Charmaine Confronts the 9MAG Boys  | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Charmaine Confronts the 9MAG Boys | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

(laughs) – They gon’ be our (beep) Second City. – What! – (beep) That’s a S. – I like that! When I told Ryan I was
opening up my own shop, he laughed at me. And now, him, Don, and Phor, the guys that made me feel like (beep), they right across the room. I been playing this scenario
in my head for months. So, do I speak up or not? (upbeat music) I am so pressed. – Why? – [Charmaine] Girl, I can’t help it. I’m a go talk to them. – [Jess] Okay. (dramatic music) – [Charmaine] Hey guys. (dramatic music) – [Ryan] How you doing? – Good, I saw you walk in
with your whole entourage deep as (beep). – It’s not a entourage. – [Charmaine] Okay. – Everybody here works. – Obviously we all been here turning up and neither one of us spoke to each other. (dramatic music) All right, I’m a just say it. What I feel is– – No, you ain’t gonna do it tonight. – Well, no we might as well. – Hold on, hold on– – Oh no, no, no I’m a just say this. You guys haven’t had my back. You’re not my brothers. – You know what I’m saying? – This is about some bro (beep). These guys time and again have shown me that they don’t take me serious and I’m the butt of all their jokes. None of my efforts were ever appreciated and I was tossed aside
like I ain’t even matter. Well honey, I am done with that and they need to know how
they treated me was wrong. Personally, y’all did not
have my back in general. I’m talking about disrespect as a whole. (dramatic music) If we really (beep) with
each other like y’all claim, then somebody woulda had
my back in the situation. – We did. – I feel like I didn’t see that. At the end of the day, because of, I don’t even wanna hold hands. – So listen. – Y’all wasn’t my brothers like that. Nobody came and hollered at me. Y’all didn’t look out for me. (beep) look out for each other. Because of everything that
we’ve gone through in the past, I didn’t feel appreciated. It’s my night. My triumph with our shop. And I coulda left it alone, but I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I feel, I don’t even
really know how I feel. I’m tired of feeling stuff
around these old relationships. It is what it is. I’ll see y’all. Have a good time tonight. Girl, it’s like nothing was making sense. – Hearing about Charmaine’s fall out with 9Mag is one thing. But when I saw that in real life, that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. It’s a bad, toxic relationship. I know this story is in the past, but I hope that 2nd City
Ink is nothing like that. – I’m making it very clear, to my brother and to you. I just wanna get (beep) way dead it. I’m done with it, I’m cool. – So tonight is very special for us. I was so excited to interview
two African American females who have been able to use
their creative talent, come together, and form a business. So I wanna bring them
to the stage right now. It’s your fav, Charmaine. – Hey! – And my girl, Jess Simpson. Please join me on the stage. – [Charmaine] Thank you, sis. – Jo’s my bouncer. – Okay! (cheering) Thank you so much Rolling
Out for having us tonight. – I ain’t never had
nothing against Charmaine. This is what business is. It wasn’t nothing personal against you. Her feeling like I didn’t have her back, man, that’s a casualty of war. Now I’m not finna let my
business run to the ground because y’all wanna play friends. – I gotta shout out to the squad! (cheering) – Hey, you need a ride to the crib? ‘Cause I need to get the hell outta here. – No, I’m cool. – Cool, you sure? – Yeah, I’m a slide out dolo. – I got you. – All right, holla at me. – All right. I got no regrets. I got a wife at home that really needs me. Congratulations Charmaine. I don’t really give a (beep) no more. – 2nd City Ink! (cheering)

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  1. Charmaine came off a bit arrogant the guys them didn't know this was an event for her she came off like to throw things in their faces smh

  2. She don't need to say nothing to them cause what goes around comes around. Let them have there little boys club. Ryan can't stand to see a woman doing better then him which is why he got mad at Kat.

  3. Lol Ryan keeps female tattoo artist in his shops that is why he went hard for lily because she is a gifted tattoo artist, I don’t see how he is misogynistic just because he doesn’t believe in Charmaines ability to run a tattoo shop, he has seen first hand what happened.

