I don’t want you to watch me do this Do you want me to go in the other room? No, ’cause you’re gonna have to be here so I have to get over my phobia! Okay hi guys, my name’s Shannon and We recently hit 500k subscribers on this channel, whoa! In order of celebrating 500k of you guys which is Blows my mind. That’s so.. what? How? Ok. I wanted to do something that symbolizes how many of you there are although 500,000 anything is way more than I can afford to buy so today what I did is stupid I have bought 500 temporary tattoos. I went to Twitter And I asked you guys what you would want to see me do while I’m doing this but you don’t know that I’m doing this part is why this whole thing this video is going to be kind of all over the place Wish me luck. Okay for every 100 tattoos I put on I have to take a shot, call one of you, and Remove an article of clothing. Mom don’t watch this video, please! Okay, ready? Arms first, right? I have like a nightmarish feeling that these are never coming off Just get me soaked. Erose, Jesus! It’s so small! She’s slim thick My pants are soaked. Your method is so wet. Give this video a thumbs up if you think I should get many little tattoos exactly like these ones. Look how wet that side of my pants are. Okay, that is give or take 100 tattoos right there. Should we always – we should definitely always start with taking a shot. Oh my God, that almost (unintelligible) I just lost 5 followers. You just lost 5 more. First item of clothing: Relax there will be more clothing. All right now, I’m gonna call somebody! I’m nervous! Can’t be reached. That’s good. If someone doesn’t answer I’m gonna actually be pissed Oh my gosh, I’ve been ignored. I’m a loser. Can’t be reached Someone answer my fucking call All right that’s three-times That’s more than three I’m scared. I’m embarrassed Please answer my freaking call please Are you gonna answer Hi! Hi, how are you? I’m good, I’m at a bowling alley, so I just bolted out here because its so loud Thank you for answering, I just called 4 different people, and they didn’t answer Oh my god i like signed into my mums phone because the speakers are broken on my phone Oh my God. So she just threw me the phone across the bowling alley Shes like SHANNONS CALLING! Yes, well, I love you, and thank you for subscribing to my channel Good luck at bowling kick some ass, bye. Next is ankles and upper arms. I like it really just have to take all my clothes off sooner than we want. Oh yeah thats such a shame All right for the sake of this video.. we have still more than 300 tattoos But I don’t have any more skin showing so i have to take off more clothes Faster Gonna take a shot now and call someone else and then take off something.. They don’t go down (dunno wtf she said after) Look at this one flyin’ away for the sake of more skin, i’m taking off my pants how can we do this in a way that’s like, not sexy at all..? heh, exactly how you’re doing it. HI, how are you? How’s it going? Oh my god.. What’s up? Holy crap, i can’t believe i’m talking to you. I just wanted to call, and say HIII And thank you for subscribing to my channel or if you do.. i’m hoping.. maybe.. BUT i appreciate it. You are possibly talking to a good amount of people so is there anything that you wanna say to them. Thank you shannon. I know you inspire.. all of us. a lot of girls are struggling to come out and accept themselves So thank you, take care of yourself. You’re so sweet. That’s perfect Thank you. It was so nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Have such a good day. BYE. BYE I love you. I love youu. this is SEXUAL EROSE! ahahah hah. the rub! that little rub! i actually just looked up for one second and this looks soo weird.. No, it’s good, its fine. we need let’s do like something right here on my ankle. I’ve been demoted CLOSE ENOUGH TO A HUNDRED. taking my sock off, ALRIGHT. Erose can you angle that up just a little. That was a little more than i expected.. Ok wait, its easier to bring it down than.. AHAHAHAHAHA take a shot, take a shot, take a shot (something something something) Oh my god.. My leg hairs grew an inch.. uhh i lost 5 more subscribers.. every time i take a shot im losing subscribers We’re callin’ someone else, we’re callin’ someone else.. Oh my gosh. HI HOW ARE YOU. Oh my gosh you have an accent . I’m from Australia. Huh, amazing, i love Australians. I can’t believe you called me, oh my god. This is my brother, he watches your videos too Oh, so cute! He’s obsessed. I’m obsessed with YOU. I’m so glad I just pulled over my car. I was scared that i wouldn’t be able to answer because i’m driving Perfect. I’m glad you didn’t drive and – um i lost this footage.. what the fss, i’m SO SORRY i don’t know where it is I’m so sorry. Thank you Shannon. yeah thank you, BYEE, bye love you Any drunk video i do, it really loses track halfway through Do you wanna take another shot? You know just for fun? HELL NO.. i’m gonna be wasted.. OHH SHE LIFTED THE SHIRT! Do you know why she’s named Dora? No why? The Explorer? Because in Spanish, Explorer is Exploradora -gasps dramatically- that’s GENIUS. I’m gonna leave that in the video SO feminine, your knee popped.. ahahah see it in my hip? Let me take a shot, then i make a call.. .. then i take my shirt off I DON’T WANNA DO THAT.. this is actually- this shot’s gonna make me drunk.. Yeah.. fuckin’ aye tattooed Shannon is WILD.. I LOVE tattooed Shannon say wet again.. WEHT.. really sexy wet.. WHEHTTTT How are you good, okay? Cool? For everybody that’s watching me(dunno what is said after) and the LGBTQ family as well.. stay strong and know that you always have somebody watching out for you always.. that’s so cuteee.. i dont wanna take my shirt off.. WOAH Oh my gosh.. Mom please don’t watch this video.. ahah now i’ve made your underwear wet. ahahahah.. Oh my god SMURF TIME! okay, the stomach is good.. I am SO PUMPED! too pumped? ahahah You are literally sucking air.. IM NERVOUS! i hate this, worst job ever Now. This. Is. Living. Do you like it? yEaH..? (chuckles weirdly) ooh.. i like it! YEP, UNK! unk!! it was supposed to say punk, it says unk! I re- I REALLY think this looks good.. I messed up.. i will not lie but it looks… Fine..? oH.. my (kisses) pride. ok, im going to call the last person.. HI okay, im gonna show you my face in a second, but i look a little wild.. anyway, so nice to meet you, you’re so cute.. oh thank you I feel bad that I’ve given you the shock of your life I think that it’s fully my fault, okay bye Natalie.. Now i take my last shot It’s scaring me cuz they’re getting easier.. my last piece of clothing.. a lot of dust came out of that sock…. Okay, bye guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. anyway, I love you guys so much.. IF this video gets 20,000 likes, i will get a real tattoo I love you guys endlessly. Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel, i actually cannot believe i have fihundr five hundred thousand subscribers, that’s INSANE, and i love you guys all so so so so so much. so BYE Whoa! good morning and just woke up and all that I want to do is wear shorts to go get a coffee so i can start editing this video But yet.. I CAN’T.. so sad how are you gonna get them off.. i don’t knowwww.. THE MUSTACHE!


  1. Oh my god please don t cover yourself in real tattoos you are beautiful you don't need them… and I do tattoos so it's not anything to do with tattoos

  2. You look so hot I wish your not lesbian because I have crush on you but I'm happy you're able tell the world

  3. I am shook about the Dora thing, I thought it was common knowledge 😂 I never thought about it being lost in translation 😱

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