Charles Huurman – Hellraiser | Halloween 2019 | Spanish Tattoo Artist

Charles Huurman – Hellraiser | Halloween 2019 | Spanish Tattoo Artist

Hello, my name is Charles Huurman. I’m the owner and a tattoo artist in
Utopian Tattoo Tribe in Valencia, Spain. Well the reason why I wanted to become
a tattoo artist is because I wanted to live off something I would actually do for free. The only thing I would enjoy doing
for free was painting and drawing so soon enough I found a good
reason for doing it on peoples’ skin. The first tattoo I ever
did was a real fuck up… It was basically a cover-up
of a tribal in the ribs so you can just imagine how
that went for our first tattoo like of course I couldn’t finish it. Well my style has had like a great
evolution over the years because I actually started
being a dotwork artist after that I transitioned to realism and basically I would say that
I am not a realist anymore I call it abstract realism
or avant-garde. With avant-garde, what I am trying to say
is that I try to create new things every time so it’s normally like something realist
with something abstract. Well the tattoo artists that
have inspired me the most basically, I would say have been Csaba Muller,
Nikko Hurtado and Dmitriy Samohin. Basically, Csaba Muller,
he’s just like a creator like doing something realistic with
something randomly crazy. Now we see it a lot, but when
he was doing it, it was new. And then with Dmitriy Samohin, it’s just that level
of perfection and how professional he is how hard he works,
so definitely that’s a big inspiration. Well my first tattoo, OK, my first
tattoo I got when I was 16 years old. Basically I walked into a beauty salon where they had like a signpost
outside that they did tattoos so I got a tattoo that’s now
somewhere underneath all this black. And anyway, good experience. Well my conclusion would be that it’s
not something any artist should do. Basically it’s like two full-time jobs. They’re not compatible. I’m still trying to figure it out, so I find it
like a real big juggle, definitely being a tattoo artist and owner of a tattoo
studio. Initially I opened a small studio
in Kilkenny, in Ireland and when it was time to grow bigger,
we were going to do it in Dublin but as I grew up and was
born and raised in Valencia, in Spain something made me change my mind,
just pure intuition and man, do the big studio
here in Valencia, in Spain. I would say that my favourite tattoo has been a
back piece I did on my buddy Roy from Limerick, Ireland just because it was complete freedom,
it was a really, really creative piece and because he was a good friend. Basically portraits. I love portraits. The only thing is I like to mix them
with something artistic. So currently I’ve been mixing them
with abstract things something like a hyper-realistic face with
something abstract, for me, is like yin yang like the perfection of reality
plus the craziness of abstract. Now I’m currently wanting to do the same but
with hyper-realism and neo-traditional elements. Well the advice I would give to
apprentices starting out in tattooing it will be definitely two things, like work
10 times more than everybody else and spend like 70, 80 percent of your time
designing and 20 percent tattooing. So basically you do that, you’ll always
try to do the best possible tattoo and not only a good tattoo, but the best possible tattoo –
the difference between those two things is huge. So if you do that, you’ll just have to work hard day-by-day
and you’ll become really successful. Well the seminars I’m running
and taking part in I actually do them in a selfish way. Why do I do them? Because I actually get to
learn from the other artists doing the seminar and from the students
who come to the seminar. So it’s not seminars of
learning how to tattoo it’s basically seminars of techniques. Let’s say for example we invite an artist
who specialised in Japanese tattooing well I can ask him all the questions and all
the explanations of how he develops his art. Or let’s say it’s a dotwork artist
or let’s say… It’s surprising how much we learn
from each other in the seminars because we we are in the right conditions
and the right setup just to learn and ask questions
from each other. Well I find that having high-quality
tattoo artists in my studio is actually like something that
really benefits my motivation because every time I am happy with my work,
I think I am doing really, really good some new artist comes and shows me
that I can do much better, basically so I would have to say that the high level of artists
in my studio, the common guests and residents is a real big motivator for me. So today was a real fun tattoo I did. I basically did Pinhead from the film ‘Hellraiser’ and for me it was like really, really inspiring
tattoo because it had so much detail. Basically the face is divided
into all small squares each square with a different texture, with
different shadows, with different things on it. So basically it was a bit of a challenge
to do it in one day but the client was awesome and he
sat down like a champ so we did it. Well my favourite horror series
or horror movie… Well I actually have to think harder. So because I’m actually…
I would have to say Freddy Krueger. I mean it just brings childhood memories,
so it’s just about memories for me. For me the best part of Halloween is that
it’s the day after my birthday. So, no seriously, the best part of Halloween is
just that people get to dress up in costumes get up to have fun and it’s an
excuse just for people to get together. What I like about horror style is the energy. I like to do tattoos that are eye-catching
and that people see from a distance and that stick on your mind. So basically for me with horror tattoos is the power of it,
you know like it remains in your brain. So just powerful images. It brings up all, it wakens up
all our instincts of survival. Thanks very much for watching. It’s a real pleasure for me that you
took a bit of your time to look at my work. Like as an artist it’s what I want to do,
to show my work. So thanks very much and happy Halloween,
hope you get loads of candy and hope you’re safe!

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