Bristle Bots | Design Squad

I’m Elliot fromDesign Squad,and I’m here with Arun, June
and Njuere. Today, we’re making
bristle bots. These are made
out of toothbrush heads, a coin battery,
and a pager motor. The motor uses
an eccentric weight, which is off-centered
and balanced on one side, which makes it vibrate. (making vibration noises) So the vibration
is what makes it move. ELLIOT:
I can feel the vibrations through the bristles
on the bristle bot. I built an arena. ARUN: The arena is just a bunch
of pipe cleaners taped together. When a bristle bot
hits something, all it does is
it bounces off and goes in a different
direction. My bristle bot was going
in a circle because I put my pager motor
on top of the battery, so it’s really high up. But if I put them
next to each other, maybe it’ll work better. Now mine is going
in a straight line. I’m putting a bunch
of toothbrush heads together so I can use this big motor. It’s kind of like a helicopter. It just goes in random ways. I love it because
I’m crazy like that, too. It feels like a massage
because when you have a massage, it’s like vibrating your skin,
and so is this. Elliot, do you want
a neck massage? Yeah, sure! It feels good. I’ve made a giant
bristle bot-type creation. There’s a big piece of wood
on the bottom and a fan motor
with a big rubber cork. Instead of bristles
on the bottom, I have five pads. (vibrating loudly) I can literally see
the piece of wood vibrating. Me and my sister
are building a maze. We’re having a competition. Go! May the best one win! Oh! You can’t do that! (laughing) I bumped you out. Instructions to make
your own bristle bots are on theDesign Squadwebsite. JUNE:
Hey! That was a close one. I swear I would have won.

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