Crayon Tattoos, Corinne VS Pin #13

Crayon Tattoos, Corinne VS Pin #13

Whaddup internet?! Corinne here and
you’re watching Corinne vs. Pin. Today since hundreds of you have requested it, we’re tackling crayon tattoos.. Crayon.. Cray…on, crayoown Let’s get started, shall we? Ok, first you
just got to find someone dumb enough I mean.. willing enough to let you draw on
them, then just go ahead and ignore the fact that you have very little drawing
ability and get out your fancy expensive as hell water-soluble pastels. This will not work
with regular old Crayola so don’t even try it! I’m going to use the squid picture from
one of the pins I found as my reference guide, because rob has always talked
about getting an octopus tattoo Squid…octopus.. they both have tentacles. First I studied
my picture then I picked out my first color, dipped it in some water, and just
started drawing right on Rob’s arm mmmm..yeah The outline is starting out… okay.. Looks kind of penis-ey but we’ll just
keep moving along, got to make sure to get all the tentacles on there and yeah…
sure… Next I filled in the outline with the
same color, and let me tell you something, this is way less painful than the real
thing… okay, it’s looking pretty squid-like, I guess Sure.. I’m actually pretty impressed with
how stable it is when it’s completely dry. Very hard to smudge which is cool Next I took out a darker pastel and
added some dimensional details Yeah, I’m a f*ckin’ artist and sh*t. Now I’m just going
to add some blue for that eyeball and.. Wow! it’s pretty vibrant for being on top
of another color I guess these expensive *ss pastels were
worth it, lastly I added some white to bring it all together.. and boom! it’s
totally looks like a real tattoo Rob loves it!! happy customer number one! you
really want to make sure to wash it off before you go to bed though, because it
will get all over your sheets Also I would be careful doing cute
little patterns like these and doing anything outside in the sun because
you’re bound to have some runnage Do you have a project you want us try in the show? Leave a link to it in the comments down below, also if you’re
interested… I did the tattoo tag video over on my
personal channel. So go check that out if you want to.. Don’t forget to subscribe, like up this
video, and I’ll see you later!! (snip snip snip)

100 thoughts on “Crayon Tattoos, Corinne VS Pin #13

  1. You could have done the same thing by soaking regular crayola crayons or regular crayola pencils in warm water for a few minutes, then drawing on the skin- doing this stays for 24-48 hours

  2. Sunscreen Tan Tattoos!

  3. I remember "discovering" this myself when I was experimenting in my room, I dipped a wax crayon in water, then I drew on paper with it and the colour was extremely strong, afterwards I drew on my skin and it stayed there until I had a shower

  4. we're not bruised, they're just CRAYON tattoos
    and that colorful mess is just colorful regret

  5. i tried this once but instead of those crayons i used a q-tip, water and some water color paint and it works really well. not at good as the crayons you used but it worked. and it only lasts a few hours.

  6. why do i have a memory of watching this video but it was longer and the pastels didn't work so you dipped color pencils into warm water and then drew the squid on rob?? i remember doing this to my brother after seeing it too?? tf

  7. Hi, it's me again. My one dog woke me up after I'd only had 2 hours sleep to go outside so being fucking tired, I am too lazy to go copy then paste my usual comment re: collab/challenge. so…please reread the last ones I sent again…thanks. 😛

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