Celebrity Tattoo Swap! | (Ariana Grande, Tekashi69, Dr. Phil)

Celebrity Tattoo Swap! | (Ariana Grande, Tekashi69, Dr. Phil)

Whats up drama alert nation Is your host killer keeeee- Hey guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to my Channel! Today I’ve got a really fun Photoshop video for you. At least I hope it’s really fun. By the way Did you guys know that somebody copied my subscribe to PewDiePie tattoo and pretty much every way and keemstar talked about it on drama alert How cool is that? Thank You keemstar! Next time you’re gonna buy g-fuel make sure you don’t use keemstar’s code and you used PewDiePie’s code instead Okay. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Let’s get back to the video. A couple of months ago I made a video called What was it called? It was called fixing soundcloud rappers face tattoos. If you didn’t see it. I’ll leave a link to where some Somewhere up here Anyways in that video, one of the things that I did was I took Post Malone’s tattoos And I put them on to Macklemore’s face. I don’t know why I just thought it was funny I still think it’s funny But today I wanted to expand on that idea because I think there’s more… I think there’s more I can do in that vein I think it’d be fun to take some celebrities who have face tattoos and celebrities who don’t and put them together and make New celebrities. Does that make any sense at all? I feel like I’m losing my mind the first lucky son of a gun to get Enhanced is gonna be everybody’s favorite Everybody’s Dr. Phil. Now, what is Dr. Phil do for a living? He he puts people on blast He spills the proverbial tea. It’s kind of like a snitch Well, there’s another famous snitch in the news this week and his name is Tekashi 69 or should I say Tekashi snitch nine So, let’s take Snitch9’s tattoos and put them on our boy. Dr. Phil Okay, any good tattooed transplant starts with with aligning the stars as it were okay That’s already kind of creepy. We’re ready to start with the classic the six nine and geez, that’s already looking pretty good. I think I’m pretty good at this Okay, all right this next one I Don’t know. Why Wow Okay Wow, I didn’t even have to do anything to that that’s just Are Dr. Phil in Tekashi 6ix9ine the same person? Okay. Now put this tattoo on whatever that is and Now the spider webs Creepy, huh? All of these are really going on here really really well Like too well. Who is Oscar? I don’t know. Why. Why does he have oscar tattooed on his face? Why does dr. Phil have Oscar tattooed on his face? I think we can do something better than an Oscar rearrange these a little bit Okay. Okay. There we go. That’s better. That’s better And there you have it ladies and gentlemen Tekashi doctor snitched I Don’t know what to call him. Next up is Ariana Grande who was also in the news this week for something tattoo related I don’t know if you heard about that. I heard about it Maybe I’ll tell you maybe maybe I won’t she got a stupid tattoo on her hand, and she spelled it wrong It was pretty funny but not really worth making a whole video about but while I was googling Ariana and looking for pictures of her to Enhance here. I saw an article that said that she has 34 tattoos How how does a person with so? Few tattoos have so many tattoos. The only conclusion is that they’re all Microscopically tiny and the only person I can think of who’s also covered in like a hundred really tiny tattoos is our boy Lil Xan, and I know I know we make fun of lil xan a lot here, but I just can’t resist. It’s too easy So, let’s see. What kind of sweet love child these two will make if we mix them together Jeez Lil Xan’s pale like a ghost This is all coming together almost as good as the Dr. Phil did You got to say I mean, why am I so good at this? It’s kind of scary But look at how this is coming together. I’m just I’m blowing myself away with my talent right now I’m just blown away. You know, we got to give her the teardrops, you know, we got to are those teardrops I’m not sure. Let me know in the comments below what you think. Those are because Don’t look like teardrops to me boys. Now. Ariana is looking pretty good. I gotta say she wears those tattoos pretty well I almost like her more with the tattoos, but we can always improve on perfection. Am I right boy? How are we gonna do that with this? stylin and profilin T-shirt. Oh Where can I get a shirt like that? I will tell you we’re at the first link in the description below That’s right, buy my merch Please I want you guys to think back for a second use your brains I know it’s hard, but just try it just just for a second think back the last video I made we talked about that stupid Harry Styles face tattoo and how I thought it was fake I was right by the way. I don’t know if you saw I’m pretty much the greatest detective of our generation Thank you very much. I don’t deserve all the praise, but I’ll you know, I’ll take it I really wanted to give someone the Harry Styles face tattoo cuz you know I thought it would be funny and I was thinking man. Who else is that desperate for attention? I there’s got to be someone and then the YouTube gods Smiled on me and they gave me Trisha p-pay, Trisha Trisha Patronum But Trisha, Trisha wouldn’t use Harry Styles for views. She would never do that Not Trisha She would use David Dobrik instead. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna replicate the Harry Styles tattoo But with david dobrik lucky for me that Harry Styles tattoo was garbage And this won’t be that hard. So we’re just gonna trace this photo Very badly. Oh my god. This looks so stupid. Why does he look like he’s a hundred years old He looks like an old lady. Okay. Now we’re gonna drop this on our girl Trish’s face. Oh man It’s perfect it looks it looks amazing And there you go the ultimate epic. David dobrik clickbait. Don’t steal my idea Trisha Alright, I want to just do one more of these and I’m gonna bring it full circle I’m gonna take it back to where we started now. I’m gonna do another Post Malone But this time I’m gonna do it to me now I know I’m not a celebrity or anything like that, but my birthday is listed on FamousBirthdays.com So that counts for something but also I just need an Instagram post to post when I post This video. So Post Malone. Did I say “post” enough times in that sentence? Oh my god I need something for Instagram when I put this video up. Okay, that’s what I’m trying to say Alright, this is we’re off to a tricky- off to a tricky start here Why is post Malone so freakin shiny? Okay, okay Okay, I’m starting to get it starting to look Really cool. We’re almost there. Why do I feel like I don’t look that different Okay, guys, that’s it that’s a wrap for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did leave a like and let me know maybe leave a comment. That’s cool Too if you enjoy these kinds of videos Let me know in the comments or like on Twitter or something what other kind of stuff you’d like to see me Do I have a few plans? For some upcoming Photoshop videos, but I do very much want to know what you guys want to see So yeah, you know tell me but that’s it for today. I will see you guys in the next video Deuces, is that still a cool thing to say or no?

