Boats & Box Tattoos | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

Boats & Box Tattoos | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

[twangy rock music] I hope you guys are ready
for this jelly. – Oh, my gosh! – He came out posing. – I guess it’s time for me to make “Ink Master”
look good again. – Cleen, his pants
match your shirt. – I should ask him
if I can borrow them. – No. You’d look like
a putting green. – Oh, snap. – Oba, did you page me? – Yes! [laughs]
Oh, my God! And it seems like
you came from the ’90s. – Oh, my God.
Is she a superhero? – Oh! – You ready to [bleep]
this place up again? – I am. I went home and I completely
own up to that. But when I came back here, the only person I could think
of standing next to was you. – I know we were
both gone too soon, and, like,
they needed us in that house. Who else was gonna be funny
and wear cute outfits? I mean…
– That’s why we’re here. We’re the best looking.
[upbeat rock music] – I mean, it’s either a fashion
contest or a tattoo contest. Pick one.
– It’s a grudge match. – We can tell they’re good
at dressing themselves. But can they tattoo? – Yeah.
– I don’t know. – We’ll see. – Let’s go see what
they got to say. – I know. I’m like,
“I want to go to this party.” – I know that you’re gonna
come at me and try to… – Oh, I’m gonna bring the–
– Chop me down at the knees. – I’ma try to kick your ass.
– [whistles] – What’s up,
what’s up, what’s up? – How you guys doing?
– Hiding. – You guys look great. – Can we critique this
and pick a winner before we go into
the tattoos, or… – Why don’t we just
not even do ta– we’ll just critique outfits.
– Okay. – Put my beeper away. – So you guys do get along
all the time, but this is still
a competition, and one person’s
coming out the winner. – There’s only two of us.
[chuckles] – All right,
so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
level the playing field. You’re gonna have to do
a 90-minute face-off tattoo that we’re gonna pick
what you guys are gonna do. – Oh, man. – Whoever wins this
face-off tattoo also gets the advantage
of choosing either the style or the subject matter
that the both of you have to do moving into the six-hour
grudge match tattoo. – And the winner of this
six-hour grudge match tattoo ends the grudge. – I think this is just
a great opportunity for me to kick Tiara’s ass.
– [gasps] – What are we gonna
make these guys do? – These two seem like
they think a little bit
outside of the box. – Screw it.
Let’s do a box. – A box?
What kind of box? – Yeah, any kind of box.
– Like a shoebox? – Whatever, any box.
– A fast food container. – Food box.
– A ring box. – A present for your birthday.
– Chinese food box. A [bleep] box.
– Yeah. – That’s exactly
what was in my head. – We just want to see
something creative… – Yes.
– And that’s it. – In 90 minutes?
– In 90 minutes. I’m ready to get
this party started. – Yeah, get to work.
Let’s go. – I’m actually getting excited.
– Me too. I can’t wait. – Are you ready for me
to put your tattoo in a box? – [gasps]
– And bury it. – You can’t even spell “box.” – I can’t spell “box,”
but I can still draw one. Watch. ♪ ♪ – That’s dirty. – Is it good,
even though I’m not looking? – I think that’s exactly
what you should tattoo. You’re going down. [rock music] announcer:
In our second grudge, season eight’s Sketchy Lawyer felt Mike McAskill was helping
a rival female alliance. – Sketchy likes to believe I was part
of the girl alliance, but I just wasn’t scared of it. announcer: After letting the
competition get in his head, Sketchy’s looking
for a second shot. – Why did you end up leaving? – I felt like a samurai
that fell on his own sword. – The honorable thing to do would have just been
to stay to the end. – That’s how I feel about it. – So we’re bringing it back
to my season today. Mike was on Team Peck with me and Sketchy was on Team Nuñez. Where this whole thing
kind of got convoluted was the girls and I
became really good friends. The word “alliance”
got thrown around. Sketchy got really intimidated, and Mike showed up
to bat for us all the time. – I want to beat the shit
