Can These ‘Hating-Ass’ BFFs Survive This Petty Tattoo? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

Can These ‘Hating-Ass’ BFFs Survive This Petty Tattoo? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

– A hating ass bitch is what you are. Back the (bleep) up, bitch. (upbeat music) – [Nikita] Back the (bleep) up. – [Narrator] On this episode
of How Far is Tattoo Far, Nikita and her best
friend Kenisha are ready to share some secrets. They’ve been friends for nearly a decade and Kenisha is concerned about
her friends Instagram habits. – [Nico] What are your greatest
pet peeves with each other? – She has to be seen, as far as the way she
dresses, social media. You always gotta show
your boobs, your ass. – If you got it you gotta flaunt it. – Nikita is very outgoing. She’s fun, but she’s
always flashing her boobs. If you go on her Instagram
it’s boobs and ass. That’s it. When Nikita sees this
tattoo she’s gonna realize to put those boobs away because it’s not safe out here with these guys looking
at her social media. – [Narrator] Despite her
outgoing nature Nikita is single. – Are you single now? Dating? What’s the deal? – I’m single, and ready to mingle. – Sampling. – Have y’all ever had any issues? – Dated the same guy? Banged the same guy? – Have we ever dated
the same guy, Kenisha? – No. – [Narrator] That face seems
to suggest something different. Anything you wanna tell us, Nikita? – She let me believe that
she was a real friend, but I found out that she
slept with my ex-boyfriend, and Kenisha doesn’t know that I know. – [Narrator] Oh, okay. Good luck everyone. It’s tattoo time. (screeching) – (bleep) – Try not to move, sweetheart. – No, just relax. Just breathe. You’re doing good. – You gotta stop moving. – I can’t, like it hurts. – I know, hun. – I don’t know if imma do this. – Really? – My hearts racing. – No, breathe. Breathe, breathe breathe breathe breathe. – I’m lightheaded, like
I’m finna pass out. – Wait, wait, wait. (eerie music) – I don’t know if I’m
gonna be able to do this. – Just sit there. Hold on. – I’m (bleep) pissed. I’m not liable for what I’m
gonna do to her when I see her. – You’re done. – Thank God. – [Narrator] Well, let’s find out what these
BFF’s put on each other – This is my first
tattoo, and it was hell. I had to get an oxygen mask. – Cause she’s old. – All right Nikita, here’s the deal. We’re gonna leave these
shades on until I tell you you can take them off, alright? – Okay. – You wanna say a prayer? – You need to pray. – Dear heavenly father, lets pray that Nikita loves this tattoo– – Because Lord, if Nikita
does not love this tattoo, – You just interpreted me.
– Kenisha is going to have to grow all them edges back, lord, because I’m going to snatch every bit that she has on her head Lord,
so thank you Jesus, amen. (eerie music) Shut the (bleep) up. Are you serious? (upbeat music) It says, “Thirst trap.” (bleep) hating ass bitch. – But I’m not hating on you. You have so many men
that follow your page. They’re watching you. I just want you to be safe out here. I care about you and I don’t want nothing to happen to you. – It sounds like there’s good
intention behind that, though. – It sounds like (bleep) Kemisha. She can’t stand my social
media, but check my likes. This bitch in every one of them. Oh, I love that color. You look great. A hating ass bitch is what you are. – Says the person– – Back the (bleep) up bitch. You a watcher. – Well speaking of watchers, it’s time for you to hit the sidelines. It’s time for you to start doing. We’re bout to find out some more things. – Yeah, you are. (eerie music) – Oh, my gosh. Guess who (bleep) your man? – Kenisha, let me explain the
intent behind that tattoo. I found out that you (bleep) my boyfriend. That was a pretty (bleep) up thing to do, so I hit up your bae. I told him what happened. And then I slept with him. – Bro, I’m done. I gotta go. I can’t do this. (eerie music) (crying) – Hey, did you have any idea that Nikita knew about
this in the first place? – I figured she probably did, but I didn’t think she
would get me back times two. – It was an eye for an eye.
– It was an eye for an eye, but you gave her the worst of it. But you got her way worse. – Kenisha, she pushed me to this point because our whole friendship
she let me believe that she was a real friend and it turns out she
was just a backstabber, and I don’t have no room
for haters in my life. – I never should have done this with her. (eerie music) I mean we both slept
with each others dudes. We were probably never
best friends to begin with. There’s no coming back from tkhis. Our friendship is done.

100 thoughts on “Can These ‘Hating-Ass’ BFFs Survive This Petty Tattoo? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

  1. Damn people can hold these kinda things inside for hella long!! Man I been on yo case for the smallest thing and these people hold in elephants for years 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. By no means am i being disrespectful im just curious. Justina why you got yo shit all out like do what you do if it makes you happy so be it but why like man I get sick to my stomach thinking of my daughter dressing that way.

  3. That one girl slut shaming her friend is such a Bitch her friend needs to take out the trash where it should have belonged. If I had a friend do that to me we’d be done

  4. Forget the confessions… what about the getting a tattoo on your body with n ok thought. Is this real cause if it is …

  5. Nikkita looks good as a full figured woman. I don't think that she's overdoing the outfits from what I have seen. They look hot. She is comfortable and does not look fat in the outfits.

  6. It’s either fake AF or most of these people are really fkn stupid & deserve this shit. You’re better off getting a stranger to pick out your tattoo than your so called BFF.

  7. Nikkita's tat is not bad. I thought it said whore, the way her friend was talking about her! Wow she dress racy but you f'd her man. 😂😂😂

  8. she wanted to embarrass her on live television. they weren’t best friends at all she just waited to get her on TV to expose her

  9. She was jealous and it's only obvious cause she slept with her man. That revenge tattoo was savage tho. I slept with your man and now you've got a tattoo of my face to remember it

  10. I look forward to seeing a new episode and wondering what new tattoos ppl make up for whatever reason they have, great show! c:

  11. Yoooo anyone else notice the girl in the burgundy squaring up as her friend is taking off the glasses??!!!? That bitch was READY to throw hands 💀💀😂

  12. Yall this aint meant to racist but like this already sounds bad to black gurls with petty tattoos like come on yall what did you expect? lmao

  13. Why would people go on this show if u know exactly how it’s gonna go down y’all show up as bestfriends and end up as enemies

  14. Hold up!!!
    Didn’t she say she was single 🤔
    And now she is saying she has a mans?!???? 😳
    Someone explain pls 😂

  15. I'm finding it really hard to believe that people are that stupid to go on this show and get these brutal tattoos 🤦‍♂️

  16. Nikkita is beautiful so is her friend. But her friend isnt as preety. This is staged or this girls have never been friends. Heifers

  17. Are we not gonna talk about the tattoo artist watching everything happen from the inside glass tattoo room and all his facial expressions 🤣

  18. MTV get your act together y'all used to be about the music not about these petty ass reality bullshits that lower people's IQs.

  19. To quote Charlie Harper: "You are like a man with Alsheimer's disease in a whorehouse. You're always surprised to learn you've been screwed, and refuse to pay…"

  20. 90 percent of black women in instagram stick their tits and ass out or be twerking in da clurrrb, as they say, dont they realise they're worth more than just tits and ass

  21. Nah she fake that was rude she slept with your man but then you give her a horrible tattoo say you told him and then slept with him she a hoe.

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