Can You STRAIGHTEN Your Hair with LITTLE to NO Heat? | FAB or FAIL

Can You STRAIGHTEN Your Hair with LITTLE to NO Heat? | FAB or FAIL

– Hey everyone, I’m Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles and today we are going to test a fab or fail on a
product called the RevAir. This is the RevAir. And there’s a long hose over
here you can’t see either. Now, if you aren’t familiar with this, what it’s supposed to be is basically, this wand sucks your hair in and uses air flow going
down the grain of your hair to basically create tension while it blows air around your hair, thus, drying it and straightening
it at the same time. But with nearly half the
heat of a regular blow dryer. So it’s supposed to cut your time way down on styling your hair, as well as create less damage on your hair ’cause it’s using less heat. So, this is what we’re gonna test today, the RevAir, let’s get to it. (upbeat music) This is the size of the box and I thought maybe it was a big old box for packing but it actually is.. Fully this entire box. So this thing is quite large. There’s this whole huge bag in here, let’s see if I can get it out. (grunts) Maybe! (grunts) I can’t get it out! Oh, thank goodness. Okay. The wand, hose and filter in this piece, and I don’t know what in this piece, and then.. This thing. It was really only four steps but we added the filter in here and then connected this, which
really wasn’t hard at all. This apparently is just a little
resting spot for the wand. What the instructions say is that you should start it on lower
settings and test your hair. So that you don’t start
on the highest settings and find out that your hair
tangles easily or something. And I’m gonna start with
the machine itself on a two, so that’s the amount of
tension pulling on the hair and I’m going to go ahead
and notch up to high heat on this because typically, I find my hair does need
a little bit of heat to pull out the curl. (RevAir blows loudly) It’s a little loud! Separate it, and then
let it suck my hair in, all the way up to my scalp, And then I’m gonna hold
it here for 10 seconds. And it’s not hot against my scalp. So, I can hold it here and
be totally comfortable. And after about 10
seconds it says to slowly spend 30 to 60 seconds moving
it down your hair strands. So, I’m gonna start. Yeah I can feel the root is dry now, so I’m just gonna start just
slowly pulling my hair out. You can see that’s what
my hair looks like. It’s warm to the touch but it’s not hot. This is how much hose there is. It’s kinda big and bulky. It’s a little heavy in the hand, I think after doing my whole head of hair, my arm would be tired. Okay, so I just did my bottom layer. Minimal, minimal tangles, barely any. Because my hair wasn’t really tangling, I can go ahead and attempt to notch it up to a three or a four, which is just gonna give a
little more tension on my hair, which I’m gonna try to see
if it gets it any straighter. Don’t judge me if you’re
seeing my gray hair, guys! We’re just gonna try a
four and see what happens. I can definitely feel it’s
pulling on my hair tighter but it doesn’t hurt. So, a little bit, tiny,
tiny bit more tangle-y. But I do think it also
got that piece straighter, so I’m gonna keep it
there and try some more. (upbeat music) Overall, I don’t feel like
I’m as hot as I would be if I were blow drying and
straightening my hair. I’m gonna keep going
and finish my hair out, I think I’m gonna try
to notch it up to a five and just see what happens. (upbeat music) Okay, I definitely feel like with a five, my hairs getting some snarls in it, can you see that? So, I do not like that so I’m
gonna go back down to a four, four is probably my
perfect setting on my hair. Okay you guys, I have dried my hair. I mean, it definitely is
dry, all the way through. But for me, I really like, stick straight, so I wouldn’t wear this, personally, out. I would have to then take a
flat iron and style it still. I felt like it took about the same time as it requires me to blow dry my hair, so I didn’t lose time. But I felt like I used
less heat, which was nice. I, in an effort to really give
this machine a good whirl, want to test it on some
other hair types too, so I’m gonna show Brooklyn
and I’m gonna bring in Sana, and I’m gonna do Pais. Because they all have
very different textures and lengths and types
and were gonna try this on their hair as well. Brooklyn kinda has some natural wave, her hair tends to be pretty fluffy when it’s just blow dried, or air dried. And it tends to be a little more coarse. We’re gonna start by just
taking it back to a two. (upbeat music) So these two pieces I just did on a two, which is definitely not
tangling her ends at all. So I’m gonna notch it up to a three, just out of curiosity and I’m
gonna turn it down to low heat and see if it does as well. (upbeat music) It wasn’t quite as straight as this is. For Brooklyn’s particular hair, I like the little bit higher heat. And when I say high heat, it’s definitely not like
a straight iron 400 heat, it is like– – High for this machine. – Higher heat for this machine, right. So, I’m gonna back to
using the higher heat and do this piece again and then we’ll keep going for a sec. (upbeat music) It definitely wasn’t snarling the ends. Brooklyn, you’re gonna die. – [Brooklyn] Is it straight? – It’s like, so straight! – You’re kidding! What in the world! (laughs) I’m just so confused! – So this definitely worked
very well on her hair. It’s not super fluffy,
it’s not super crazy. I really like what it did with
