BLIND vs. SIGHTED: Who Has the Better Senses? (w/ Shane Dawson)

Molly: Hey guys, it’s Molly here again for another video. OH MY GOD. Is this real?! Molly: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. It’s Shane Dawson. Shane: Hi! Molly:I’m dying. Shane: I’m so excited because I heard there’s food. Molly: there-there is food. There is a lot of stuff involved Molly: We’ve been spending all day together. I put him and his friends through a bit of a ringer today. Shane: It was actually terrifying and amazing and I cried and then we ate. (Shane and Molly laugh) Molly: All of that is true! Molly: And I feel like Molly: There’s like this big thing like do blind people have better senses and since we’ve been doing a whole blind day thing here Molly: I felt like we should put this to the test so we have really cute fuzzy blindfolds. I think I’m a penguin. Molly: Do we know what you are? Shane: That is a llama I believe. Molly: okay. Shane: I don’t relate to llamas. Molly: I’m sorry Molly: We couldn’t find a pig one. But just for my audience, could you do a pig squeal? (Shane squeals) (Molly claps) Molly: I love it so much. It’s real. Molly: It’s so much better in person you guys. Shane: What if you were dating somebody and then they did that and then they’re like oh, no Shane: I just do that a lot. Molly: I mean I dated a guy with Tourette’s so it’s not that far off. (Molly laughs) Shane: That’s incredible. Molly: We were a power couple. What can I say. Molly: Disability power couple! Molly: Today we’re testing who has the better senses, but we’re not testing sight because like you win that You know? So it’s the kind of not fair. Shane: You wouldn’t be able to tell by our outfits. Molly: We’re testing smell, touch, taste Molly: Sound. And we’re gonna start with smell. Blindfolds going on, we’re gonna each smell the same thing and whoever guesses it faster Molly: gets the point. So each one has five. So there’s up to points of 20, above our heads Molly: we will have the points and we’ll see who wins this and if I win you buy me a G Wagen and Molly: If you win nothing happens. Shane: Great. Molly: I don’t know why I’m wearing a blindfold you guys. Shane: Oh, yeah. Molly: I’m naturally blind Molly: I guess I wanted to make you feel less alone plus Molly: The penguin totally goes to my aesthetic today with the red black white you know, so let’s go! Mama bear Molly: Can we have the first fragrance? Shane: what’s going on? Molly: You have something in front of you, okay? You want to grab it? Shane: No. Shane: What is it? Molly: Shane, grab it. okay? Okay, and now we’re gonna smell it one two three. Oh my god vanilla I would say that’s a big spoonful of frosting Pillsbury Funfetti Smells like.. is it vanilla? I was right! You have to stop us when I get it right Try it! Try it! Here I’ll try it, let’s do a little shot together Wait why doesn’t that taste like cupcakes? Oh that’s really bad Eww.. Oh my.. Next one.. Next smell.. Hold on, let Shane go first.. Mom.. the whole idea is Yea we got it together .. Okay.. go Smells like candy almost Doesn’t really have a smell.. like something.. Dish soap? is like soap What? its a soap It’s a certain soap Tide pod! (claps) Am I right? Yess! Wow I wouldn’t have gotten that! I got.. I got dish soap but I wouldn’t.. Okay.. we are even Is there’s coffee beans in front of you? Cleansing power.. oh yeah That works? Yeah! To eat it? No no no (laughs) You smell it.. just smell it.. it cleanses your nose Here we go.. three.. two.. one.. This smells like my body That is so.. bad! Is that dog food? Is that actual ****? Is that canned dog food? Cat food? Yes! Cat food! Yes! Beef.. beef cat food Oh no chicken with gravy I don’t have a cat.. You have a cat. It’s not fair.. It’s smells like dog food to me.. It’s beef.. it’s beef dog food. Why? do you.. why do you? It’s beef dog food.. Okay, you know what? I got dog food but you got beef So that’s.. we’re even So.. we’re both at 2 I’m just glad the dog food was in smell test not taste test because whoo All right three two one Oh.. oh.. Orange juice.. orange juice? Something hard candy. You’re on the right track mommy. It’s an orange. It’s almost like orange Pop like orange soda, but it’s not liquid I can feel.. Ooo.. Oo! Oh wait, I’m not allowed to move it around, right? I’m moving it around.. okay.. not with my hands, but I’m just shaking.. Because things are moving around .. Yeah! Like little.. little bubbles.. Feels like.. Or.. Orbeez.. Orbeez Orbeez like for feet.. Feet Orbeez! Yea I guessed Orbeez! I said Feet.. They’re like scented air room scented Orbeez I guessed Orbeez!! Alright you win! Don’t give me a pity point Okay I won’t Yes smell it shane, Oh we are