Can Women Have Multiple S*x Partners Like Men? Women’s Conditi*on Will Become Very Ba*d – Sadhguru

Can Women Have Multiple S*x Partners Like Men? Women’s Conditi*on Will Become Very Ba*d – Sadhguru

Why can’t one husband be with multiple women and one woman or a wife can be with multiple husband in today’s society among consenting adults and What impact do these people have when they involved in such relationships? well There are many aspects you historically, you know, there has been a drought patty you and five husbands. All right there This has been a matriarchal society Where in many parts of the country even today in some parts of the country? It’s still practiced that fire brothers are married to one woman these things were done at a certain time and the social situations were sites or Men were many to many more. I mean more than one woman This was mainly because men died more often than women Today both men and women are outside both may get killed that’s different But at that time largely women stayed home because she was continuously pregnant From the age of 14 to 4550. She’s almost all the time either. Hey, she’s pregnant or here the young child This is how life used to be So because of that she stayed home and she took care of the property and Agriculture and stuff man went out to do business or for war or something else. He went out So men always died more often So generally in most societies in the past The number of men was much less than the number of women always This has been the state all across the world So naturally when so many women were there They needed care and they needed support in the society and those days a woman could not exist by herself She unless she is protected by a male Partner, it would be very difficult for her to exist by herself because she would be exploited in so many different ways so always they attach themselves so naturally a man ended up having to three women because The numb the population ratio was like that, but now largely it’s leveled out If some individual does it it’s not an issue, but if that becomes a social norm then how do you decide somebody has? Whatever multiple wives and how do you decide somebody has no wife? This is become a social You know collision it will become it’ll become lot of problems in the society Because we may act civilized. I Am very particular I am very clear about saying we act civilized But we when we are denied basic things that we need all our civilization evaporates And we will be have behaved like animals also known So when fundamentals are denied people will go flashing So that’s not going to work in today’s world and above all the woman’s condition Will become very bad Those days there was no dearth if you had land it was ok. You had five wives it doesn’t matter you had 25 acres It was good enough everybody ate well, and that’s about it. But today our requirements are not just about eating. It’s about many things So that kind of thing will lead to lot of complicated situations in the society. It’s better to stick one on one and Anyway forever people have been doing their own things beyond the legal Relationships things have been happening in the societies That involves a certain risk somebody who is willing to take that risk That’s for them. But others will live within the legal format It’s a balanced society. If you are asking this question in a more existential way Well See This this is a certain framework of not just of bone and muscle and flesh There is a certain energy framework only because of that it takes in a certain form see if you eat mangos every day and let’s say a cow eats mangoes every day at some point, will you or the cow get confused whether you’re a cow or a Human being or when the cow get confused such a thing never happens because there is a clear-cut inner framework To which flesh and blood is added but there is a framework and evolutionary Memory framework is there it never gets broken, isn’t it? So in this framework, how strong you keep this framework? How integral how much integrity is there to this energy framework will determine many things about your life? Many aspects of your life, especially if you want to raise this life to another level of function It’s very important you maintain this integrity This is why Irrespective of which religion which spiritual process if people want to raise them till to a certain point? First thing they will talk about is becoming monks or Brahman Therese or sannyasis because the idea is to create such a level of integrity That this is a whole life by itself that it doesn’t lean on anything else for support either for physical well-being or Emotional well-being or psychological companionship. It doesn’t lean on anything. It stands by itself because You want to take it somewhere else? if you want normal function These things are not necessarily now you want to become a rocket which breaks through a certain dimension of space Now you need to be in a different level of force and integrity Otherwise it will crack up so you don’t want to open your body to anything and especially opening to multiple partners has its own negativity in that context How much pain and you look at? Draupadi’s life how much volatility how much pain how much suffering she went through in her life and how much pain and suffering she caused because of her anger and jealousy and whatever else so These things happen for variety of reasons. You can’t blame everything on that one aspect, but that aspect also has a say in these aspects because you are opening up your Memory body your energy energetic body, which is essentially ruled by memory to variety of memories This will cause a whole lot of turmoil within the system which could affect that life and many other lives So they’re out with his life is in a way a sample for that It’s not an absolute this is not an absolute, but this has an influence

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  1. Nice philosophy Satguru has and I watch his videos for that! He can be the enlightened one but not the enlightened one! He is jealous of this question as taking marijuana all the time has left our guru incompetent!

