Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : Changing a Labret

Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : Changing a Labret

Hi. I’m Tristan McCauley, from Lucky Seven
Tattoo. And I’m going to show you how to change a Labret piercing. The first thing you want
to make sure of is that your Labret is fully healed before you try to change out the jewelry.
Being that it’s not healed, you could have some kind of trauma from the actual changing
of the jewelry. The second thing you want to make sure of is that the jewelry is prepackaged
and pre-sterilized. This makes sure that you’re free from any kind of infection due to dirty
jewelry. It can cause any kind of infections or cross-contamination problems. First thing
you do is just open up the jewelry. Take it out of the pre-sterilized pack. And remove
the ball. Then you unscrew the ball from the jewelry that’s already in. This sometimes
can be a little difficult if the lip is a bit thicker. All right. And just remove it
straight out. Take the new jewelry and put it right through the existing hole. Holding
it with your thumb and forefinger, just to keep it in place. Then you screw the bead
on, turning it clockwise. All right. And you’re good to go. Just make sure that when you go
to an artist to have your jewelry changed out, make sure that they’re licensed by the
local health department. That’s the biggest thing about it. Just make sure they have some
kind of monitoring system. And make sure that all their stuff is sterilized, they are clean,
and they are a reputable shop. And be sure to ask for a portfolio to look through, just
so you can get an idea of what they’ve done and what they’re capable of doing. And that’s
how you change a Labret piercing.

25 thoughts on “Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : Changing a Labret

  1. body piercings can heal up after a few hours even if you have had them pierced for years…. with my second one i took it out for work for a few hours after about 8 months…. n i had to re-pierce it that evening…. it had formed a thin layer of skin….. you can buy retainers for piercings…. now ive had it in for a couple years, n i've had it out for over a day with no problems…. think it depends….

  2. Lol I don't really think that guy has to hide his.. you cant even see it. Lol.
    I have no idea why i am even watching these video. tbh. Lol

  3. I'm 14 and I just got my snakebites a couple days ago. It didn't hurt much at all but it did hurt. Its a needle going through your lip of course its gonna hurt! but the longer bar is bothering me. Will I be able to change it sometime soon? Just wondering.

  4. thanks for this…soon after i watched it, my piercing was abe to be changed….my problem was i was tightening it instead of loosening

  5. when he says make sure it's healed, he means it rofl. Trust me, I was retarded enough to change my piercing out before it was healed (to make matters worse, the new one i put it had the threading on the outside) not only did I really hurt myself, but I infected it. yay stupid actions! lol but it's fine now so 😀

  6. i changed my labret 3 days after doing it as i put a 8mm bar in and when my lip swole the jewelry was digging into my skin and causing a crater inside my lip so i swapped it for a 10mm bar and never had any problems until a week later when the disk on the back started to form another crater in my lip so i swapped it out for a 16g bar (had 14g in before) and its so much comfier 🙂 its now been a week since i changed it and its now fully healed 🙂 honestly all this info on piercing is BS!

  7. @expertvillage how do i change a labret piercing from my tragus? i've tried unscrewing, pulling. NOTHING works, it won't come out. please help!

  8. Again using an unclean hand again this guy must stop hold that chair as you cant see in this video the chair is not clean. If this happened in my shop in NZ, I would fire him as he is very unsafe and would cause infection because of cross contamination.

  9. For the ones asking how to get the ball unscrewed from your jewelry while in just use a pair of latex/rubber gloves.. sounds kinda stupid but it totally worked great for me.!

  10. does anyone know how to tighten a vertical labret for mine came really lose and the bead came off and it took along time to put it back on and I made sure it was really tight

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