smelling Eww.. Dish soap! Laundry.. dish soap! That is powdered laundry detergent No.. powder.. A dryer sheet.. No! No! It’s a Clorox wipes.. yes Clorox! Clorox! Not a brand deal! But Clorox It turns out that um.. Cheeto is eating the dog food, yeah Gladly finish that one Ooo are we eating now? Okay, so so far. I’m ahead by two points, I think Hehehe Don’t worry, I think you’ll get me on the eating one That was.. no Shane intended So I guess we don’t need our coffee beans Because our palates have been clean Okay, so round two Taste! Yes your favorite. I know you’ve been looking forward to this all day. Yeah, okay, so I found inside the cup There’s a spoon of some sort or something yeah, ooh I’m kind of nervous.. That was weird, yeah.. the texture is poopy. I’m actually.. I’m actually really scared to eat this.. Doesn’t that feel like dog poop? cuz even like for me usually when I’m eating I’m told what I’m gonna be eating you know like this is weird for me, too I’m kind of actually scared Have you tasted it. No? Okay, Do we do it together? You go first I’m scared! You taste it first.. One two three Chutney.. mango Chutney? No, It’s the kind of sweet and jammy texture Orange marmalade? Yes! The fact that I knew that is sad! You won, you’re up a point Although I think of the great scheme of things I’m still.. Ready.. go! Oh, it’s icecream.. Peanut butter! Wait.. No! it’s icing! Oh my god.. Wait what? What is that? It’s icing but it’s a weird flavor Tastes like melted chocolate, it tastes like a melted chocolate.. Oh, No Nutella! is it Nutella?! No.. It tastes like cookies and cream.. Is this a melted cookies and cream Hershey kiss? That’s as bad as close as you can get It’s a little bit tricky, isn’t it? This might be in tie because it’s it’s a Nutella Yeah, this is a hazelnut spread, but it’s.. but it’s white chocolate and chocolate duo so there maybe.. So I think we tie.. but you nailed it with the With the Hershey’s mix chocolate So I think we tied good combo guessing Where did you get that? That’s incredible! I just licked dog food.. My mom picked all these things out by the way, I have no idea what any of these are I don’t know is there a spoon in here? Eww oh no.. What is it? Oh no.. There was a spoon, was there? There isn’t But.. I gonna get a spoon.. I guess it’s tuna I’m guessing tuna.. I’m vegan.. Shane vegan? You gotta do a lot of rebranding to sell that one Shane Again with the casual shade I’m sorry.. Eww.. this smells.. like tuna! is it tuna? No.. It doesn’t smell like tuna to me Do I put my fingers on it? Oh there’s the spoon Eww something just threw up in the house.. Oh it’s so real.. I’m gonna throw up soon if I have to eat this Is there’s something on my spoon? It is something fish.. It’s not like is it like salmon? I might barf.. Eww.. it’s really fishy Is this a sardine? Yes! Oh my god.. oh my god Sardines are the one thing that actually I can throw up even thinking about it I’m actually getting nauseous It smelled so bad! Cuz they have faces.. Oh my god eww.. Oh my god.. when I put my spoon in it did it go in its head? Eww.. What do you mean they have faces? Sadines are little fish and they have faces! They have faces on them?! Yes!! No!! they do not! They have their eyeballs and everything! What?? Oh my god!! I’m so glad I’m blind sometimes.. Oh my god.. your doing way better At the taste test.. That was the one thing that I was like “They won’t do that” My mom is savage!! Ladies and Gentlemen She is savage! You asked us not to do it and that sounds like alright. That’s how we gotta give them some fish. This is a liquid A liquid? Oh Okay Okay where is it? So we drink that yeah, okay, are you ready to drink? Yes? Oh it smells good Pineapple Juice.. Yes! It’s totally pineapple juice. Hell yeah, oh my god, I love.. Oh some vodka in there.. I’m glad we won on pineapple juice Oh I found it! Okay Go.. Oo.. it’s.. Okay Coconut chips That’s not my fault Do you like coconut chips? No.. What try it, I don’t wanna.. Shane.. Okay Oh where’s your mouth? There.. All right is that the end of our.. that’s the end of our taste So you definitely dominated the food Section (??) ladies and gentlemen we are moving into the touch round Ohhh.. I don’t like this.. I like to think that my hands are my eyes You know.. I have 20/20 hands. Oh, I love that Are we.. Are we getting our first one? Touch number one.. Okay That to take it out of the bag.. Did you get it yet? It’s a minions bag by the way.. Yea it’s here Minions! Right in front of you (??) by the minion bag Shane.. I’m Sorry! Start! Start! It’s a box Oh It’s like inside Raisins.. we gotta.. Oh oh.. It’s matches! Matches! How did you know that? (??) I got mine out already I really