Boyfriend Chooses Girlfriend’s Haircut Style

Boyfriend Chooses Girlfriend’s Haircut Style

hi I’m Roxanne hi my name is Wyatt today we’re gonna be playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets a haircut we actually met off of Instagram I was planning to go to UCLA so I clicked on the little hashtag everything’s for his leg bone and then I saw her picture like the first picture on Instagram and I was like wow this grows so cute yeah we went on one day and the rest is history and you’ve been together now for a year and a half all through hospital yeah I heard always the same I feel like it definitely needs something new I feel like he wants my hair short which scares me that is sure I want to shorten I really do want to short the curls have always been my favorite part but like I would do something maybe to the sides something they don’t look a little fresher I’m kind of ready for a change he’s right like my hair’s been the same for a really long time I think he’s more scared than I am he loves this hair he spends way more time styling it than I do that’s true paper scissors I win champion please don’t make me go bald I see it I kind of prepped him he usually has good taste but I don’t know we’ll see you hi I’m Ryan I sent you my nice to meet you I’m gonna be cutting your girlfriend’s hair today okay and here are our options William so what are you feeling I really want to say partly shaved but I’m thinking I’m gonna roll with something a little bit more similar to the bob like maybe like shoulder length so her face shape is a little bit round so I don’t want to go chin length cuz I still want to like bring out her face I don’t recover her face so what do you think about like a collarbone oh yeah that’d be good sexy like flowy movement like sexy yeah let’s do that so when was the last time you got a haircut honestly I think it was like six or nine months ago so it’s definitely overdue so luckily for you your boyfriend has great taste he picked out a really cool haircut and promise you you’ll love it you’re not gonna see you till the end are you ready know me or anything no Miren okay let’s do it let’s do it I’ve always been kind of scared of short hair because I remember I had like long hair down my butt when I was maybe like 12 or 13 and then my mom chopped it all off to a bull cut and I literally looked like a boy so hoping for nothing too short I feel like it doesn’t really suit my face shape but we’ll see [Music] are you feeling a little nervous we cut a lot off honestly I’m surprisingly calm until I looked at the floor all the hair on the floor is taking me a little bit nervous but trust okay trusting you promise so what’s why it like well he’s amazing we honestly balance each other out I’m usually like the more outgoing wanna like go out do things he loves to adventure and skateboard surfs hikes he definitely keeps me busy and out of my comfort zone but we do like to mess with each other which scares me yeah you really hope that he doesn’t give me a crazy haircut because that is something we do so we’re almost done and I just realized you have no idea what you look like my hair feels really light I just care are you ready for the big reveal I’m super ready this to it I look like let’s do it [Music] I still don’t know what I look like so to see in them I have no idea I just know there’s very little oh oh it looks great I love it yeah it’s a little different than I imagined but I really like it though I think it’s perfect for the summer yeah it’s better than what I imagined definitely are you ready to see are you ready to see the haircut whoa oh my gosh wait I really like it yeah it looks good Wow I’ve never had like short sleek air like this I’m impressed um I honestly was a little scared I think he was probably gonna do it a little shorter I love him [Music] I think he needs to let me pick his next haircut we gotta just keep this going Wow hallo [Music]

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️ I love asis so much. All their content is so relatable, and entertaining.

    Asis are always inspiring our content over at Crash Club Media. We ain’t quite at their level yet, but we are getting there. All love ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I'm laughing at all of you saying what YOU think should've happened when she obviously didn't want it too short and she didn't want a drastic change.

  3. She should've done what the boyfriend wanted which was a Bob!! She would've looked hella cute in a short Bob! It should not matter what your face shape is, I had a hair stylist cut my hair and she kept trying to tell me what would look better on me and that isn't what I wanted. Like I feel like since I'm the one paying for the hair cut so let me choose what happens to my hair.

  4. “Oh it’s been 6-9 months so definitely overdo”

    girl wut? It’s been literal years since my last haircut 😂

  5. throws me back to when my husband told me to cut a foot and a half off of my hair and I did it within half an hour lol

  6. Not to be mean but it's exactly the same hairstyle just shorter. I think some layers around her face or something would've been nice

  7. The title is so misleading. The boyfriend didn't choose the haircut. The "stylist" did. It was so underwhelming. It's better than what she had before for sure. Still boring though.

  8. As A hmua I will say this haircut left me wanting more. There was no texture added….no weight taken out…the style was boring the cut was sub par at best…toast with no butter…hire me as is for some real hair magic.

  9. This was not worth the resources put in to make, edit and upload this video. She had 4 inches cut off her hair and we're supposed to be like 'WOW!'. It looks pretty much the exact same.

  10. I hate it tbh. All it is is cutting inches off. I was expecting maybe some layers, a bit of texture. Maybe a bit shorter on the back to longer at the front? Idk, more of what I think of when I think "bob".

  11. These videos are always sooo boring. Literally they take a pretty girl take her long hair give her a mom bob and boom “make over” 🙄🙄🙄

  12. How…was…this..a new haircut…exactly? This is what my stylist does when I ask her to just trim a couple inches off. The way they were talking about it, I expected a Rachel cut.

  13. She looks more beautiful and fresh😍
    But like she just cut like 4 inches of her hair and call it a day:/ I expected something like her hair over her shoulder

  14. Really lame and very blunt, looks like she cut it herself, it should’ve been thinned at the bottom to be more flowy and sexy

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  16. Eh nothing impressive. I kinda figured it wasn’t gonna be that much of a difference because the stylist herself does not have good hair in my opinion she looks like she just rolled out of bed. They should’ve given her some dimension or a really cute textured bob

  17. I would honestly do it shoulder length like he said.i feel like it’s a bit longer than collar length and idk it’s awkward.

  18. Me as a stylist… can you not move your head while you talk? Also personally I would have went a little shorter… like 2 inches, the boyfriend seemed hesitant

  19. Girl, you could've done some layers. A longer a-line bob… At least some loose beachy curls to this trim?

  20. I just realized I already saw her haircut in the 'couples guess the price of each other's outfits' video. DANG 2 vids in one day… wut in ze hecc iz zis?

  21. I'd be a little upset if that was the hair I ended up with because it's so bland, when this should've been an exciting change for her. the hairstylist literally chopped off a couple of inches and called it a bob, no layers or texture whatsoever

  22. Wish she had done an angle or some layers or something. And I'm not opposed to middle parts but it just seemed boring here. Cute though

  23. Her forehead is lil board so they would've done fringes & face framing/contouring because she is having square kinda face . There was no need of trimming the length , except just leveling

  24. Jesus add some long layers it has no texture. Stylist could really have brought out the slight wave in her hair but nope, no movement.

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