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  1. I have watched almost every one of your videos and I just want to say you are one of the coolest people in YouTube. I don't know why am I writing it but I just wanted to tell you that you are cool.

  2. Yo I want to help with an idea for you could you possibly get a face cam like in the bottom corner or something while editing so we see you reactions and your beautiful face daddy 🥵🥵🥵

  3. I was really hoping you were going to put the Harry styles tattoo on Harry styles face.

    But despite that, I really did enjoy this video. I enjoy all your videos so it's no real supprise.

    Please keep up the fantastic work, I really appreciate you man.


  5. I don’t want to tell you my video suggestions for you because 1. I don’t have any and 2. I like your brain and I wanna see what comes out of it

  6. Dear mr vilonious,
    Please follow my Instagram it is very cool!!! 😎😎😎
    It is @esamaftab
    Thank you from @esamaftab

  7. you are such a inspiration !! cause you are confident about having tattooed eye, and piercings. your perfectt in your way

  8. Hey man, did you know that your eye is like, blue where it should be white? Just letting you know in case nobody else commented this yet. ✌️ (joking)

  9. I hope that the delivery wouldn't be too huge considering the fact I live in Romania(Europe) I would like a T-shirt and a hat) damn autocorrect

  10. 🚫⚠️!WARNING BEFOR YOU READ!⚠️🚫 (I am NOT making fun of people with tattoos and body modifications, this is just questions that I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now and haven’t got the chance!)

    When you get older what would you do with the modifications?

    Do you think the tattoo on your eye will ever ware off?

    🚫⚠️I’m just asking because I’ve just been wondering people’s opinions! I’d love to see the answers!⚠️🚫

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