  2. In todays scenario men have multiple sex partner or just virgin . But women are mostly getting fucked by their partner easily because they always have the best options and choices in the market . So generally we cannot use this stigma that women can have multiple sex partner like men . It is very hard for us to compete , to satisfy the girl deeds , to have enough charm to attract her , to have such a swaggy attitude for getting laid . I am 26 years and didn't even kiss or touch any girl in my life . Sometimes it is frustating or may be something else but the amount of energy these relationaships nowadays cost us a lot and yes money is also an important factor very important .

  3. As if Sex is the only thing to do in life….. Multiple husbands or wifes?? For goodness sake , Those who want to behave like animals (such as monkeys or stray dogs)….well they surely can…

  4. I think these days youngsters studying in colleges wants to know only about sex n society despite there r bigger issues in our society n country to b discussed n resolved.

  5. Physical connection is basic level even if it is your husband…there are many more levels…in each level u keep growing…companionship becomes more beautiful when u go beyond body… πŸ€·β€β™€

  6. If a husband loves his wife truly ,by giving her love and respect,,,and a wife loves her husband respecting him truly,,,,,,there won't arise such nasty, thoughts,,,,,,,,,
    sex,,,,film,,,,and nasty thought are just for time sake……. ……….think my friends….. You will also have kids tomorrow,,,,will u say to your kids to have multiple partners when they grow up…. ….. ……

  7. Government should make compusary tests for HIV and HBsAg for youngsters before marriage it will save many lives and will reduce deadly infections,.

  8. Omg… this pervert person sees only sex…. the girls and Sadhguru both talked about marriage. No word β€œsex” was even used. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I think, he is a compulsive porn and sex addict. πŸ€ͺ

  9. There is black siht, yellow siht, even white siht; mostly its brown siht. The worst stink is brown guru siht. Isn’t it so? Fluoridation does it’s job for so many entities to follow this siht. This is not a teacher; a guru putting you through hoops.

  10. I don't believe actually draupadhi had 5 husband
    Understand the meaning of those 5 names
    And even though having 5 husband s no one had come to help her when needed
    When she remembered Lord Krishna for help ,he was there to help
    Just shows that in difficulty we remember peoples and not God , actually he is the one to us first in medium or people and not people directly
    Those who gives 2nd place to God has no place
    God is one that energy , supreme soul what ever you call it

  11. In Kaliyug girls are responsible for sins, just ask it on yourself when a boy humbly politely asked to be a boyfriend, girls starts abusing him rather than just simply denying and now they can talk on sex anytime and anywhere.
    If a boy had asked such question to a lady does everything goes in a same way? Even our Media will say he don't have manners and now these girls don't have mannersπŸ™ What to ask or not to a noble man?

    A little girl/boy don't know anything about sex and they can't do it, first they become Lady/Man in same way,
    First being human, do some Dhyan and then ask questions about spirituality. And when you will do so and become a human you will never ask such questions?

    Nobody told you what is sex because you already know about it, so you can also read more about sex about its positive and negative points.

  12. Just remember one thing *,I will no more speak about myself hencrforth or in front of classroom or in my life because I'm tired now*πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

    I don't have knowledge or experience in this 5 areas
    *I had never felt like I am in relationship with someone till now*, even still I don't feel I am a part of someone's life or community /groups of people.
    That's why I feel that I am so RARE PERSON 🌎🌍,can't imagine someone on this planet is like me.

  13. I don't know why these convent false educated student stuck on sex and bodily desire…. Mysticism is all about kowing things beyond physical desire…Continuously evey conference they focused on sex and all….Need to think where we are heading….

  14. My crystal is clear that girl need more than one husband πŸ˜‚ . So Who are ready to marry that girl with me? I think she is getting more enjoyment from multiple boyfriends that's why she is keeping her views here..

