Can They Look Past Their Different Opinions on Bisexuality? | Tell My Story Blind Date

Can They Look Past Their Different Opinions on Bisexuality? | Tell My Story Blind Date

– So have you ever dated
someone who was bisexual? – Yeah, I have. – Do you identify as bisexual? – A lot of people have said
I’m an adventurous person. I like to travel, move new places. For myself, I think
sometimes I can get stuck in certain bubbles or communities and I’m looking to adventure
more outside of those. I’ve been in a few relationships and threw around the word love. I think now I’m looking for
something a bit different, where instead of looking to
be infatuated with someone, I’m looking to actually
grow a relationship where we support each other. – I like to have fun that’s what I think
adventurous means to me. Like you don’t put any limits
on what you want to do. I would call myself a free-spirit. I wouldn’t say wild, but
I’m open to a lot of things. In a relationship right now I am looking for someone who
is, you know, adventurous always very spontaneous. Basically you have the same values as me. Your name is David and this is your story. You are 25 years old. For work, you are a computer engineer. You grew up in New Orleans. You have four siblings and
you are the second child. Your cultural background is American. – My name is Elias. I am 25 years old. For work I am a teacher
and I grew up in San Diego. I have one sibling. I am the youngest, I have an
older sister and my cultural or ethnic background is,
I am American and Jewish. Your name is Jordan
and this is your story. You are 25 years old. For work, you are a
law student, currently. You grew up in L.A. You have two siblings and
you are the youngest child. And your cultural or ethnic background is also American and Christian. – My name is Daishia. I am 21 years old. For work I am a waitress. I grew up in New Orleans. I have four siblings,
I am the second oldest. My cultural background is African American and I am Baptist. Okay, you said you were a teacher? – Mhmm.
– What grade do you teach? – I teach third graders
in the Jewish Community. – That’s a good job. And you grew up in San Diego, which part? – Close to this area called Del Mar. You ever been there before? – No, I haven’t been to
California at all actually. – What do you think of transplants
who move to New Orleans? – I think that it’s important to have a city like New Orleans mixed with different cultures,
but what I don’t like is when people try to come
in and change the culture and a lot of that has
been done in New Orleans. I feel like they should
just let the city be, I mean, It’s New Orleans. Let it live. For the most part all of
my family does still live in New Orleans, Louisiana
so I eventually want to move somewhere else
because, like I said, I am very adventurous and
I do like to travel and to try new things so yeah. In a few years I’ll probably be moving. – People seem happy here. People seem like they were really into their communities
they were living in so in the Jewish Community
here I teach classes and do different workshops
trying to connect Judaism to our justice traditions and make people in my community act and do stuff. Your DJ or band name would be Home Grown. If you were an animal, you’d be a cheetah. Something you’ve never told anyone is what you think about transplants
who move to New Orleans. Belief in a higher power
is important to you. And the most spontaneous
thing you’ve ever done is audition for American Idol. – Okay, my DJ or band
name would be DJ D. Parks. It’s my first and last name. If I were an animal I would be a monkey. Something I never told anyone is I’m always always thinking about food no matter what conversation it is. Belief in a higher power
is important to me and the most spontaneous thing I
ever did was dating someone from online. Okay, your DJ or band name
would be DJ E. Master. If you were an animal, you’d
be a monkey, just because I like monkeys too. Something you’ve never told anyone is you actually enjoy partying. Belief in higher power is
very important to you and the most spontaneous thing
you’ve ever done would be this. – My DJ name would be Dr. Dreidel. If I were an animal I’d be a koala. Something I’ve never told
anyone is I hate going on dates at bars. Belief in a higher power
is important to me. The most spontaneous thing
I’ve ever done is bike from Mississippi to New Orleans. – Was it for a certain cause? – Just for me. To get some space and
see if I could do it. – That sounds real spontaneous. – Yeah, yeah. – That sounds fun actually. – And the most spontaneous
thing you’ve ever done was go on an online date? – Yeah, I did. – That felt kind of out
of your comfort zone? – Yeah because people have
a lot of hidden agendas. You never know what’s
peoples real intentions so it was like… – And now we’re here. – Exactly . – Wild. You said belief in a higher
power is important to you? – Yeah. – What’s that look like
for you, the higher power? – When I was younger we
were really into church but as I got older I did shy away from being completely Baptist. I still hold onto some
beliefs but I wouldn’t say that I’m like, really into the church. The church was big in my life but by me being very adventurous
I kind of strayed away from it over the years,
but I still believe in some of the values, some
of the beliefs that they have. I do believe in the afterlife,
I believe in heaven and hell. I believe that you will be
judged for whatever you did throughout this Earth. – I’m more on the page of, what can I do with this life right now? How can I enjoy it? How can I make the most of it? If there’s an afterlife great, I’m there. If not, I hope I made
something of this time. – If money didn’t matter you
would probably spend your life making comic books. You are not okay with your partner having a different sexual orientation. The key to a successful relationship to you is communication. One thing you love about
yourself is you’re always honest and your deal breaker in
a relationship would be not having the same beliefs. – If money didn’t
matter, I’d spend my life doing activism and traveling. I am okay with my partner having a different sexual
orientation than me. And the key to a successful relationship for me is trying new
things, experimenting. One thing I love about
myself is my sarcasm and a deal breaker for
me in a relationship is dishonesty. If money didn’t matter
you would spend your life teaching in the ninth ward. You are okay with your partner having a different sexual
orientation than you. Your key to a successful
relationship is openness. One thing you love about yourself is your sense of humor
and your deal breakers in a relationship is if the other person is really boring. – Okay, if money didn’t matter I would spend my life traveling. – I am not okay with my partner having a different sexual orientation. The key to a successful relationship to me is communication, loyalty
and being spontaneous. One thing I love about myself is people can always depend on
me and my deal breaker is lack of self love and personality. It’s about the same thing. – Cool. – You said you’ll spend
your life being an activist? – Yeah, just working
with things I care about and traveling. – I like traveling too, we’ve
got one thing in common. And you said that having a
different sexual orientation is okay with you? – Mm-hmm. – So you’re okay with people
being bisexual, all that? – Yeah, as long as they’re
into me, I’m cool with it. However you uh… – I’m not actually okay with it. It has a lot to do with
my beliefs but you know, to each his own. So have you ever dated
someone who was bisexual? – Yeah I have. – Do you identify as bisexual? – Uh-uh. – For kind of personal. – No it’s all good. How about you? – No, I don’t. So how was dating
someone who was bisexual? – For me it didn’t
matter, because we still had a great time together
when we were together. – Isn’t it scary that maybe she’d be into the other person more than you? – No, I think that’s something
that I’ve been working on is being okay with wherever
their feelings are at, that’s okay because the
relationship is working great. Is that what you worry
about, about dating someone who has a different sexual orientation? – I feel like it’s just
something I don’t want to touch at all. – Okay. – Yeah. When I first saw you I said
that I would not date you. And now that I’ve gotten to
know you I said that I still would not date you. – When I first saw you I
thought that I would date you And now that I’ve gotten
to know you better I would not date you. I think it’s been awesome
getting to know you better and talking. I think some of our differences around how we see sexual
orientation are pretty big and I think it’d be a little bit hard to start a relationship with that. So why did you say that
you wouldn’t date me? – You just have a good
boy look and I don’t want to ruin the good boy for you because I am, I wouldn’t say ruined
but I’m very adventurous, I like to try new things. I don’t feel like you would
like something like that. – Okay. – It was nice meeting you. – You too. It felt like a date, for sure. It felt like those dates that
I’ve been on where it’s like pretty early on you can tell
maybe we’re just not going to vibe. – I was like, I know for sure he’s going to say he would not date me. – I think her answer
about same sex couples. I understand why some
people think that and it was really difficult
to hear that, you know. – To see that he has dated
people who were like that in the past, yeah, I was just like no. – She’s not coming from a bad place. Good intentioned person, just
uneducated about this issue. In the past I’d never
prioritize, oh I need to only be dating people
who I know we have some shared things together,
but I think the older I get the more I realize like,
I don’t want to be going on bad dates. ♪ Soul Pancake ♪ – If you want to see more
people like me get uncomfortable on stage in front of
millions of people, subscribe to Soul Pancake.

