CUTEST fashion for boys and girls in Japan? Ask Japanese about MOEMOE fashion!

CUTEST fashion for boys and girls in Japan? Ask Japanese about MOEMOE fashion!

I am so jealous it suits you! Next time let’s wear it in pair look! Really?! I will!! Let’s do it! Awesome!!! – I will wear it next time.
– Gosh please do! I am looking forward to it. – I like men who suit just a white t-shirt.
– I know right! Hey guys this is Cathy Cat and today we’ll go and Ask Japanese What kind of fashion is “moeru” or “moe moe” for them. Which means it’s kind of cute and makes you warm and fluffy when you see it. What kind of fashion do Japanese people like that gives them the “Moe Moe” feelings? Let’s go and Ask Japanese. What are cute Moe clothes for you? I like yellow. So when I wear yellow, I feel all in the zone. – Red tops!
– Team yellow and red? Yes I like it flashy. – Tops that are shoulder free.
– Very sexy. I like unique things. Wearing something that not everyone is wearing is lots of fun. I like fur and fluffy tops like these. I find it very feminine. When you touch it it feels nice too. I like lace and miniskirts. And seeing some skin is really moe. White clothes on girls. Like sweaters or parkas. It’s cute. It looks pure and simple. Knitted hats. I like the Lolita fashion that you are wearing. I find Lolita fashion really cute. – Truth is, I want to wear it one day.
– Oh please try it! – It won’t suit me.
– It will. I can’t pull it off. – I am sure you can!
– No, I can’t. What do you like about it? The princess like frills and stuff… it’s so feminine. So cute. I am so jealous it suits you! Next time let’s wear it in pair look! Really?! I will!! Let’s do it! Knitted clothes! I like oversized knitted wear on small girls. And having sleeves that are too long. When I see that I am all like “Oh that’s so cute!” What clothes are Moe clothes for you? These ones here! Lolita style! This style right here. I like the more calmed down look. The Classical Lolita style? I like the brand Innocent World. What is so cute about Lolita fashion in your opinion? There is lots of frill and bows and such… If you put a petticoat underneath, the dress fluffs up… – It’s so cute.
– Damn straight. Yes it is! I started wearing it more like cosplay when I was in middle school. During those days I didn’t really care about Lolita fashion brands. I just wore it because it was cute but… the more I wore it the more I found out about Lolita brands and such. The more I found out about it, the more I liked wearing it. I like seeing the Lolita fashion style too. I like spotting Lolitas when when walking around town. I like the classic and gothic Lolita styles. I really find these kind of clothes so cute. Do you find it’s very feminine? It’s very girly, a style that mostly only girls pull off. Seeing girls wear it, I find them so cute. I like the new Yume Kawaii style. The Yume Kawaii style is one of those styles I would really like to wear. Please explain Yume Kawaii to viewers who might not know it. It’s a style that started in Harajuku. It has things on like unicorns. It’s a fluffy girls wear. It focuses around pastels too. – And you would like to wear it?
– I would love to! – I want to see you wear that!
– I will wear it next time then. Please do! I will be waiting for it. It’s not really a fashion style but… knee high socks. – I think knee high socks are really cute.
– That counts as fashion. It does. Yeah I like knee-high socks. – Showing the diving inch?
– The absolute territory! If it looks just right, I think it’s very moe. – Would this length be good?
– That’s perfect. I like Lolita fashion! It’s so cute. I like pink clothes and frills. That type of Lolita I love. What do you like about the fashion? Frill, bows, and similar. What do you find moe in boys style? Wearing a knitted cardigan on top of a shirt, with chino pants. And even more if he wears a knitted hat. – Wear the knitted hat in pair look style?
– Yes! A Nordic style cardigan with wooden-like buttons. If a man wears those, it would be so cute. Instead of Harajuku style I would like a mature cool look that Hairstylists wear. I like it simple. – Black and white?
– Yeah like that! – I like men who suit just a white t-shirt.
– I know right! White t-shirt and jeans? Simple and cool, that makes my heart beat faster. – I like glasses.
– I see. And when they move up their glasses like this. I can’t wear that style but I like seeing skinny boys… wearing a classical Napoleon style jacket. When I see someone like that, I always think they look cool. I like seeing it when boys were oversized parkers. It looks gentle. And it makes me wonder what they might be thinking now… I like knitted wear. On the shoulders you can see how tight knitted wear is, right? I love it. What do you think is moe style for men? Hats and such… are cool. Next one would be white. I am wearing white trousers too. I prefer white. I like men who wear a vest. Jeans and vest, all simple style. You sometimes see those skirt like things to wear on top, right? I really like those. Wearing those over jeans is really nice to see. I like knitted wear. Knitted hats, or men with long knitted cardigans that cover their hands. – That style looks so cute.
– Thank you. So moe moe points we had quite a lot of interesting things that everyone was saying. In the end it depends up to you what you are into. I am actually into glasses. Seriously. I love guys and girls with glasses Glasses are so cute! Also: big headphones! With a cute design! Again, so cute on guys and girls. When someone walks down the street with bit cute headphones, parker and maybe glasses I will stare. That’s adorable. That’s some of the things I like. How about you? Let me know what you are into. Looking forward to reading your comments, catch you soon on Ask Japanese.

