this side,
we have San Francisco’s own Daniel Silva! [cheers and applause] – And on this side, we have “Ink Master”
season 8 winner Ryan Ashley! [cheers and applause] – And at the end of this
tattoo, we’re gonna need all your help to determine the winner
of this face-off. You guys are gonna vote
for the tattoo you like best. Are you ready?
[cheers and applause] – Daniel, are you ready? – I’m ready.
– Ryan, are you ready? – I’m always ready.
– Whoo! I like the sound of that. – You guys have
six hours to tattoo.[intense musical build-up]And your time…
starts… now! [cheers and applause] – I’ve never tattooed
in front of a live crowd.And I called out
Ryan Ashley, the Ink Master.
If I don’t beat her now, I’m
gonna look like a total idiot.
I already won. I know I have my work
cut out for me. – Daniel, son,
how you feelin’? – Not the easiest environment
I’ve ever seen, but… – I’m here to make
it harder on you. – No! [laughs] – Okay, so I’m gonna have you
stand totally straight. Because Kalishka
has a dark complexion,I have to use thicker lines
than I would normally use.
I can’t use a lot of
gray wash.
I know that this face-off
is going to be challenging.[mellow rock]♪ ♪– I was super surprised when
Daniel called out Ryan. – He’s just a baby. You know, babies will
walk up on a grizzly bear and try to pet it.
They don’t know.So what you
think about Ryan’s design?
– It’s super dynamic.The question is,
will everything still stand out out once it’s all finished?
– Right. – What do you think about
Daniel’s?– His design
looks real simple to me.
It don’t look
as creative as Ryan’s. The pressure is on. – You guys only have
two hours left. – Ooh!
– Yeah, I even got like a little howling wolf. And I got, like, the moon and, like, the gleam
of the moon on the water. – [scoffs] Yeah, I mean,
why wouldn’t you? – Well, it had to be there.[dramatic chords]– You’re going bold.
– Going for that contrast. I’m gonna do, like,
a lot of negative space like skin tone, and do a lot of dark underneath
to try to lift it. – It’s a really cool
design.♪ ♪– Daniel is really
killing it. He has detailed
the hell out of that thing. What I wish to see in
Ryan’s tattoo, which is all that nice
detail that she’s known for, is showing up in
Daniel’s tattoo. I’m thinking…
Ryan is in trouble. – I feel like Ryan
is in trouble too.♪ ♪

97 thoughts on “Daniel Silva Takes On Ryan Ashley: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

  1. Gutsy move, This dude got balls. This is what Ink Masters are made of. Never take the easy way out. Nikki and Kelly is one hell of a tattoer as well, Ryan is just slightly more well rounded.

  2. Why'd they even bother getting Gia on the show? Don't notice her half the time, and she isn't even there the other half.

  3. As far as I know this young man was tattooing just for 2.5 yrs prior to this….and still he is amazing already…imagine his skills in 10 yrs

  4. Holy Fuck! Daniel's tattoo is a masterpiece … Hats off mah man, with 2.5 yrs experience, he been putting out marvelous tattoos

  5. Ryan had a dark skinned canvas. I hate to say it, but it's much harder to show the color & design in general on a deep complexion bc it just doesn't show all that much.

  6. He deserved to win this and I hope he's kicking ass on ink master season 10. Those 2 are the best to compete because they're specialized pretty much in the same thing and are both extremely talented especially for such a short time of tattooing (I mean Ryan also only tattoos for 5 years now). I'd get tattooed by both, great artists.

  7. I hope I can one day get a tattoo by Daniel! And not because he is good-looking but because his line work and his designs are just so insane!

  8. Daniel has only been tattooing for 2.5 yrs I think he spent his time before that learning the fundamental of tattooing that why his tattoos are so amazing

  9. Pure talent. Wow idk if people can understand how rare it is that he's so new and is beating people who have decades of experience.

  10. DUde is talented af, basically A male Ryan Ashely. Like her when she first showed up on the show, and showed how clean his artistic work is.

  11. Daniel I love you man glad to see you finally getting recognition for your art! About damn time! Mikey would be proud..even more.
    Good luck, I'll be watching! 👍

  12. LOL
    ….Lazy "Tattooist" that plateaued Years Ago and still doing his Lazy Shitty Hennah incorporated Turds as usual
    Dudes a Douche Bag in Reall life, I'd know

  13. Well, Daniel is in Ink Master Season 9… So he beat Ryan… THE WINNER OF INK MASTER SEASON 8! Really, really good job kid

  14. She absolutley let him win so he can go far, this is the simplest tattoo I have EVER seen her do. His tattoo was stunning.. but i think she went easy on him lol

  15. I actually knew Daniel growing up . He’s always been talented at art . Street art and wasn’t surprised he transitioned into tattooing. congrats to him and his success he definitely deserved it .

  16. I hated daniel with a passion on inkmasters ,but now..watching him on his own channel..dude got all the respect from me he deserves…solid artist and just a good dude..

    He had actually got me into doing more fine art and whip shading.
    While I'm more of the realism side

  17. That black dude with the dreads or whatever is a total fucking idiot. Fight me. Don't know who is and don't care he's a tool bag and wrong as fuck about everything that comes out his mouth

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