Chantale Coady – Hannibal | UK Tattoo Artist

Chantale Coady – Hannibal | UK Tattoo Artist

I’m Chantale Coady and I own
Picture House Tattoo Studio. I’ve been interested in art since I was very little. I used to play with glue and glitter as a kid and that it progressed from there. My mum used to have to get wallpaper for me to draw with because I drew so much she couldn’t afford the drawing pads for me. So yeah, from a very young age I’ve loved art. I’ve been tattooing for around eight years now. I tried from the age of fourteen to get an apprenticeship for time and time again but kept getting knocked down. And then I was doing my diploma of fine arts in Australia, studying to become an art teacher, and I got taken on by a studio out there. I brought my portfolio to them and they took me straight on, so I was quite lucky about that. The styles I’m into most would have to be realism because it’s what I do, so I’m fascinated by seeing all the new styles that come about, but favourite artists would be artists I’ve grown up watching and studying like Robert Hernandez, Victor Portugal, Mr Dist, Mikael Schelen, who was my mentor, and there’s amazing artists coming out of Europe all the time. I wouldn’t class myself as a model. I kind of pose in front of the camera for different brands I’m lucky enough to get asked to pose for. I got into it through ELECTRUM, I’m the face of ELECTRUM, and from there it’s kind of spiralled. It’s good fun. I enjoy it. It’s a good confidence boost. Yeah, it’s not something… I wouldn’t say I was a model, and it’s not a career, but it’s just fun. If I wasn’t a tattoo artist, I would be an art teacher or I would be a ceramics artist. I’ve always loved ceramics. One of my favourite ceramics artist is Turkey Merck. He does amazing mugs. They’re kind of horror realism mugs. They’re amazing. But I love ceramics, and I’ve always loved teaching art. The highlight of my career would probably be making the cover of Tattoo Masters magazine Because there’s not many…I think maybe one or two females have been on the cover and Guest Editor in the whole publication of that magazine. So to get the cover and Guest Editor of Tattoo Masters magazine, which has had some of my all-time favourite artists on, was, without doubt, one of the highlights… biggest highlight of my career The future for myself and Picture House is hopefully to become one of the biggest and best studios in the UK and I would also hopefully like to open a second Picture House on the coast of France at some time in the future. Just more a summer holiday kind of studio so friends and guest artists can go out there and enjoy, enjoy the beach.

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