Charmaine Accuses Ryan of Stealing her Artist  | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Charmaine Accuses Ryan of Stealing her Artist | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

♪ You in my business ♪ ♪ See what happens ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ It’s my business ♪ ♪ So mind your own ♪ ♪ God, that’s my witness ♪ ♪ See I’m grown ♪ ♪ If you come at me ♪ ♪ Coming, I’m coming strong ♪ ♪ So when you planning to step ♪ ♪ Don’t come alone ♪ – Do you know that I’ve never set foot in this shop, not once since
the grand opening party? It’s true, Ryan never
invited me to see the shop when it was opened and he
ain’t invite me here today. But (beep) invitations. I’m in this bitch. ♪ Better back off ♪ – I told her we wanted
to do skullies and hats. – Ryan. (dramatic music) I need to holler at you. – Hello. – Excuse me. I need to talk to you, straight up. (dramatic music) Come on, let’s go talk. (dramatic music) – I’ll be back. – Oh this place is real cute. Since I was banned from
here, I never seen it. – You wasn’t never banned from here. First of all, rudeness. Hello to you too. – Hey, but I’m here because
you was trying to talk to my artist about coming over here. Getting Fly to come over to 9Mag. What is that about? – First of all, I could
have a conversation with whoever I want
to, whenever I want to, whatever, it don’t matter. Second of all, I knew Fly
before you even think about having a shop, with
your non-tattooing ass. – But why are you trying
to take my artist? – Who said I’m trying to take him? How did I try to take him? – I don’t have to get into detail. – Look around, I don’t
have to take (beep). Do it look like I need
somebody from your (beep)? – All I know is– – Do it like I need somebody– – [Charmaine] You already up in their ear. – Listen, listen, listen. Do it look I need somebody from you? (dramatic music) I don’t have to take nobody from you. – Then what was you in his ear for? (dramatic music) – The only conversation we had was about, “Hey man, I just appreciate
you for leading the way “for me on tattooing.” I known Fly since he
couldn’t tattoo for (beep). We from Chicago, you ain’t. – Here we go. (dramatic music) – I been in this business, man. I know how this (beep) go. You just got in this (beep), man. You can’t just let somebody
come tell you something and you come running to me disrespectfully ’cause you emotional about
what somebody (beep) up and told you. Man, she can grow the (beep) up. Honestly, I’m not about
to start some battle over some artist. I don’t need (beep) from you
and if they want to leave, let them leave. This ain’t got (beep) to do with Fly. – I don’t care how long y’all
might’ve known each other. The conversation was, “Why you over there? “Come over here.” – If I wanted to take him, he’d be took. You over here accusing me
of some (beep) I did not do, but if I wanted to, I could. (dramatic music) – Just know that I’ve learned
a lot from you over the years. I gotta worry about mother
(beep) like you, okay? – I don’t think you know (beep). – Once again, in Ryan’s
eyes, I’m a dumb ass for standing up for myself. I don’t think he would
ever take me seriously. If I was a 400 pound man, I bet you he wouldn’t be trying
to put me in my place. – This all I’m telling you. Look, I was not trying
to take your artist. I knew Fly already. I could have a conversation with him. You don’t want me talking
to your artist now? – Leave my artist alone. That’s it. – That’s fine, but you ain’t
gotta flatter yourself with me. – That’s that. – About what you and your artist do. If that’s the case,
(beep) your artist then. – (beep) me too then. And you know what Ryan– – It wasn’t even like that. – (beep) you, Ryan. I don’t even know why I came. I’m done with him, for real. It’s heartbreaking and
if I never see him again, I don’t care. (dramatic music) – [Ryan] (beep) you too. (dramatic music)

100 thoughts on “Charmaine Accuses Ryan of Stealing her Artist | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

  1. First of all go put some clothes on for someone who pregnant that the TACKY ASS CLOTHES SHE WEARING INCLUDING THAT RAGGY ASS WIG Ryan is better than you charmaine

  2. Dam i thought pregnancy would change her but she gotten louder and dress the worst!! But didnt ryan tell her several times he didnt take her artist she should ck ole boy not ryan

  3. These shows are taped of course…. bcuz now they are back cool again doing interviews together on the Breakfast Club etc…

  4. Man, why when I'm even mad at Ryan I still be drooling over his sexy ass?😅 Just wanna grab him and have an angry make out session man😂😂 Love Charmaine and Ryan though. I hate they are so at odds.

  5. I can tell these 2 fuc*** at some point in the past!! She can't get over him! Van also smashed & Don 2! Charmaine so nasty ewwww

  6. I don’t see why Charmaine gets so much hate she’s not that bad at all. She have her moments on the show but she keeps it 100 all the time since season 1

  7. Charmaine always blame it on her bein a woman when truth is Ryan dont take her seriously cuz she is an idiot and a joke. No one takes her seriously.

  8. thats how people you help and feed say thanks… he should have walked her out as son as she walked in …. Ryan literally carried the whole team and since he not babying nobody no more they lash out at him thats pathetic

  9. He iz not playn with her ass, & I dnt blame him. Who tf r yu to tell me who I kan & kant talk to?!, aaaaaan I luv hiz braydz ( that’s really y I kame hrrr) lol hiz braydz iz what I needed a pik of kuz I’m on em, fna get em ASAP thanks for sharin 😃

  10. Charmaine is going to prosper the shade on her is weird yes she is stupid sometimes but she knows how to play the reality game and she always speaks her mind stupidity or not. Stop been fooled by a cute man puting a whole black woman down so what she cant tattoo she is trying damn.

  11. I mean last time I checked the artist is his own person and was never Chamaine’s property so therefore the boy can go wherever he wants 😂

  12. Charmaine seems very insecure too me. Why you always showing off your chest? Cover up girl, you’re beautiful. Get more sophisticated, you don’t gotta go and show everything off to be beautiful. You’re looking hella sloppy, that whole outfit was a WRECK. I’m getting street walker vibes. 😬😫

  13. POINT # 1.Leave. Ryan alone. Point # 2 NEVER Again. go. Btsless. !!!! IT. LO,OKS. Very, VERY, Cheap. Hoish Trashy. And, Very Unclassy. # 3, Sowhat. ??¡!!!¡ If. he did. Steal. a client SO WHAT !! Stop. being. So. Dumb. ,!!!!!! And,use ur. SMARTS !!!! # B. SMARrTER ,!!!!!! 🙄🙄😷😶

  14. She was not "Listening". To what ryan had to say. She already had her mind made up on what he was going to say.

  15. Charmaine guhhhh bye….yo artist went to Ryan so yo issue should be with him instead of Ryan….Hell if he wanna go elsewhere well that's his damn business….wit yo none tattooing ass🤣🤣🤣🤣

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