Captain Marvel DELETED & BONUS Scenes + Bloopers

Captain Marvel DELETED & BONUS Scenes + Bloopers

Yes Paul charged-up. Congratulations Was there ever any doubt you heard the part about this being a stuff operation right? What are you saying X 27 remember? Oh, come on. That was not my fault We were specifically told to bring the heat. He was very hot. Just remember twinkle fish Do you think with your head not your hands? She knows? right We follow the beacon to the target Minerva Atlas find elevation and provide cover please the rest of you Let’s bring Sola home We take a dip Anyone else get claustrophobic in these things Nice scuba suit You need a rad darling About smile for me, huh? A smile. Yeah. I’m offering to help you least you could do is give me a smile How about a handshake I’m veers people call me the dawn Wow Here’s a proposition for you You’re gonna give me your jacket your helmet and your motorcycle and in return. I’m gonna let you keep your hand Oh Ok, no it’s not But you know Let’s do it you tripping camera Thank you very much good night Here we go You’ve always had powerful female characters in our movies But having Captain Marvel is the title character for the first time feels like it’s overdue And so we’ve always loved to look for filmmakers who’ve done incredibly special films and Anna Boden Rhine Fleck have done just that They just understood Carroll and they understood her story and that journey of becoming a superhero Ryan and Anna came in with an amazing perspective and they’ve Really put their own spin on the material and given it a voice and a spirit. That’s fresh You guys wouldn’t happen to know how these things come up would you know fine? I’ve seen time and time again directors should be brought into the Marvel Universe and really thrive The same thing is true of Ryan and Anna they have this intense Enthusiasm for it and a desire to kind of honor what’s been set up about these characters and also take it somewhere new, you know You’ll see That’s a yes or no question yes Scrolls have invaded yet another boiler planet the relentless scroll expansion dangerously nears our territory What’s very clever about storytelling in Captain Marvel is that you’re fed? The propaganda of one nation and believe that the scrolls are the bad guys But you’re only seeing it through the kree’s eyes As we meet the Cree in this movie, they’re technologically driven and very much motivated by this warp Which has kind of become pervasive to their entire society the Cree are a very dominant and very aggressive grace and their military and their leaders conduct themselves as such a Cree are really incredible warriors hyper intellectuals and also totally devoid of emotion you Lied to me. I made you the best version of yourself What we learn over the course the movie is they won the war years ago and the scrolls are living as refugees and the Cree Are kind of hounding them mercilessly The handful of us that left will be slaughtered next unless you help me finish what Novell started My practice he was one of the first action sequences that we started storyboarding and pre-visit Even before we had a script we knew that that sequence was the anchor for our story We worked with different storyboard artists who helped us out like we get alessandro. Do we have any information? We can act on this girls are looking for the clue to where the tesseract is What does it feel if someone was trying to extract that memory from your brain? Unless they don’t find it in her back What she go We really wanted to capture that feel for when she’s first coming to I Was gonna open up and then close again She’s so disoriented and she sees these upside-down figures and the sound is all murky and one of the fun things That came out of process was that shot where we pull back and turn around and realize that she’s upside down In a world where heroes and villains are caught in a perpetual game of cat-and-mouse The good guys only seem to scratch the surface of justice Filmmakers were tasked with finding the most acclaimed catch number to become an unlikely hero with the power to move mountains What’s your name? When we were working on the first outline for this movie and we shared it with Kevin Feige His first note was we need two hundred percent warm goose. Oh my god get that thing away. How’d it get in here? We gave two. Yeah, we gave it to him the cat. This isn’t what you’re afraid of is it I saw the guy That’s a flirt Good kitty In casting Marvel’s most ambitious role yet Filmmakers had to endure countless hours of cuddles Nozzles and possible allergy attacks. We auditioned a few different cats we ended up with Primarily a cat named Reggie to play goose who looks like a cat but is actually an alien called a Fleur Caen Species lurking threat. Hi Reggie’s unique sense of humor and comedic timing were an asset to filmmakers And his acting chops, who’s a good kitty, huh? Prude positively ferocious. Yes. That’s right The thing that I found so weak and Carol from reading the comics was that sense of humor mixed with total capability and whatever challenge comes her way wanna fight This is not just somebody who is incredibly powerful and can shoot photon blasts out of her arm It’s somebody who’s very vulnerable and has multiple dimensions Kelly sue became a really great asset for us to be able to go to and talk to About Carol how she saw the character and what her foundational principles were in writing? What Carol would be somebody that we root for? When they’re super-powered like this all of these characters have to be relatable I Keep having these memories Something in my past is the key to all of this It’s incredibly empowering for women and girls Because they haven’t made her a girl hero. She’s just hero. I’m not gonna fight your war I’m gonna end it You’ve always had powerful female characters in our movies, but having Captain Marvel is the title character for the first time Is great for shadowing for how Captain Marvel is about to take the lead And be at the forefront of the entire cinematic universe, I can’t do this alone. We need you Could we do the waterfall all the CG? Of course you can but we did go to your whistle Falls and Victoria Falls in Africa to get the richness of what that environment was and then of course you enhance but that reference is irreplaceable When you have a Fleur Caen Theory we know what a cat looks like but you don’t know what if lurkin looks like so then you have a little bit of leeway and Yet we always come back to a known texture so that your eye is tricked enough You see the furqan you go that makes little sense We take what is practical which gives us the best performance and then we help it and then we do anything that is needed We have a couple of da-jin moments This one has been one of the biggest undertakings for the aging that we’ve done. Did you see her weapon? I did not we have Colson which is ten years, but for Sam We did more like almost 25 years 30 years, Julie. Mr Sam hasn’t changed much and yet you can see he has I’m here to talk to you about the Avenger initiative He’s such an iconic actor and everyone knows where he is. So if you do it wrong is very clear and We have maybe 800 shots. I tell a lot of daj of Sam Jackson official shield activity stay back

42 thoughts on “Captain Marvel DELETED & BONUS Scenes + Bloopers

  1. That bike and outfit she took was like a recreation of Terminator 2. “Take it” he says while on his knees and tossing the keys up. Must be an homage to one of the greatest sci fi movies of all time.

  2. Assault, shoplifting, grand theft auto, and reckless driving. all within 5 minutes. A great role model for young women.

  3. I find it interesting that Bree Larson as professional as she is on set, says incredibly controversial things when speaking on her own. This is in contrast to Scarlett Johansson who is just as professional onset but is careful about what she says when she appears in public.

  4. Great movie|! I thought Brie Larson was perfect for the role. She was in Skull Island with Samuel L Jackson. Its too bad that people can't appreciate the movie because they don't like to see strong women.

  5. Seeing the bloopers vs the movie scenes makes it even clearer how bad captain marvel's character was presented in the final product.

    The terminator reference made me realize that a machine has more personality than her

  6. I vehemently disagree with people who say Carol goes through no arc. The movie is about Carol Danvers’ identity Crisis and I’m not just talking about her past. When she figures out that she was lied to all this time she questions who she is and what her true purpose is. The final act is overcoming that and finally realizing who she truly is. That is her arc.

  7. The greatest lesson in this movie is do not judge people by how they look, even if you think they are different or ugly.

  8. I liked the movie, I have no problem with Brie Larson's work here. The problem I have with it is the way they sanitize the Skrull and turn them into victims, then pat themselves on the back for how clever they were. No, you weren't clever, you showed that you don't care about the source material.
    IMO that's the kind of legitimate criticism people ought to be pointing out about this movie– not the silly "Brie isn't the person I want her to be" arguments.

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