Brooklyn’s hair, for sure. Okay, I wanted you guys to see what her whole head of hair looks like when it was all finished. When she went and looked at it and said that was as
straight as she would get it, if she had blown it and then
done a flat iron on top. – Yes, it’s actually
super cool, I like it. – Okay, for those of you
guys that don’t know Sana, she’s gonna be my next– – Hello.
– Test subject. Sana, describe your hair texture. – So, it’s pretty straight, gets kinda frizzy and for the most part, it just does what I need to do. – All right, let’s go. We’re gonna start on a two. (upbeat music) Okay, Sana’s ends– Because it’s so long and
because she needs a trim, it got a little bit twisted and tangled. So I’m just going to leave it at a two. I am using high heat on her hair and we’re gonna finish out this layer. (upbeat music) I do think hers is a little more tangle-y at the bottoms that Brooklyn’s was, and I don’t know if it’s the length, or if her ends are just a little drier and so it’s just twisting
those up a little. Okay, guess who joined us? Say hi, Paisley. – Hi. – So Paisley has a very
different hair texture than mine, hers is really four B in the front, to four C in the back. So the curls are even tighter when it gets to the back part of her head. And it takes us quite a
while to blow dry her hair, doesn’t it, Pais? – Uh-huh. – And then we have to straighten
it with the straightener if we do it, so it’s
complicated and takes a while. All right, and I’m gonna, again, take it back down to a two, ’cause we don’t want it
starting too high on her hair. And for sure, I’m gonna go
ahead and leave it on heat because I know her hair will require some heat to get it straight. (upbeat music) Okay, it definitely dried her hair and it did start to straighten it but there’s still quite a
bit of texture in there. So I’m gonna go ahead and
notch it up a little bit. – Let’s do three. – Let’s jump to a four
and see what happens. – (laughs) It’s cold! (upbeat music) I can see that on this section, it’s just tight, it’s pulled it a little bit
straighter than this one and neither one had
excessive tangles in it, so I’m gonna go ahead, for
sure and leave it at a four. I feel like I could even try it at a five. – [Paisley] Can I do it? – You wanna try it? – Yeah, I wanna test it.
– Okay, I’ll turn it up to a five
and then you can try it. Put it all the way in, and then hold it up against your head, hold it, hold it. Try to count to 10. – One, two, three, four, five, six– – Four one thousand, five one thousand. Good job! So this is what her hair looks like after we tried it on a five. It definitely still didn’t
get tangled on a five, so I would be comfortable
using that on her hair as well. Did you think this was faster or slower than when we normally dry your hair? – Erm, faster. – I agree, it was faster. And I think it’s getting
straighter with less pulling. ‘Cause normally I’m using a blow drier and then pulling her hair, and so I feel like it’s tangling more– – And it hurts, it does hurt. – And this didn’t feel tangled, yes. Okay, we finished Paisley’s hair and you can see this
is what it looks like, all finished. Which, for her hair– – I wanna see myself.
– Is pretty straight. And this would be a really
great starting place– – Cool! – If we were going to then put braids in, or something that’s more protective style. Okay you guys, so let’s
do the final wrap up. The RevAir, it definitely
straightens the hair, it definitely dries the
hair and it uses less heat, which I love because especially on super textured hair like Paisley’s, I’m neurotic about how much
heat I put on her hair. Down side to the RevAir, it costs, $399 on Amazon, although it still had a
four and half star rating there with 75 reviews. The second negative for
me is just that it’s huge, I mean, you’re not gonna travel with this. And even just storing it at home, I mean, I think some will
but I’m just not sure a lot will be willing
to store such a giant piece of equipment for the once in a while that they decide to blow dry their hair, when they have access to
something that’s way easier, like a blow dryer. The next negative for me is, it’s loud! Really loud. I’m so conflicted! (grunts) I think I’m gonna give it, one up, one down on this one. I’m not gonna declare
it completely positive because there’s definitely some things I think they should improve,
including the price and size. But I’m not gonna give it
a completely thumbs down because, especially on
textured hair like Paisley’s, it really did do the job
and I loved the results. Just so you know, Brooklyn
hardly ever straightens her hair and when I asked her why, she said it’s because it takes forever and it doesn’t stay straight. We live in Texas, it’s usually humid. I did this on her hair and it
stayed straight for two days, it’s only been two days since I tried it. I wanna love it you guys, I want to love it, but the price and the size are the things that I just can’t get past. So there you go, now you know whether it’s
gonna be worth it or not for you guys to spend the money, it does have a 30 day
money back guarantee, according to their website. I’ll put a link in the description box, so you guys can find where
I purchased mine from Amazon and you guys, that’s it. For the RevAir, one up, on down. We will see you guys next week, if you haven’t subscribed to our channel, be sure to click the button right here. You can check out other Fab or
Fails by clicking over here, and we will see you guys, next week. Bye guys. (upbeat music)

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