Black & Grey Cherubs: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

Black & Grey Cherubs: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

– Okay, artists,
you have six hours to tattoo two cherubs on a single canvas. And your time starts…
now. – Awesome. Let’s do this.
– Okay, let’s go. – Today these tattooers
are gonna tattoo on their own,but they have to look
like one artist did them.
– I think a little bit
of texture in the front would be cool.
– Perfect.– It is incredibly easy
to mess up cherub tattoos.
The technical application
has to be spot-on. – Gray wash, outline everything? – I’m just gonna [bleep] mag it
and gray-line it. – Hey,
if you feel comfortable with it. – So many things anatomically
can go wrong here. – House of Monkey.
– House of Monkey. [imitates hooting monkey][upbeat rock music][tattoo machine buzzing] – I’m gonna do the face outline
real quick. Okay?
– Okay. Our canvas wanted
adult angels, not cherubs. We finally compromised,
and we’re doing children angels. Honestly, I don’t think
this is a bad idea to go, like, back and forth
with important stuff. – As long as we just communicate
the whole time, we’re fine, you know? – Yeah.
As long as we nailtechnical application,
I think we can skate by. – Did you do your olive branch
already? – Yeah. – I personally don’t tattoo
a ton of black and gray tattoos and Dane does, so I’m just gonna
basically pick his brainwhile we’re sitting there.Your olive branch
is way bigger than mine. – Maybe just like,
have them fan out, like, wider as they go.
– Okay. – It’s really difficult
to make two tattoos look like one person did ’em. If I’m moving the table
or anything, tell me.
– You’re fine. I’m definitely hoping Bubba’s
gonna be able to keep up. If it’s black in the photo,
you make it black in the tattoo.– The pressure’s definitely
on me right now.
DJ has a lot more experience
than me. – Once it’s done,
it pulls all together. – What I’m gonna do is just do
my best to mimic his strategy and his technique.♪ ♪– Check out how I’m doing
the feathering on the wings. See that?
– Yeah, cool. Black and gray is something that I definitely
don’t specialize in. – You can also
shade those fingers.– I’m having to
have Erin hold my hand.
– And this finger,
use it as reference in here. – Okay.– This is absolutely the
challenge that’s going to show
which artists on each team
is the weaker link. Do you want to use
any white in this at all? – Nope.
– No, I don’t either. – Four hours to go, guys. Four more hours.[dramatic rock music]♪ ♪– How’s it feeling? Not too bad?
– This is good. – You need to take a break,
just say so. – Okay.
– This canvas wanted wrestling cherubs
and hide-and-seek cherubs. – You think you went too big, or are you comfortable
with the size? – I’m fine with it.So we’re gonna go more
an illustrative design,
because it does play
to our strengths.
We do know how to manage
our time with this one. – I’ve been saying it
from the beginning, we swing for the fences.
We try to go big. – Yeah.
– It’s what we’re here for. – I’m just looking at
the little bit of line work in the nose,
might just throw that in there at the base of the nose. – Allisin is adding
a thicker line than expected. I’m not used to putting
line work in my realism. Hello, hello.
– Uh-oh. [sighs] I don’t know how
this is gonna pan out. – Jessy’s is [bleep] rough. It colored outside the lines instantly the second
the needle hit. – And then the other one’s
really [bleep] nice. – Yeah.
Artistic Skin Design, they’re doing clean tats, but– – They didn’t do it.
– It’s cherub day. It’s the name of the challenge. – Those are teenubs. – Right now,
it’s the battle of who’s gonna [bleep] it up. – I need you to just make sure that everything over here
is straight.I am stressed out to no end.The stencil keeps wiping off.I’m so far behind.I am literally melting down. – Take a Sharpie, and do, like,
a loose indication of the line.– I don’t have a clue
how this is gonna work out
if I’ve got to draw on
every line before I do it. Give it one more go,
I suppose. – Wait,
let me do this line. – Oh, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We work together like two
lumberjacks on the opposite ends of a saw
cutting down a tree. Are you lining?
– Yes. – We know how to work
with each other on our best days and our worst days. – I did the little shading
you told me on the leg, and it looks great. – Oh, see,
I do have some good ideas. – You have good ideas. – One hour remaining, kids.[dramatic music]♪ ♪[tattoo machine buzzing] – I think I can fix it
with the shading, but, like, I had to stop. – And you see you hit
one of the other lines? – Dave’s style is
totally different from mine. – Then just make sure
you just keep the skin tight, and it doesn’t need,
like, too much pressure.– Our communication
is really working.
We’re checking out
each other’s tattoo,
he’s giving me advice.This is the best that we’ve ever
been working together as a team. – What’s up, man?
– Nothing. I told myself I was gonna make
your life a living hell because you [bleep] me,
but I’ll leave it alone. Tri-Cities, what is your motive
in this game you’re playing? – You’re aggy. – You’re kind of close
right now. – You’re aggy as [bleep]. – I talk a lot, but I got
the skills to back it up. You showed your colors, Dave.
I’m the vet. They could’ve had a friend
in this house. People always thinking
I’m starting. I don’t be starting,
I don’t be saying [bleep]. – He’s annoying as [bleep]. Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it, machines down. Time is up. No more ink. – Thank you.
– Yep. – All righty. – Yo, those are so sick, man. – Made Rich talks so much,but he can’t back it up
with being able to tattoo.
Your tattoo looks like a toy
sleeping on cabbage.
God, do I want Made Rich and
Think Before You Ink to go home!

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  1. I'm totally new to Ink Master, can anyone tell me how this show works with the 'canvases?' Do they choose what they get before they get it? What if they don't like it in the end? How do they sit there while getting tattooed double? Breaks? Are they allowed to talk to the artists? It seems weird

  2. It makes me sick when people say canvas instead of you know…. people.. kindda makes a fucking difference.

  3. Spike. Can you please upload full episodes. Or at least can you show all the finished tattoos & results of who wins.

  4. This is so annoying, you never show the final tattoos or the results in these clips and I can't find the show any other way because I'm outside the U.S. 🙁

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