Charmaine & Ryan Reveal Their True Feelings | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Charmaine & Ryan Reveal Their True Feelings | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

– I am to the point where, like,
I just am not happy here, y’all. So it’s really hard. Like, I feel like I’m in between
a rock and a hard place. I don’t wanna quit, but if– like, I’m pretty much
faking the funk. I’m totally just here,
doing what I gotta do. I’m not happy anymore.
I don’t find joy, you know? And it sucks for me to say that,
because I don’t want to be here. Kat’s gone.
Danielle’s gone. And Ryan’s started
an exclusive new shop and excluded everybody
that was left. We’re not a family anymore, and
it completely breaks my heart. – You gotta do what’s best for
you first, for better health. I think everybody at this
table can attest to that. – Look, I get it–
Charmaine feels the whole world moves on without her. Let’s be honest–
the 9MAG world had moved on
without me, too, twice! – 9MAG, obviously
it’s y’all’s baby. But what we have
here is also mine. And I know that
it’s more than just me that feels that way, too. – ♪ – Everybody’s sitting here with the notion of
family and team, teambuilding, bringing
things together, bringing things back together. Everybody’s saying I respect
this and I respect it. What needs to be
respected right now is there are two shops
for a reason. The whole conversation of let’s
get back to this, let’s do this, let’s get back to that– the past is not a place
I even want to go back to. I went through some
mother[bleep] [bleep], and a bunch of y’all here was
not here for me in that time. I know the whole point of
this trip is to make everybody feel special, get everybody feeling good
about the future. Charmaine wanna just talk
about the past again. You forgot about the bad
parts of the past, you know? So I probably should just
leave it buried, but, I mean, you done woke a monster now. You know, I didn’t realize it
until the other day that when Phor was going through some
[bleep] that everybody
was there for him, and I was so [bleep]
happy and glad about that. Like, “Goddamn, look at
everybody there for Phor, man.” That’s what– to get somebody who going through some [bleep]
through something. And then as time went on, I felt like, “Goddamn,
the same people who was there for the same [bleep] in this
position wasn’t there for me.” When I left the shop last
year, it’s ’cause I needed to, you know what I mean?
I was in a [bleep]-up position relationship-wise,
friend-wise, and everything. But just understanding
that I can release that, even tell these people
that and this is now, when I wouldn’t have
told them [bleep], it’s allowed for me to let
’em know in their face. – Oh my god, hell no. – Look at this!
It’s gunshots here! – RYAN: It wasn’t even about
me being in a whole different mental mind state,
you know what I mean? Like how Phor was. It’s just the fact that
everything that was happening was [bleep] up for me. Which one of y’all
of my friends was gonna check in
to see what that was? – We can all thank this [bleep]
for putting us in this position. – Y’all said I’m [bleep] to
blame, privately, publicly. – Then they have quotes
from me talking about, “I know that Chicago is known
for a lot of violence and not really
lifting each other up.” – Said some [bleep] about me. You put my [bleep]
name in the article. Man, you [bleep] let a
mother[bleep] kill me! That’s all I can take! ‘Cause everything
else was [bleep] you! All I’m trying to do
is move [bleep] forward after [bleep] being in
some bull[bleep]! I can’t sit here and act like
I can forget a mother[bleep] say [bleep] Ryan Henry. Let my family see that and
let the [bleep] city see that. Now it’s time to be like,
hey, man, let’s join back up. Why would I have to do that?
That was the point of me building this new shop
was to help you. So don’t sit here and
act like [unintelligible] me doing what I have to do
for business is wrong. Yeah, you loved 9MAG
for what it was, but you fell in love
with some bull[bleep]. We didn’t have no rules.
We didn’t have no set. We didn’t have nothing. That [bleep]
was destined to fall. It was built
on a bad foundation. Everybody do what the
[bleep] they want to. I got a whole new
way that I run [bleep], and it ain’t for everybody. We ain’t no family,
and I don’t have to bow down to no [bleep[ body
in my [bleep]. You don’t like it?

100 thoughts on “Charmaine & Ryan Reveal Their True Feelings | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

  1. Ryan is right you all need to stand on your own 2feet man up and women up your self and stop wasting your lives on liquor and fight there is a way that seems right but lead to distruction the devil don't like rules Ryan is tired of wasting his life away

  2. Clearly everyone seems to forget what RYAN did. From what i remember he is the one who put himself in that situation, none of the others needed to defend him, especially when he was wrong. He messed around with Kat got caught and blames the team for not having his back. there is no right in what Ryan is doing right now, actually he is making his karma even worse by making the rest of the team suffer just because they stood up for what was right.

  3. So we're condoning the fact that he's a whole scumbag because of a ponytail and a bad boy image…. didn't Chris brown do this minus the ponytail

  4. Charmaine are you serious??? You begged for that fake ass position! What Tf are you crying about??? Because yall gotta work and can't party on the clock nomore! Charmaine just want to hang& do nothing but hang& party!

  5. That’s Ryan shop period, but Ryan got mad when they sided with Kat when he cheated on Rachel😒that’s why he really mad.

