Chuey Quintanar’s Black and Grey Rose Tattoo | Tattoodo | Sessions

My name is Chuey Quintanar and I’m a tattoo
artist at Deer’s Eye Studio. I specialize in black and grey tattooing. And that’s the style that I grew up seeing. And I just fell in love with it and
just been doing it my whole life. I did my first tattoo when I was 14 years old. Black and grey started in LA. So it’s something that we always grew up around. And I love drawing with pencils so it’s like very similar to drawing, for me, when I started. It was just an easy transition from pencil to tattooing. I tattooed one of my friends, one of my good friends, that I’ve been tattooing for years. I’ve done a bunch of stuff on him:
his whole back, his left sleeve and now we’re starting his right arm. I did a portrait of his daughter I did a watch, a pocket watch, with some filigree and then just added a rose to kind of complement the portrait.

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