Chili’s Mukbang with Shane, Ryland, & Morgan (wedding plans, Janacon, TEA)

Chili’s Mukbang with Shane, Ryland, & Morgan (wedding plans, Janacon, TEA)

100 thoughts on “Chili’s Mukbang with Shane, Ryland, & Morgan (wedding plans, Janacon, TEA)

  1. so when tana and jake got together I was talking to my friends I made a joke and said "JanaCon 2020" and now I'm scared I've manifested it into existence

  2. Tana is the expose QUEEN! When shane asked if she was ever almost put in jail…..

    Tana: remembers that one time. No. Not really
    Shane thinking: yeah she has.

  3. 9:13 I’m pretty sure Jasmine Masters would have something to say about all this “boofing”😂😂

  4. It's fun to watch them but I can't stand the editing when their voices change into that horrible sound.. Ahh why does she do that

  5. How did I go from not even knowing anything about tana just seeing her name everywhere to watching one video and being low key obsessed with her. ?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. Can we acknowledge the comments with the most likes are just quoting the YouTube video you literally just watched 😂

  7. i couldn’t not focus on the ranch she spilt on her sweatshirt i am almost done with the video and that’s all i can think about 😂 i hate myself 💀

  8. I agree with them all, Jake is literally the sweetest! I took my daughter to meet him & team 10 a year ago when they came to Boston. He changed my opinion on him within seconds of talking to him.

  9. 11:20 into the video . Ryland says something about jake Paul being the love of her life . Thennnn her face after he says that n she says “yeah” the face she makes at 11:24 like she Trolling us bitches lmfao .

  10. Search Chili’s manager snatches veterans meal. This isn’t the only incident with Chili’s. I refuse to spend a dime at Chili’s for years now. Don’t even miss it.

  11. 💜💓💞💕💜💜💜💓💓💓💕💜💜💗💓💞💕🌸🌸💜💜💗💓💞💕🌸💜💗💓💓💕💕💜💜💗💓

  12. okay but this is the first video I've watched in a while that has had more than just maybe one ad
    is tana monetized? or is youtube broken again?

  13. Shane face picking, Tana nose picking, Shane mouth picking Tana weave patting, it is such a disgusting bacterial petri dish it's the BACTERIA BABY!

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