  6. Hold on Ryan it's your fault the shop fell apart you're the boss you're supposed to make the rules you let people walk all over your shop…. If you done with these ppl leave then behind and build your empire

  7. Both Ryan and Kat made a mistake and when Ryan chose (Rachel and his family) over Kat, they couldn’t understand and they disrespected him when they should’ve stayed neutral and let Ryan, Kat and Rachel handle the issues… instead they all butted in dogging him out for choosing his family first. Luckily he deals with them in some capacity but it can never be the same.

  8. wow charmaine but I honestly think that u have to test the new operation yet again there’s a series of drama like Ryan here said happened in the past. You can’t implement “tough love” in the workforce like that that’s partially the result now but I really don’t know. Therefore u might have to do ur job or move on because not everyone would be around u forever especially 24/7; some people would branch out like Ryan some can’t deal with u (i.e Lily) etc.. The point is that not everyone would be with u as time files by


  10. He should have let that whole old shop go! Charmaine if you don't want to be there then go! You can go do radio full time! That shop was a hot mess and not any kind of business at all!

  11. I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for Ryan to gather their asses like he is now!! They don’t even deserve to be sitting at that table with him. They better be happy with what they got. ESPECIALLY Charmaine!!

  12. Can someone please tell me what kind of glasses is Ryan new girlfriend with braids is wearing? Clear trim in gold?! I need them like now in my life. I've been looking everywhere for them! ANYBODY?

  13. Why do the keep showing the white girl asst? Why is she so relevant. Char is talking about her best memory and they keep focusing on showing her. First she wasnt there. But they showed her more than the crew who were a part of the memories.

  14. And why Ryan act different when his baby momma is around. He best friends with everyone until she show up. Smh get off reality tv bc u go lose many supporters. Facts

  15. Yes! He was there for every single one of them. When it was his turn, where was the loyalty? Fuq dem changin horses in the middle of the stream mofo… he better then me that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have kept the old shop, they would have been on their own. FIGURE IT OUT.

  16. Wtf, everything that Ryan went thru last year was caused by Ryan messing around with Kat that's when everything went left trying to play Rachel, he needed them to help to hide his sneaky issue and instead the crew had sympathy for Kat and not Ryan and his behavior ALL SUMMER LONG SNEAKING AROUND WITH KAT ,AND SHE TOLD IT TO RACHEL PERIOD POINT BLANK, I DON'T LIKE THIS ARROGANT RYAN ,he's doing too much But….to each it's own I'm out, see ya!🙁

  17. Charmaine leave tf the world doesn’t revolved around you. Ryan left the old 9MAG because y’all weren’t good business PERIODT ! Y’all disrespectful tf out of him.

  18. Charmaine and her Cuz Danielle brought nothing to the shop but drama and Van has proven he ain’t nothing without Ryan. Cease need to take lessons from Ryan on how to be a boss

  19. Ryan is living for him and sister…….. I know there is not a day go by, he doesn’t think about his sister………

  20. I feel ryna man yeah it's time to go ahead and air all the pent up emotion now's since we getting all emotional let me get my grievences out the way

  21. I’m not saying that Ryan was innocent in that past situation. He was wrong too but in this sense he’s right. He did what he needed to do for HIS business.

  22. This whole part right here let me know, it’s hard to be a boss.. could you imagine putting YOURE/YOUR MONEY up for other ppl to act like it’s there’s, like they made the appointments, kept there life straight so they could move forward in life, took them loans, paid em back, started a business that turned into a empire (as a black man) (I’m Mexican supporting) and you got some ppl that you first hired talking bout “old 9mag” and “what it used to be” and how “it’s all our business” when I! (Ryan) sacrificed everything you didn’t as far as taking the lead to be a boss, hold the bills down, and pay for y’all to come on vacations with me… I realized I’m to selfish for all that. I’ll pay for me my wife and my son. Y’all can earn yours like I did! (If I was Ryan)

    But the point is, being a boss ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

  23. Yes, Charmaine doesn't do tattoos but she was the reason the show was so entertaining. She is entertainment and if she leaves, it will never be the same. No one can replace her aaaand she was professional with the clients when she needed to be so…

  24. They didn't even appreciate Ryan when he kept giving them chance after chance. He is better off without them!

  25. I don’t think Anyone cares if she’s on the show anymore. She messy & represents how women shouldn’t act. She also doesn’t tattoo lol foh

  26. When a Gemini express themselves you can feel it. I thought he was talking to me when he said “If you don’t like it…WALK!! 😂💀

  27. Charmaine stfu!!! Cus yu turned yur back on “family” dragged that mans name thru the mud for no reason!!! Yasssss Ryan tell em mfs the truth!!!

  28. Ryan so freaking full of it. That whole speech he was just whining and making excuse for how he acted and getting mad that they reacted with anger instead of rolling over for him. The only correct thing he said was that the old shop wasn't as structured as it should have been. Everybody on here wanna be team Ryan but conveniently forget he was the main leader of a lot of the bill crap that went on, especially when it comes to him hooking up with his friends/employees. If they had all shut up and let him get away with the way he treated Kat, Ryan wouldn't have left the old shop.

  29. Charmaine's tears are so stupid after after how they ALL betrayed him so ugly over nonsense with a girl who smashed every body in the shop. She's a TERRIBLE friend. Ryan's so smart for cutting things off

  30. They should’ve all left Ryan after this lil speech cause obviously y’all don’t mean nothing to him like they all tryna hang on to the show for what? It’s over do something else and for the actual artist find different parlors to work in this is why I liked kat

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