Colorful Card with Rainbow Stamping & Rainbow Ink Blending

Colorful Card with Rainbow Stamping & Rainbow Ink Blending

– [Instructor] Hi,
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and vlog. Today, I’m going to be using
the Say Hello stamp set from Concord & 9th and when I saw how large
this hello image was on the stamp set, I thought it would be really fun to do some rainbow stamping. So I’m revisiting a technique that I showed a
couple months ago where I used a bunch of
different colors of ink and had the colors kind
of blended to each other and create a rainbow effect. So I’m starting out with the
color hollyhock and I’m using, I just inked up one
side of the stamp and I used a paper towel just
to take a little bit of ink off that edge of it and then I’m going to
come in with sunshine ink and I’m only inking up the area directly to the side of where
I had that pink ink before and I’ll go ahead
and swing that over and the colors will
overlap just a little bit so they’ll blend and then I’m transitioning
over into another color. So now I’m using
the color jellybean and these are all ink pads from
Simon Says Stamp by the way. So I’ll stamp that down. I’ll get that transitioned
from the yellow to green and then I’m gonna go ahead
and switch to Audrey blue. This is one of my favorite blue
colors from Simon’s ink line and I’ll use a paper towel just
to kind of soften the edges of where that ink is applied
and I’ll swing that over and then you’ll have that
green transition to blue and then the last color
that I’m going to be using is hydrangea and I will add that to the very end of
this hello stamp image and I’ll go ahead
and use a paper towel just to soften that edge and
then I’ll swing that over. So this is basically the entire
rainbow stamping technique. If you want to see this
in even more detail, I suggest you watch my card
video from a couple months ago. I’ll have it linked
up in the top corner. So now I’ve got some
black card stock. This is licorice twist
card stock from Bazzill and I’m using a powder
tool to prep the area for heat embossing and then I
took the Just Saying greeting from that same stamp set and I’m stamping
that in VersaMark ink ’cause I’m going to do
some heat embossing. So I’ll swing that over and stamp that down onto
the black card stock and then I can apply some
white heat embossing powder. This is embossing
powder from Hero Arts and I’ll use my heat
tool to heat set that until it is smooth and melted then trim that down
with some scissors to be just a small
strip of words and I did this because
it’s going to go over top of that hello stamp and I wanna make sure it’s
not overlapping too much. So I took the hello
that I stamped earlier and I trimmed it
down to be smaller. I just wanted it
to fill the space of the card stock a little
bit more that it did and then I prepped my card base. So I’m using some Neenah Solar
White 110 pound card stock for the card base and I’ve applied some masking
tape to the back of the card so that I can do
some ink blending. I thought it would be fun to sort of have the
same rainbow colors blended across the card so that when I put
that hello area on top, it would mimic the same
order of the colors going all the way across. So the white card stock I used
for the hello stamping before was also Neenah Solar White except that was the
80 pound version and I’m now using the 110
pound version for the card base and I like to use two
different weights of card stock because I really like a nice
sturdy base for the card but when I’m working on elements that are gonna go
on top of the card or on the front of the card, I like to have a little bit
lighter weight card stock just to cut down on any bulk and then also if I’m going to be cutting intricate shapes out, it’s so much easier to cut them
out of a thinner card stock versus a very thick card stock. So I’m just gonna blend
in with that last color which is hydrangea and I’m going to have
a nice rainbow of color going all the way
across this card front and I didn’t blend the
center of the card front ’cause I knew that hello
piece would be going over that and I wouldn’t need
to have that show. So I’m gonna grab
the hello piece and just place it over the top. You can see how the
rainbow coloring transition is mimicked on the card base. So I put some foam tape on
the back of that hello piece and then I’m gonna go
ahead and press that down onto the front of the card and I’m gonna put it more
near the bottom of the card and then trim off the card size so that it’s more perfectly
shaped around that hello piece. So you can see how it’s
a lot more space up top. I’m gonna go ahead and
pull up my paper trimmer and trim off about a
quarter of an inch. The finished card
size turned out to be about four inches tall or
just shy of four inches tall and then I adhere
that just saying piece with some foam tape. That’s the card for today. I hope you guys enjoyed. I’ll be back on Monday
with another card video. Until then, thank you
so much for watching and I’ll see you
in the next video. (upbeat music)

32 thoughts on “Colorful Card with Rainbow Stamping & Rainbow Ink Blending

  1. seriously thought it was diecut when I first saw the picture of the video. I love this! Anything rainbow colors makes me happy!!🌈 TFS!

  2. You make it look so easy!! This card is darling!! And I love the piece of 'mop up' paper with the great colors you blotted off!! I would use that in another card!! So bright and happy! Thank you for the inspiration!! Hugs, Cathy in Illinois

  3. I was just thinking of doing a rainbow card for my friend's birthday, and of course you recently do something relevant to inspire me! Thank you!

  4. Awesome job on the rainbow stamping! I do have a question, though. I noticed you had your card base on a non-stick craft mat when you were ink blending. How do you keep the ink that gets on the mat around the edges of your card base from transferring to the inside of the card as you move the cardstock around? I always do my ink blending with a piece of scratch paper under my cardstock, just to prevent any ink transfer. I've noticed other card makers doing this on the craft mat, and just am curious what the secret is to keeping the ink out of the card? Love watching your videos–tfs! 🙂

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