  15. With respect to all human beings,in this world,wishing good health and happiness to all….
    Please think medically,please think about good health.
    now a days there many cases either Hepatitis B +'ve or HIV +'ve, and many other sexually transmitted diseases.
    Be happy with your husband or wife,lead a healthy marrital life,healthy reproduction,be happy with your family of husband-wife-children.

  16. Why are you all girls just asking this type of quest …. You should understand sex meant to one not to share with alll …..
    When you abstain , it show your perversion and shackled mind

  17. Abe yeah sadguruuu chutyeeyaaa hai….why do u people ask him ……..I just don't understand but he is bigg chuteeeyaΓ aaa

  18. I just heard in indian currently one man with many woman married or unmarried is very common in rich people society simply saying if you have money you can keep many woman is very acceptable in india. and this socalled swami denying this saying one for one in india is common but i disagree as this is not in rich indian society

  19. HOW CAN ONE HUSBAND BE WITH MULTIPLE WOMEN?? (If a man is having romance with multiple women, that automatically means women are involved with multiple men.. or multiple women are involved with one man, difference is, men do it visibly and openly (first approach) and women do it silently, cleverly (without direct approach). So, why do men get blamed??


    The answer is – society will turn into lawless stage for sex. Prostitution will either soar or everyone will be like prostitute-pimp (common in Western nations). Reason is, men don't deny sex/romance with women approaching them… women do, choosy.

  20. Is it need this subject to this gentle men.? Whether he spiritual speekar. Or else. Because same age that parson. So I may not open the mouth. So he may understand. God is great.

  21. Can Women Have Multiple S*x Partners Like Men? LoL, many men don't even have one sex partners
    Moreover, can't they look at the west, do they want the same treatment, I don't know if they want this type of thing then these types of women are nothing more than a masochist
    edit: but it is better to ask a twisted question rather than being a victim of perverted mentality

  22. Why only such qs come to the mind of these womens. Height of their women empowerment. They can go to any limits fr their fake empowerment. They think they cn be equal to men if they do this

  23. Why everywhere I see women trying to prove only Men have multiple sex partners not them…what's the point to prove by this feminist theory…

  24. Unlike men women can conceive with conception comes immense responsibility. It is very unlikely for any man share or take up responsibilities in true sense. Later on The child has go through enormous degree of stress through out his childhood & may in later days of life? Coming to sexual pleasure as it excessive drives amongst the teens, adolescent &( perverts.) In females even though it is multiple orgasm, it is more pleasurable during Ovulation, unlike men it is 24%Γ—7……since it associated with physical & emotional issues even any length of discussion is looks little. That's there thousands books, videos, lectures, seminars & discussions on these issues. Better not go deep into it, unless you want make living, out of it by one or the other way.

  25. Sadhguru should say "Mythologically there was Droupadhi" . … 'Historically' isn't a correct word. He gone wrong there

  26. Female not to rape men & not always agressive like men.
    So , womens need only one partner , only for marriage.
    If , such a women involved in multiple partners, they treated as prostitute.

  27. sex food fear and sleep are four things we were doing from when we were insects, birds, animals and now humans. these are the last impressions to leave any of bhagwadgeeta lord krishna says kama krodha and lobha as the doors to hell. Sex is not wrong until u behave human and have love in it and not lust. certainly loving to have sex with different people with different vital stats is not love.

  28. What would be the scantity of marriage? These all secular young blood are obsessed with sexual needs. Think beyond sexual desires there are many important things in this world. Porn addiction has hijacked young people intellect. Everytime most of them think about sex and sensual gratification. And we call our self humans, what a crap?

  29. These skanks who show up on the stage and ask Sadhguru idiotic questions like these, I am very certain they are already involved or have been in casual sexual relationships. The society has come to such a degradation that I feel both sorry and disgusted by it. like these take examples of men who are involved in casual sex because it gives them as easy access to prove themselves why they are doing what they are doing. Why do you think these women don’t take examples of decent guys( not naive or nice guys) who don’t indulge in all these casual sexual encounters? Because it doesn’t give these women an excuse to spoil themselves into miserable used up old hags.

  30. I think it's really a social collision of human who thinks that we should have multiple partners man vice versa .

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