out of these boys. – Why the boys? – This is the eighth round
of this competition, and there hasn’t been a female
to win this yet. – Yeah, you don’t really know
what it’s like. – Dude, stop playing
the [bleep] vagina card. – What? – I’m not playing
the vagina card. – Y’all are pulling
the vagina card. I’m not cool with that. [mockingly] “It’s so hard for a
girl to be a [bleep] tattooer.” – You shouldn’t say
shit like that. – Well, I’m over
the [bleep] head games, man– sitting in the house
full of people that want to argue
about dumb shit. I’m done with this
[bleep] game. I’m over being shot at. I’m going out like a [bleep] G. Sketchy was doing really good
in the competition. He gave that up voluntarily. – It’s an opportunity
of a lifetime for any tattooer, and then just turn around
and just piss it away? – And it wasn’t even
over tattooing. It was over the mental torture
he was putting himself through trying to figure out
the dynamics in the house. – In here, you know,
that’s half the battle. If you can’t get a grip
on that, you’re gone, man. [heavy rock music] – The reason
I’m going up against Mike is because during
the competition, he was, like,
going back to the girls and saying what our weaknesses
and strategies were, which left us
no point of attack. Come on, Sarge.
[whistles] Focusing on all of that instead of focusing
on the grand prize– that’s where I went wrong. I think now is a good time
to go back and, you know, settle maybe some
unfinished business. – What happened before, I think that you’re definitely
in a different mindset, and I don’t doubt you
for a second. I think you’re gonna kill it. ♪ ♪ [tattoo machine buzzing] – I hear that Sketchy Lawyer
challenged you. – I don’t think
I have to worry too much. [laughter] Tattoo-wise, Sketchy and I
are very similar. Personality-wise,
we’re very, very different. I don’t get as excited
as he does over little things. Sketchy quit.
I would never have quit. When it comes to tattooing, we can do the grudge match
and see who’s better. [upbeat rock music] Oh, it’s been a while. – Out the jungle,
ready to rumble. – This should be fun again. – I love their first
walk-in reactions. They’re like, “Why am I here? Ugh!” Hello.
– Time warp. – I obviously have some
unfinished business here, starting with you. You were kind of playing
both cards. – The fact
that people were nervous ’cause a bunch of girls
got together and hung out– I just thought it was dumb. – You kept it close to them,
though. – He’s talking about you. – Let’s just go ask them
what the deal is. – All right.
– Yeah. Let’s do this. – Why did you end up leaving? – In the moment, dude, you don’t know how good
you’re doing. – What’s going on?
– Hey, you two. – Look at this G.
– Oh. [laughs] – The G is back. I mean, you did walk off, and now you brought
yourself back. – I felt like a samurai
that fell on his own sword, and I took myself out,
and at the time, I felt it was more honorable. – The honorable thing to do would have just been
to stay to the end. – That’s how I feel about it. Sketchy likes to believe that I was part
of the girl alliance, but I just wasn’t scared of it. – It just got crazy. I got in my own head and,
you know, here I am. Let’s pick up where I left off. – Play the game, man.
– Yeah. – It’s all you can do: play the
game and swing for the fences. – All right.
Let’s get into it. – So we’re gonna
level the playing field and give you guys
a 90-minute face-off tattoo, and we’re gonna pick
what you guys get to do. – The winner of that
90-minute face-off tattoo gets a huge advantage for tomorrow’s
six-hour grudge match tattoo. – Cool.
– One of you guys will get to determine
the style or subject that both you guys
will be tattooing. – Let’s do it. – Whoever wins that
settles this–ends it all. – Okay.
100%. – No more beef.
– Cool. – These guys have never gone
head to head. My season, you guys
were on separate teams the entire time. – I say we put them both
on the same boat and see which one floats
and which one sinks. – A boat any style.
– Any boat. – Got you.
– Works for me. – I’d be drawing right now. – Yeah, get to work, man.
