Can’t Nail A Cactus: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

Can’t Nail A Cactus: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

– Hey.
– Hi. – How are you?
– Good. How are you guys? – We’re great.
– Welcome to Club Tattoo.[rock music]My name
is Amelia Rose Whitney.
I’ve been tattooing
for ten years,
and I specialize
in watercolor tattoos.
I love being unique
and original,
and watercolor
is an amazing style
where it allows me
to create a painting.
It’s kind of the root
of who I am as an artist. I knew I wanted to tattoo
since, like, middle school. I graduated from college,
and then shortly after, I got pregnant
with my daughter. When she was one,
I basically got, like, all my portfolios from college,
found a shop here, and I went in, pushing her
in a little stroller. I was like, “Do you guys
need an apprentice?” – Aw!
– Dude, the balls on you. – They could see, like, that I wanted to have
a future, you know? – Yeah.
– That’s one of the most amazing tattoo beginning stories
I’ve ever heard. – That’s pretty badass, dude. – We’re really excited
to see you compete. – I’m ready.[mellow electronic music]– I’m Tony Olvera.
I’ve been tattooing 15 years.
I do black and gray–
I’m known for it–
but I can do any style
that walks through the door.
Growing up, I never thoughtI could make a living
with my art.
Never give up.
Do what you want to do.
Make things [bleep] happen. How’s it going? – Well, hello.
– I know who you are. – Yeah, yeah,
some familiar faces in here. – You know him?
– Yeah, Tony. When I was a baby tattooer,
I looked up to you, no joke. He’s a solid
black-and-gray artist. – Ooh, I’m excited now. – Hopefully I can live up
to your expectations of me. I came here for three reasons. In the last three years,
I lost my mentor, my best friend
I opened my shop with, and my cousin Ray, who kind of
showed me the industry, so this is my whole thing
to, like, do it for them. – Oh, I’m sorry
to hear that, man. – You have a lot
of pressure on you. – I’m ready for it.
– Pressure makes diamonds. – There you go.[rock music]– I am Don Don Hernandez,and I’ve been tattooing
just over four years.
I am known for big, bold,
unusual tattoos.
People do not like me
because I’m young,
and I give no [bleep],but the more waves I make,
the more people know me.♪ ♪– Hey!
– What’s up, ladies? – Oh, hey there.
– How’s it going? What’s up, guys?
I’m Don Don, the guy so nice,
you got to say his name twice. [mimics rimshot] I’m 24 years old.
I opened up my own shop as well. – You opened up a shop at 24?
– I did. Correct. A lot of people tell me
I can’t do it. I just don’t care.
I want to do my own thing. Whatever people want to think
about my personality or whatnot has nothing to do
with my tattoos. I’ll have to show you guys.
– All right. Let’s get this thing started. – All right, here’s how
the competition is gonna go: there’s gonna be
two elimination tattoos, and one of you is gonna be
eliminated each round. – You guys ready?
– I’m ready. – Born ready. – Whoever makes it through that is gonna face off
against one of us Angels. – I’m ready to go against
any one of you guys. – Wow.
– We’ll see. – So the Angel
that one of you guys is going to face off
against is… Kelly Doty. – Oh, no. – Hi.
– That’s not easy. – And you thought the desert
was the only tragic wasteland from which there’s no escape.
– [laughs] – She’s a tough competitor
to beat, but if one of you
can beat Kelly, you’re gonna earn a spot
on “Ink Master,” and you’re gonna have the chance
to win $100,000. That is huge!
– All right. – You like the sound of that?
– I do. – All right, so let’s get
this [bleep] started. You want to hear about your
first elimination tattoo? – Yes.
– Yes. – Well, I hope you guys’ skills are as sharp
as you say they are, because today you’re going
to be tattooing… cactus tattoos.
– All right. – You have to be able to nail a cactus
if you’re from Arizona. – You shouldn’t nail a cactus.
That’s gonna leave a scar. I wouldn’t recommend that.
– You’re going to have two hours to do your
cactus tattoo in any style, but we’re judging you
on shading, outline, style, and application. – For one of you, this is
gonna be your last chance to show us what you can do, because one of you is gonna be
eliminated today. – Not me.
– Bye-bye, Tony. [laughs]
– Not me. – Your canvases have all been
randomly assigned, and they are completely open. Go set up,
and we’ll send them in. – Let’s do it.[dramatic rock music]♪ ♪– All right, artists,
you are gonna have two hours to do cactus tattoos, any style,
and your time starts now. – Yeah, it’s gonna seem like I’m doing a crazy amount
of color. It’s gonna be a hint
of several.– You can’t swing a dead cat
in Phoenix
and not see a cactus, man. – It’s like it was meant
for this spot.– I want to see all
the different textures in it.
I want to see all the bumps.I want to see the needles,
all the ridges.
If these artists
skimp on the details,
I’m gonna end up seeing
a green hairbrush, and I don’t want to see that. [tattoo machine buzzing] – Ready?
– Yep.[rock music]♪ ♪– So I’m definitely
that artist that, like, everything I do
is very last-minute. I have no idea
how I’m gonna shade this. I have no idea
how I’m gonna color it. That’s what makes it
a better tattoo. You know, you’re just kind of
going for it.Doing more than
just a cactus is a risk,
but I’m willing
to take that riskbecause I know
what I’m capable of doing.
– Are you literally
just freehanding those perfectly horizontal