100 thoughts on “Can They Look Past Their Different Opinions on Bisexuality? | Tell My Story Blind Date

  1. His answers whew🥵and that girl is ignorant as hell. Being bisexual doesn’t mean you practice polygamy like just say you’re homophobic and go.

  2. peacocking, I think she’s fearful of trying new things, Ex. Going in a date from someone online or Being in a relationship with a person who is bi-sexual. So she hides it’s by saying she spontaneous. ignorance does not equate to fear. People being critically judgmental because of her perception from one video is crazy to me. Everyone has fear and insecurities that they unconsciously label as a strength to sooth there ego. I think she is aspiring to be spontaneous tho, from online dating to meeting a random person for a filmed blind date that’s going to be seen by a lot of people props ✊

    Though I guess it is a normal the to do to unfairly judge people, especially your first time seeing them and exacerbate one off behaviors as “she’s ignorant” or “this person is dumb” there’s a term for this I forget.

    Edit: Ironically she projected the her Insecurities on to him as the reason she dubbed him 😶

  3. awful lol, her face immediately dropped after he suggested she would be okay with a different sexual orientation? like why would she be shocked that he may ? think she’s tolerant ?

  4. I'm sorry but… Los Angeles with that accent?? Very obviously from New Orleans lol. How'd he get that wrong??

  5. He seems like such a solid guy! Loved his attitude, openness, kindness, honesty….he just seems so genuine and amazing. Good luck!

  6. The deal breaker for him was when she said
    "I Feel that it's something I don't want to touch at all" when she talk about dating bisexual.
    The answer was really harsh and you can tell he was shook.

  7. "other person"? if the girl he dated was straight, she could've cheated on him with another man as well, but only if she were the type of person that would cheat on her partner. bisexuality does not make a person more likely to cheat, their character and loyalty does. i hope this girl realizes that and becomes a bit more open minded in the future.

