Couples Pick Surprise Tattoos For Each Other

Couples Pick Surprise Tattoos For Each Other

– It’s so crazy not knowing what’s getting tattooed
to my body right now. – We’re here about to get tattoos. I’ve no idea what she’s picked for me, and vice versa. It’s a little bit nerve wracking. – It’s tormenting. – (Together) We’re getting married! – We getting married. – We are engaged, and we’ve been together
for more than a year. – We’ve known each
other since high school. – For about 11 years. We both packed up our lives and shipped over here from Sydney. So that took a great deal of trust. – I feel like this is
the ultimate trust test before the wedding. – I’m still nervous, but this
is like nothing in comparison. It’s her body, and suddenly
I have this weird authority over it, which is really
uncomfortable, to be honest. – I’m hoping I really love this tattoo, because I’m going to be
walking down the aisle with this tattoo. (laughs) – Hey Mike, Rachelle. – Nice to meet you. – How are you? – You’re picking something
for your girlfriend, what are you thinking? – I’m actually thinking of this leaf. The gum leaf from back home in Australia. We’re really hungover just
drawing on bits of garden. That was a leaf that I drew. – Oh, that’s cool. – And she was like,
I’m keeping it forever. And she was like stoked on this one. She actually lost it later that day, her housemate put it in the bin. The next morning I woke up, and I could hear all this stuff outside the back of the house, and she was actually
emptying a full garbage bin, and she found it and kept it. And she still has it. That’s a little cool reminder
of finding her in the trash. – I actually have two ideas as well, depending on what is
viable for the timeframe. I found this picture of a pomegranate. Every time I see them, I think of her, but I also think of my
culture and heritage. What do you think? – Let’s take a look at the other one. – So when Rachelle and
I first started dating. – Really? – And this was one of the leaves. – Let me take a peek at that. – And my housemates actually
threw that leaf away, so I had to rummage in the bin. – Did you really? – To find it. It was covered in all sorts of things. – Here. (laughs) – I like it. It’s a gum leaf? – Yeah, it’s a gum leaf. And we’re Australian. – I know my leaves. – I thought maybe the lines here would be a little bit too fine. – I have a feeling we
might be able to come up with a simpler version of this. That way, it can be done. – I think we should go pomegranate then. Simple, yet complicated. Just like her. The splash of red as well, is like fire. – Yes. – Love. Unbridled passion. She’s so going to break up with me. – So what are you looking to get done? On her, shall I say? – I think it would be really cool to have by grace, through faith tattooed on her. – Okay. – It comes from the Bible, and just encapsulates her journey. Went through some very
difficult times in our life, but her faith in Christ is
what kept her so strong. She loves super
minimalistic cursive fonts. – I was thinking of getting for the good, but in a nice, modern, clean font. And I’d like to make the
T kind of like a cross. Yeah. I feel like he’s just such a warrior, his favorite verse is Romans 8:28, and it’s all things work
together for the good. You know, things happen for a reason. I think that’s just something he lives by, and I fell confidant that
it’s something he will love. Ready to go! Wait, wait, wait. Can we sketch it out? – No, no, we just free hand it on. We don’t use a stencil or anything. – Really? – No, yes, we’ll sketch it out. – Oh, good. – [Tan] Here we go. – Ow! Okay! – [Charlie] It’s okay, baby. – Sorry buddy, gotta stay on that side. – Why? – LA County Healthcare violation. Cheerleaders got to stay in the stands. – I just want to hold her hand, man! – We done. – Yeah. – Really? – [Man] Three, two, one, look. – For the good. (laughs) I love it. – Really? – Yeah. That’s my favorite Bible verse. All things happen for the good. This verse has kept me through everything that I’ve been through. I held on to this truth, especially when it came to
who my future wife would be, and I just had this
incredible amount of faith, and He led me to you, which
is the greatest blessing. I love you. – I love you too. – [Man] Three, two, one, look. – Aw, it’s so pretty! I love it! – [Charlie] You love it? – Yes! Thank you so much! It says by grace, through faith in the most pretty cursive writing. I’m obsessed with like little,
cursive writing like this. – Yeah! – Thank you, I love it. – I love you. – [Man] Three, two, one, look. – A pomegranate! I thought it was really
round, like a crab. – Well, it is. It is. Do you like it? – Yeah. Holy crap. I didn’t even think of that. – That’s kind of like you, because it’s like a little bit gory, and the veins remind me of a
heart, like it’s anatomical. This represents you to me. – It fits really well. – I thought so too, thank you so much. I did good, guys. – It felt like a whole bunch
of zig-zagging at one point. Like an octopus. – [Man] Three, two, one, look. – Oh my god. Oh my god! Woah! I was going to get you that! – I thought that, I thought you might, so that’s why I was freaking out. – Amazing. Aw, Rickie, it’s so cute. That’s so amazing. It’s a leaf that I will
keep with me forever now. And I said to her. I was like, this leaf is staying with me forever, at the
time, and now it really is.

100 thoughts on “Couples Pick Surprise Tattoos For Each Other

  1. I’m getting a tattoo of the word “Bear” across my wrist for my dog. Sounds ridiculous but I have the strongest bond with him.

  2. The pomegranate was so disgusting and I think it would be really amazing if they both chose the leaf and the artist just gave them matching tattoos

  3. When the girl said she was gonna do pomegranate, I fell off my chair and my mom/doctor thinks I have a twisted ankle

  4. At my school I alway do the cursive font on my computer and my teacher always sends me back to my seat to change the font and it triggers me

  5. Loved the Christian couple and how they were thinking along the same lines as far as verses and everything❤️ Super cute!

  6. Even though they didn't get the matching leaves, the fact that they both thought about it straight away shows that they are perfect for each other

  7. I love both of these couples. The partner knows exactly what their significant other would love. You can tell that both of these couples are gonna have a bright future😊😊

  8. Her verse is Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace you have been saved, through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works that no one would boast" I had to memorize that verse for church

  9. That one couple is a common white stereotypical really straight couple, and is no one going to talk about that?

  10. "by grace through faith" is a tattoo I've thought about getting!!! It's so cool to see them doing that, you don't see bold Christianity in videos like this very often

  11. When he saw that she picked the same thing that the other girl picked and acted like he had no clue that’s me when one friend tells me a story and a different friend tells me that same story 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  12. i just watched this today… (2 years late) but better late than never.. so cute ^_^
    and to answer the question at the end of the video.. Yes I'd be willing to do that… once I find my SO in this world hehe 😀

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