lines in there? – Yeah. I lost the stencil,
so I just got to freehand it. – That’s pretty ballsy. – That’s one thing I will say,
I’m confident. – This is blowing my mind.♪ ♪– I grew up in foster care
all my life.
I have no family.A lot of people
didn’t think
I was gonna be
a good tattooer,
yet alone open my own shop and be a successful business.I’m just here to prove thatall the pain
and the hard work
was all worth it and…I didn’t need anyone else.♪ ♪I don’t know how
they’re gonna beat me when the lines
are that perfect. – I can’t concentrate
while you’re talking. – You might want to make sure
you color in the lines. – Well, I’m doing watercolor, so I don’t need to worry
about that. – I don’t know, maybe the person
who chooses the winner is a 12-year-old–
might like the watercolor.– I definitely have a job
to do to prove to everyone
that watercolor can be bold
and bright and amazing.There’s a lot on the line here
for me.
– Let’s see
who can go the highest. – Okay. – I’m gonna win,
and you’re gonna lose. – All right, we’ll see.
I’m pretty good at winning.I want my daughter to knowyou can do anything
you want to do.
Like, look at me, you know?I went from tattooing pregnantout of my studio apartmentto maybe being on “Ink Master,”
and that’s amazing. [tattoo machine buzzing] – A watercolor
with a lot of black, huh? – Yes.
– Good girl. – Good on you.
– Yay![rock music]♪ ♪– You guys have one hour left. – You gonna have enough time to finish that big old tattoo
over there? – Pretty sure. – Sound real confident.[electronic music]– I’m putting a lot of elements
in this tattoo
because I want to show
what I’m capable of.I got the cactus wren,
I got the flower,
and that’ll create a scene.I had another design that was
a lot more detailed than this. – Really?
– Yeah. – This is you toning it down? – Yeah. [laughs]Growing up, I was trying
to avoid the gangs
and a lot of the violence
around me.
Focusing on my art led up
to where I’m at today. I have a lot of big plans. Try and do something with kids
in, like, a youth program where, like, they can do
after-school programs and stuff with art, and, I mean, it’ll keep them
out of trouble, and, like, you know,
there wasn’t opportunity like that when I was younger. – I think what you’re doing
is pretty awesome. – Art’s definitely
what saved my life. – Look at the amount
he’s gotten done since we’ve been standing here. – That is
entirely foreign to me, just moving quickly
and efficiently. – That’s 15 years
of experience. – He ain’t scared.[electronic rock music]♪ ♪– All right, five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
Stop tattooing. – It turned out better
than I imagined. – I think it looks
amazing. – You all done?
– I am. Are you? – Yep. – All right, I guess
we’ll just have to see if this tattoo will do.[dramatic music]– I think there are
three good tattoos. There are some really good
moments happening in Tony’s–the way that the big
negative-space circle
contrasts against the texture
of the bird’s head,
that’s really pretty.– But I feel like he had
an opportunityto use the line work to make
certain things in high-def.
– He doesn’t have any line work
in that tattoo, and that’s a problem.– With Amelia,that line work
is really crispy.
– I had a problem
that all she used
is simply line work. – I loved Amelia’s tattoo.
She’s my winner. – Pff! Are you kidding me? – Not even a little.
– There’s no shading.– There’s lovely shading.
Her blending is super smooth.
– Blending what?– She blends her colors
into skin tone. – When we talk about shading, who did it right today,
it’s Don Don.– I really love Don Don’s
pepper shading.
– I hate Don Don’s
color theory.
– What color theory?
– Exactly.
He just threw every color
available into that tattoo…– But, Kelly, you’re saying–– And I have no idea what I’m
supposed to be looking at.
– Good luck judging this,
’cause I am not budging. – I’m an only child.
I’m incredibly stubborn. – Mine was the best tattoo,
hands down. – You could have done
that tattoo in an hour. – You’re not gonna just
slide on by with the simplest thing
you possibly can. – Yours was just way too much
going on in one little space. – I showed that I can do lines.
I showed that I can pack color. I showed that my shading
was smooth. End of story. – Hey, you killer cacti. Why don’t you
come on over here? – All right, guys,
how do we think we did? – Won. – You think you won? – I did all what was required
in the challenge. – Bottom line,
the drawing was bad. – I think she did
the bare minimum. Lines were inconsistent. – Honestly, we didn’t have
a problem with Amelia’s lines.There was a lack of shading.– With watercolor tattoos,
a lot of the time,
the color is so softand so lightly blended
that over time, his tattoo is probably
gonna be there a lot more than some
of the colors in yours. – Don Don, I loved your design, and that’s why it hurt me
so gosh damn bad when you went in therewith every color imaginable.– If you pulled back
a little bit,
it would have been
more readable. – I can understand that. – I’m just wondering which
of these two are going home. – Tony, I love the juxtaposition
of the flower and the bird.Your design was lovely,but there are
some cleanliness issues that we’re looking at as far
as the lack of line work. – There were three
great tattoos done today. That being said, unfortunately, one of you is going
to be eliminated. We have decided that the artist that is going to be eliminated
today is…♪ ♪

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