went for it Savage with it I don’t know let’s try I’m scared to do this you guys I mean the turns start a fire. Let’s do it together wait, okay? Have you really never done this before? No.. I love exploring the world with you babe.. Thank you.. I love you exploring the world with me Two three Did I do it?! Did it work?! After.. I could have.. Where do I put it? It goes like.. Oh my god the table is wood This is a very short stick That was very terrifying Why did you suggest we do that? Round two in right in front Okay? Ready? And action! Oh.. it’s aaa.. No no.. Jello? Is that thing with the weird hard thing in the middle? It’s Jello it’s Jello.. Oh You’re not so good at this around Shane.. I love to put my finger in it.. But I think we have to get Shane a little head start No mom that’s the point of the game I knew it this is the one that has the hard thing in the middle Yes there’s hard stuff in.. I should get something for that You get a.. you.. we both get a.. there you go.. Cuz I’m so like that’s such a specific thing I’m killing this round, and I’m proud of myself Next one guys gonna be very challenging Oh no.. Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me! Okay, go, go, go! Shane faster! I’m sorry You can’t be careful Shane gotta get in there Oh oh oh.. Is it a tea steeper? It smells like an air refreshener It smells like Silly smells like.. It smells like lemon.. it smells like lemon cleaner.. You put your.. um.. it’s in sink I have never heard of this in my entire life I love washing dishes that’s a true fact Men hit me up.. I like cleaning I don’t cook, but I do make beds very well Called a Sink Daisy.. Is this like a shark tank product? Probably There you go.. one Fast Shane Oh, it’s a pinata!! It’s a pinata! It’s it’s it’s aa.. Oh god.. a little unicorn.. No that’s not a unicorn! It’s (x8) Already killed it What that animal? That’s usually umm.. (Both screaming) IT’S A BUNNY! Oh I think Shane got it! You know what I realized? What? Together.. we make one Together we make one because we keep half guessing.. Yes We each got another point for that I got pinata and you got bunny! Look at us! Is this the final one? This is the final test yea Let’s go! Three two one Oh (x10) It’s a smiling poop emoji! This isn’t fair.. How do you know that? Because I have Smiling poop emoji keychain, okay, they got the final round What is it hearing so my mom is going to play sounds on.. on an app? And we have to both guess like who gets guess is the fastest what the sound she’s playing is and then we see once and for all who is the better sense three two one number one a A dog licking.. Yes Did you hear it Shane? Yeah, I was gonna say something not very friendly next one A dog whimpering.. Oh, dog sad (??) dogs Oh you broke the wine glass No a beer bottle Why would you That sounds like a wine glass It sounds like metal.. sounds like something metal is being dropped Beam beam beam It breaks, something shatters Yeah shattered wine glass, is that not it? Oh, it’s shattered china plate Yes! Wow.. that’s impressive I’m fancy Ready for the next one yeah I hope it’s Tana Mongeau Hefner.. Nobody hopes for that A growling stomach! That’s me I get it Wow I was gonna say a cat purring! Blowing your nose! Geez! It’s cuz he does all these things I’m spider-man So cheeto enjoyed the.. was it sardines? You’re so lucky. You can’t see what that looks like it was my cat eating a fish’s head Vegans are triggered. I mean it sounds kind of cute in a gross way. You know That’s me Is he gonna suck his little head? My favorite is he puts his hands in it He is going in on that cup I guess the myth is kind of it busted Sighted versus Blind who is the better senses? I feel like it’s just like kind of the same You know what a disappointment for all the sight of people expecting me to be a superhero. I’m sorry We haven’t tested your ability to climb on the wall or jump off of buildings Shhhh.. Next video.. Coming soon! Ooo.. We should do that ooh, I mean the possibilities of things we could do are endless Shane Comment below what you want to see us do next Great place to wrap it up. I need to leave and get home to my sanity Okay, so give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. What else should they do Shane I? Like it.. oh that’s the same Come on.. subscribe! Hit the Bell Notify I never do a bell, but thank you. They just should use the bell thing Maybe or follow me on like Instagram and stuff It’s down there and go see the videos we didon Shane’s channel because they’re better than this one. I don’t know this is pretty good We just lit something on fire that was terrifying actually yeah Okay bye!

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