38 thoughts on “CUTEST fashion for boys and girls in Japan? Ask Japanese about MOEMOE fashion!

  1. Love the Lolita fashion. So Kawaii on the girls. The jsk's and op's and accessories. Cathy Cat is always so kawaii. I just bought a winter coat from BTSSB. The prints are adorable. liked to have a Lolita girlfriend. I like wearing different animal hats and coats.

  2. About the headphones, It's pretty difficult if you really really like hifi brands, most of they have a boring design, when I walk, most people see me whit brands like skullcandy and beats, but when I wear sennheiser ones, that costs about 3x time that beats, no one sees you bcs their design its awful 😅

  3. Oversized jumpers and animal clothing on kids here in Japan is the cutest thing in the world! Can't help but say Kawaii when you see them haha.
    Also love how the guy adjusts his glasses at 5:20 after the girl says she likes glasses haha! Gold!

  4. All these people are so beautiful and stylish, like srsly I couldn't stop staring. Beautiful people! And I agree, lolita style is extremely kawaii, but whatever they wear, Japanese just look dayum gooood!

  5. knee-highs, poofy skirts, glasses (both guys and girls), pastel clothes

    for guys it'll be simple shirts and long pants XD

  6. I like men and boys who wearing sweet lolita clothes, Mori girl and Fairy Kei. <333
    They look always like little boy and puppet. Because lolita girls are everywhere, it's not special anymore to see them. Sweet Lolita, Mori girl and Fairy Kei boys are rare and more interesting to see them and shoot photos. ^^
    Men who are in the Mori girl fashion, they are very elegant and beautiful!
    I also like when men are Crossdressing and the woman is wearing mens clothes, just like Jesse and James from pokemon. x3

  7. I love scarves, (long and/or thin) cardigans, t-shirts that expose clavicles & round-tipped shoes or boots; on both girls & boys.
    Loose, knee-high skirts or dresses with floral patterns (like in 1:10) also look pretty cute on girls.
    I share Cathy's love for big headphones too. They give a somewhat cute & cartoony aura to people.

  8. I like visual kei clothing on guys or gothic clothes it makes them look so cool

    Also i like when guys have a bit of long hair as well

    As for girls i like lolita or biker clothes or knitted sweaters

    I know i'm weird XD

  9. The girl who didn't think Lolita would suit her was so cute lol, I hope you got her contact info so you guys can actually match up. she got so excited XD

  10. 私は日本人ですが…萌え萌えファッション?なんて聞いたことないですよ?


  11. I like girls wearing oversized jacket or pullovers because they look so comfy that i want to hug them! And glasses too! Specially for boys

  12. girl at 4:15 mentioned zettai ryouiki and I thought, heh must be an otaku, then the camera pan and shows her pokemon shopping bag hahaha

    big and oversized coat & parka definitely look cool for boys and girls

  13. for guys, is suits. definitely suits that "suits" them. not oversized, not too small.
    for girls, i prefer something simple, non-flashy as long as it fits their proportions.

  14. Black colored knee-high socks and tights with skirts are my freaking weakness. I've only dated one girl who wore that stuff and it drove me crazy. I couldn't keep my hands off her.

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