  8. She's pretty judgey on the bisexuality thing, and I don't agree with her, but to be honest, most women would not be cool with dating a bisexual guy that's been having gay sex. Bisexual men tend to lean more on the gay side of the sexuality spectrum, whereas bisexuality among women is at higher rates among overwhelmingly hetero women. Hetero men think bisexuality among women is sexy, meanwhile both hetero women and gay men are more hesitant to date bisexual men and don't find it sexy.

  9. She looks Ugly i dont like blacks but still some or pretty that one is straight up ugly i felt reliefed when he sais he wouldn't date het it was a phew

  10. What a great human that teacher is. Proud to have him teach the future generations. I literally fell in love the first 2 minutes, he's just great.

    EDIT: It's stereotype but gurl have you seen his nose he is definitely jewish

  11. She didn't like the whole idea of different sexual orientations but nowhere in the video did I sense the feeling of hate from her towards these sexual orientations. It's just her belief, so let's cut her a slack. As long as people respect our rights to dignity and equality under the law, we can't force them to love us? I am gay but I wouldn't date a transgender. I might be biased about this (which is okay, nobody is completely unbiased on all matters), and there, in the future, may come a transgender with whom I'd spend the rest of my life, but until that time, I'm just not super okay about this. Same goes for her. She shouldn't be forced to date a bisexual in order to be open-minded or whatever. Our romantic lives are deeply personal and therefore cannot be subjected to investigation by the agendas of equality.

  12. Okayyy, girl, being bisexual means someone can potentially be attracted to a person of either sex. It doesn't mean that they're going to be attracted to every single person in existence, or that they'll cheat.

    As for "I wouldn't touch that" – girl don't worry I wouldn't touch you either 😂😂😊

  13. They just come from two different worlds. I don't see anything wrong with what either of them said. They would not be a good match, but just talking one on one as people, that would be ok…like if they sat next to each other in a class or something. these are the things that make America great. I would not date either of them personally for the same reasons…our backgrounds are different…but I like both of them.

  14. Does she realize that a straight person could also be attracted to someone they are not in a relationship with…

  15. You could tell from the beginning she just didn't like how he looked. And that's where she got "good boy " vibe but in reality the only adventurous person was him

  16. i really like the guy LOL but the girl seemed kinda… ignorant af also how can she say she likes adventurous guys when the most spontaneous thing shes done was go on an online date… and also homophobia???????????????????? eek

  17. What she said about bisexuality was kind of hurtful, it would be good if she could just be accepting and respectful. I understand she’s probably nice, but if she’s adventurous she should try not being closed minded about the lgbt community… 🏳️‍🌈 no hate though, I was just upset to hear those things

  18. to be fair the age difference is pretty big, youre in a much different place, especially maturity wise, at 21 than you are at 25 (I say this as a 23 year old)

  19. Not surprised. He actually gave me bi vibes. In my experience as a millennial, it's so hard being a black man who is bi and very monogamous. Straight women usually won't date us (especially black women). We get a lot of rejection from gay guys too. I just might be single forever…

  20. I find it interesting that his response “American + Christian” was marked incorrect and replaced with the same EXACT response but worded differently “African American + Baptist” !?!? 2:31

  21. This dude is chill man I would like to be friends him 🙂 …that's girl is so closed ..he wouldn't date her because of her way of thinking ..and she obviously doesnt like to try new things XD

  22. I hope that you guys aren't calling her ignorant because she isn't open to dating members of the LGBTQ+ community.

  23. It's easier for men to date bisexual women… but I think women struggle with dating bisexual men. It's the double standard of it all.

  24. I feel like she doesn't know what adventurous means. But I do hope that whoever special comes into her life can serve as a catalyst for the adventure that will allow her to grow as a person.

  25. She is not very smart. He is kind, open, interesting and adventurous. Also, he is a teacher, so he can tell her what that word means so she can stop incorrectly describing herself.

  26. Shes so close minded, hated this episode he deserves somebody else thank god they didnt like each other

  27. If u are in a relationship with a guy or a girl that is bisexual it doesn't mean they're going to cheat on you just because they like both genders. Thats so stupid and disrespectful I don't understand why people think that. Cheating depends on the what type of person someone is. I mean a straight guy can still cheat on his gf. Being bisexual doesn't mean ur a cheater ffs. Ugh and okay I get that she has her opinion but it's so rude

  28. Omg she said he "looks like a good boy" and she doesn't want to ruin that for him and she wants someone that "wants to try new things" lmfao wtf just because he doesn't have exactly the style she likes it doesn't mean that he whouldn't what to try new things

  29. The whole of the lgbtqai community came out for this video nd are sayin shes a hater but are spreading hate in the comment callin her ignorant nd close minded because what she dnt wanna a bi its her beliefs she believes in God the truth So should you as the lifestyle you are living is wrong according God the truth Repent for Your sins or u will go to hell nd that goes for every1 even myself

  30. Their are no men over the age of 21 that care if their woman is bisexual. Their probably hoping for it 😂 Get real

  31. Why are people hating on this girl because she's against bisexuality? Aren't we all entitled to our own beliefs? We live in a culture that's so PC that EVERYONE has to accept the gay lifestyle? Come on now

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