– Good luck, guys. – I hope these guys
can float it. – Up the creek without a paddle
one of them’s gonna be. – Definitely gonna
sink your ship, bro. – It’s just me versus you.
– One-on-one. – Let’s play Battleship. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – Yeah, my little firecrackers. Hopefully, your tattoos
are as clean as your outfits. – Oba, you ready?
– [laughs] I’m ready, man. – Tiara, you ready?
– I’m always ready. – It’s time to tattoo.
Your guys’ time starts now. – Stand right here for me. – I’m gonna put this stencil
on your leg. – Tiara and Oba
got to do a box tattoo. I mean,
that’s super difficult, because you can
do almost anything. – Got to make sure
my box is straight. – We’re gonna see how creative
these guys really are. – Perfect. – We’re ready.
– Let’s do it. ♪ ♪ – Are you excited
I put my box on your leg? – Absolutely. – Tiara,
could you grow up, please? – [laughs]
I can’t help it. I got so many, man. He almost kicked me
in the box too. [upbeat rock music] – I came to put
my best foot forward, and I know Tiara’s came
to put her best foot forward, but my foot is way bigger. My line work is, like…
♪ Crispy ♪ Look at this thing.
It’s huge. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – You guys ready for battle? Sketchy,
gonna stick this one out? – Got you. – Mike, you gonna
whup this dude? – I’m gonna do it. – Your 90-minute face-off
tattoo starts right now. [grungy rock music] – Cool.
It’s gonna be perfect. – Dope. All right.
Have a seat, man. – You ready, bud? [tattoo machine buzzing] – Starting kind of fast. Don’t wipe
your stencil off, bro. – Oh, it won’t go nowhere. – You’re already
missing a sail. [laughs] I already know,
with Mike being a California
traditional artist, he’s doing a clipper ship. I need to do
something different, so I’m choosing
to do this tugboat because no matter
how heavy life gets, man, you just keep tugging. – Pretty big 90-minute.
– It is. – [inhales, exhales] – Nah.
– Some might say. – Yeah.
You didn’t go small. – We’ll finish.
Don’t worry. I know a lot of people were
disappointed in my decision, and when people believe in you and you let them down,
it sucks. I’m back just to give myself
and everyone else closure. – You only have
60 minutes left. 60 minutes left. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – I don’t understand quitting. If you quit, you’ll never
get better at anything. If I start something,
I’m gonna finish it. [tattoo machine buzzing]
– [bleep]-A, man. Shit!
You guys are both going huge. – Clipper ship
is a classic tattoo design. I’m simplifying it down
to the bare bones. I do not want to have
an unfinished tattoo. – You putting any color
in this thing? – I keep going back and forth, but I’ll probably just
keep it black and gray. – I mean, it looks like
you’re pretty fast, man. You might have time. Sketchy’s doing black and gray,
so color might edge him out. I don’t know. – 30 minutes left. 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ – I’m gonna switch
from doing black and gray to doing a color tattoo. I’m second-guessing myself. It’s not something
I normally do, and that’s not
a good thing here. [tattoo machine buzzing]

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  1. Is Tiara seriously gonna tattoo that on someone’s leg (7:56)? Ik it’s a pomegranate, but I can’t be the only one that thinks it looks like something else. The canvas might be open, but I hope they don’t regret saying that after this

  2. Sketchy is right. The girls became an alliance to make sure a girl won. By doing that they gave each other the easiest tattoos. Which also didn't prove that the girls were the best at tattooing. If you want to prove that girls can tattoo too, then do the hard one's that the other male winners had to do. Dont just skate bye with easy one's. Sketchy wasnt wrong for being annoyed

  3. MY TATTOO ARTIST !!!!!!!! Oba Jackson!!!! , im about to get a rib piece from him , his instagram is @Omoori
    He did my chest piece and 80% of my Egyptian Sleeve ! they're on my channel!

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