  4. Charmaine please stop trying to get Ryan and 9mags approval it's played out. your a boss so chalk it up to the Past. they didn't appreciate you then and they're not going to appreciate you now. so run your business and let Ryan run his business & moved F on. It's so ridiculously ridiculously played out

  5. So they thought they could show up to her event, stand in a corner all together, and then feel a way when she decides to speak to them?? At her event? Why show up if you’re feeling so cold towards her? She’s better off doing her own thing but we been knew lol

  6. The comments in here from some of y’all women are hilarious. Ryan didn’t fire Charmaigne to have an all boys club. He has female TATOO ARTIST. Charmaigne isn’t a Tatoo artist she’s just a messy bish who added nothing to the shop.

    If anything she owes Ryan a thank you because him firing her and holding her accountable by saying hey “you’re my celebrity concierge right? Where are the celebrities? Seems like that accountability or more so her pettiness pushed her to actually do something with her life.

    As you can see the fellas didn’t have time for what she was trying to talk about. Even her partner didn’t understand why she even went over there to address them.

    I hope this is the last season with Charmaigne I was excited because I thought they finally got rid of her last season. As a father with a new daughter she’s the exact opposite of what I want my daughter to become as a woman.

    I feel like she has deep issues that a lot of folks do….living a life in the media /social media that your real life doesn’t really amount to. So what you work for the radio station part time….what else would you have poppin if Ryan didn’t allow her to be on the show

  7. Clearly Don felt some type of way because of what Charmaine said…it could have been handled differently but it is what it is!

  8. Just because you can’t tattoo doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a tattoo shop!!! Congrats to her and her other female owner!!!

  9. I love Charmaine, she a beautiful person with a heart of gold. But really sis u need to cover them jugs up with a bra or something.😂 Them boobs looking like they gon fall out her shirt and take off running…😂😂😂💀

  10. Charmaine needs to understand that she brought getting fired AGAIN upon herself. I am happy she’s on her own tip and she has good things happening to her but she can’t keep faulting them for her not doing her job no matter the title… GCI fired and hired her too 🤷🏾‍♀️

  11. At the end of the day no matter what she saying about having her own table she still wants a seat at « their » table

  12. Did Charmaine lie? No. Ryan never respected her. Remember Charmaine was getting her ass whooped by Lily in the old shop. Ryan turned around and offered her a position at the new shop. That's b.s.

  13. These men bitter and fake asf I wish Charmaine the best with her all her craziness. Phor and Don can't wait for y'all stupid asses to realise Ryan does what's best for Ryan

  14. This is why I hate Charmaine, always making everything about herself.. girl they don’t care about you, now you’re just making yourself look stupid. People who bark the loudest, are the most bitter

  15. There’s always one scene in this shows history that shows me how much Charmaine really cared about them and vice versa. When Phor was depressed and everybody in the house including Charmaine was trying to make sure he was good. By the end of the night I love you’s between ALL OF THEM were exchanged and it made me look at her like she really does care and love them all as brothers. So it was disheartening to see how they easily disregarded that. I’m glad to see her doing her own thing hopefully they can show some respect to her hustle n

  16. People change and evolve. She's now married and expecting her first child. There's tattoo side and business side. She's handling business side. Charmaine shows she is a hustler. I hope she prove Ryan and the rest of his crew that she can run a successful business

  17. I see what charmaine is talking about….they dont show her tht support and give her tht hype like they do eachother….when ever she is going through something all they do is say if tht is how she feels then oh well….but when the guys go through something it's totally different…they go out there way to help one another

  18. Don been at 9 mag for how long and can’t do not one tattoo… But they still keep him around and keep him on payroll. That shop definitely became an all boys club. Kat, Danielle they ran every female up out of there without batting an eye. I’m happy for Charmaine. I hope she bring Daniel and Kat back

  19. I'm happy for Charmaine those brothas treated her wrong on every level. Now they are jealous. TBT, heartless, Ryan & those brothas, let their whole race down. Go Charmaine!

  20. Went from smashing don in the bathroom to married baby on the way and owning a tattoo shop! CONGRATULATIONS Charmaine

  21. Even though it hurts it’s better to see who really cares for u pass the business side. The same ones that put u down are the ones that come running back to u.

  22. Why’d don even show up??? And Charmaine stop caring about these dudes. They worried about being Ryan’s side piece instead of being a boss like you

  23. Congratulations to her new business adventure but let's be real she put herself in those situations. Wasn't it her having sexual relationships with other in the shop? wasn't it her telling her business? Wasn't it her telling the press all of ryans business because she wanted to side with the old click who hated Ryan? I'm sorry but she deserved to be fired and Ryan deserve to separate himself and distinguish his personal and work-life because that was toxic at.

  24. Wow! They didn't come to celebrate her accomplishments, so why was they there again? I feel like I missed something.

  25. I got to respect Charmsine. They did everything to get her off the show last year by refusing to rehire her and slander her name. Now she BOSSED TF UP!!!!

  26. Well she speaking truth!!!… Look what's Don doing @ Ryan shop,And Phor was he doing nuffin but getting arrested and kissing Ryan azz

  27. 😂😂😂😂u are a joke that's why they ain't acknowledge u😂😂😂u came over to say that fucked the whole vibes up

  28. I always seen Charmaine drinking and Twerking at the shop that’s it🤷🏽‍♀️..then she started working at the radio station

  29. Don mad haaaa you still working for someone else and Charmaine is a boss for real yeah go home to your wife who you cheat on all the time but congratulations char

  30. I feel really bad for charmain They never took her seriously from the start and always laughed at her for everything. All of the guys have each other’s back but I feel like because she’s a women they don’t really care. Ryan can say he doesn’t care and he only cares about the business. But if he didn’t have the business then what would be left for him. He doesn’t talk to his family and he doesn’t care about his friends. In the long run he’s going to be all alone and that’s not how he should be living. Charmaine tried with them and they put no effort. Not even support for her. She doesn’t tattoo but you don’t need to tattoo to open up a business and have it be successful. She’s a business women and I hope she does well with it. She wants to be in their lives and give them support but all they do is clown her. They didn’t even give her support when she told them she was going to open up a tattoo shop. I get that Don has a wife he needs to attend to and he’s happy with her but charmains been trying to be there #1 support system and they can’t even show her gratitude

  31. I just watched a video of them both on a show together laughing and acting like best friends…. However, Business is not personal and I truly didn't c her bring anything to the table but twerking and partying. I innerstand Ryan's move .. However, She did what she had to do and I applaud that…. That's a great example of turning lemons n2 lemonade….

  32. As a female I’m happy for women empowerment, I wish Charmaine nothing but the best. With that being said I really don’t blame Ryan for not supporting her. She was one of the people who was continuing disrespecting him and his brand. Him cutting her off was strictly business. Any shop owner would’ve cut her off the minute she was hooking up with Don in the shops bathroom. If not then, than all the other fights that she was involved in. Now she’s opening a shop and they’re both going after the same clientele, she can’t be in her feelings. Now more than ever is definitely all about business. Ryan is a CEO at the end of the day.

  33. If Charmaine's shop/artist actually tattoo instead of doing all that drama bs then I'm all for it but if it's gonna be like 9MAG, KP'S shop and Black Ink then she might as well stop while she's ahead. I think her shop will do good because her artist's seem like they ain't with all the messiness🤷, we'll have to wait and see.

  34. I wish these shows weren’t so scripted and edited, it’s hard to even watch at this point. Sounds Luke they’re reading lines and they chop and screw the convos so much you don’t even know what was really said

  35. Charmaine should know better at her age. Men will drop you in a sec for their tired boys club. A woman doing better without them will make them feel uneasy.

  36. I usually don’t comment but I gotta say this one how did don and phor never have her back? When Ryan moves on to his new shop they stayed and supported her because they knew they were a family. She caused majority of the 9 mag drama by trying to run the business Ryan started. Ryan wants a business. Yes good job she got her shop and invested well done but if she doesn’t change and realize when you clock in friendships are on hold

  37. My skepticism of her ability to run a successful tattoo shop has little to do with the fact that she's not a tattoo artist, but more so her track record. When they all took over the shop from Ryan, and she took over the shop from everyone else she proved over and over that she knew absolutely NOTHING of value. Hopefully, she'll do a better job at running this shop and Jess will be able to assist her with whatever skills she may still be lacking, because being a boss is more than just hooking up donuts and photo shoots… which sadly is more than she did at 9 Mag.

  38. Wow
    Congratulations now what they gon say ???? Go char !!! You don’t have to be an artist to invest and run a shop 💰

  39. Why did she introduce them as “two African American women”?? 😂 That girl is hella British, she could of just said black.

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