Black Girl Does Korean Makeup Tutorial (In Korean) 한국말로 || SOWIGS

Black Girl Does Korean Makeup Tutorial (In Korean) 한국말로 || SOWIGS

Do I look tired? I think I look tired… Start. Hello everyone! My name is Kiya Boyd and welcome to my channel! In today’s video, I’ll be doing a makeup tutorial in Korean. It’s my first video in Korean, so I’m a bit nervous… Almost all of the products that
I’ll be using today are from Korea. But my foundation and concealer are not from Korea. Okay! Let’s get started! As you can see, I’ve already washed my face
and I’ve applied my moisturizers. Look here. A mosquito bit me -__- It’s disgusting… really 🙁 First, I’m going to use my eyebrow tattoo. This eyebrow tattoo is “Wonder Drawing” By Holika Holika. ewwwwwwww. Omg omg omg. (조금**) I bought it a while ago,
but it [still] works well. How does it look? Again, we have to do the other eyebrow. Feels wet and sticky. It looks weird! Now, I have to wait 5 minutes.Does weird danceHurry up! Am I too sexy? To myself: “Is it going to be okay?” Peeling time! I’m hungry… My eyebrows look good, but I want to use
the eyebrow pencil, too. I have to do it like this. Like this. Good! This eyebrow pencil is from Daiso. Only 1000 won ($1 USD). Next, foundation. I’m going to use my Fenty Beauty foundation. Both colors don’t match [me],
so I have to mix them. Only use a little (not too heavy).I messed up this sentence while
trying to think too quickly
… “가벼워져야지, 그렇지 않으면 보기 좋지 않을 거야.”
It should be light, or it won’t look as good. Okay? Let’s blend. I’m not good at makeup,
so maybe (아마** not 이미) it won’t be a perfect tutorial,
but I hope you all enjoy it. Whenever I have to speak Korean,
I feel so nervous that I just want to stop talking… My Korean is not that great….
(한국어and 대단) ㅜㅜ I am still studying Korean, but it’s been hard because I’ve become so busy lately (힘들었어**). But I kinda have to keep studying
because I came to Korea [for studying]… lol. Next, I’ll be using Concealer.
This is Maybelline.sings Maybelline songLike this. I’m just covering up my pimple(s) and dark circles. To myself: “Oh… What are you doing?” “No, seriously, what am I doing?” Contour time! Since I only contour my nose, I’ll do it quickly. Oh, right! This contour palette is Anastasia.
It’s not a Korean palette. Let’s blend! Next, I’ll be using Innisfree eyeshadow. This color. I’m only going to use two
[different] shades of eyeshadow. Oops. (Too much eyeshadow, but I cleaned it up :D) Other way. Use the other eyeshadow once more.
Also Innisfree eyeshadow. But, take your finger and rub it
[onto your eyelid]. Like this. Only a little. Next, eyeliner. This is a Daiso brand (lol). I’m scared… (because of the eyeliner). I just want a simple look. Good. When I do my my eyeliner,
I have to be very quiet. Now, use brown eyeshadow to blend well. Okay, quick pause, just in case
any of you are wondering; I did change my hair recently, if you noticed. First of all, I colored it brown. So, I wanted to try something a little different
this time around, so I made it brown. And, I got a closure as you can see. And I’m wearing bundles, not a wig, I’m wearing bundles of SOWIGS beautiful, beautiful brazilian virgin hair. And to be honest, I usually wear bundles. Like I very rarely wear wigs, but I love bundles so much. I love wigs, too, but I love bundles. And, it just, I love this freaking hair.
It’s so beautiful, it’s so soft. It actually flatters and frames
my face very well. Like, I didn’t have to cut it or do anything, but I dyed it and I love the way the closure fits. I don’t have to worry about damaging
my hair this time around. So, yeah. And, we go back. Okay. Next, mascara primer (then mascara). Next, I’ll be using Bbia blush. The last product is lip tint by Dear Dahlia. Once I spray the setting spray, I’m finished. (시원해 ㅋㅋㅋ)
(It’s refreshing lol) I’m all done! I’ve finished everything. So, if you like this video, like and/or comment below. Follow me on instagram! And… SUBSCRIBE! …Please. Subscribe 🙂 Push the buttons! Push it… now. Lastly, I’ll see you all next time. Bye>.

36 thoughts on “Black Girl Does Korean Makeup Tutorial (In Korean) 한국말로 || SOWIGS

  1. I made several mistakes and I was so nervous, but I will get more comfortable and I’ll be better in the future 🥺🙏🏾

    P.S. the English captions and explanations are there! Just turn them on! (CC)

  2. Kiya ur doin amazing and the look I already know will looks so good

    Keep going Ik ur going to do super well 화이팅!!!!

  3. Wooow incrible como Manejas el idioma coreano
    Hey, I want to be your friend … I like you very much … I'm from Colombia

  4. Wow, how long did it actually take you to learn and speak Korean? 😯
    btw you are so prettyyyy, pls do more videos like this, new subscriber 💃💃

  5. I do enjoy listening to you speak korean. Then again im a dude and i dont wear makeup! Im sure you will excuse me while i bow out sweetie. Have a great day.

  6. I'm not saying this to be mean – I really love your channel and want you to grow but the OVER acting in your videos makes it really hard/uncomfortable to watch. I know you're new to YT and speaking in Korean must be really tough as a second language but try to be as natural as possible <3 people will love you regardless because you seem like a kind-spirited person but sometimes I cant finish a whole video due to cringing at times xxx

  7. Dear Kiya
    This video was unnecessary because you are already beautiful and don't need makeup.

    I enjoyed watching this video!

  8. If you do this again pls do captions 😂 I laugh even tho I didn't understand but I so badly wanted to know what you said 😂♥️♥️

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂Kiya you need to be slaughtered 😂😂😂😂what did you do at the beginning of the video 😂😂😂😂😂🙌🙌❤

  10. Pretty,real nice and your Korean is good too,buh ur pronunciation could it be bcoz of ur accent? Personally dats what I think

  11. I prefer Korean makeup because heav makeup has never suited me. My complexion doesn't suit that many colours. Dark colours make me look old and tired. I'm like a random shade and I always have trouble finding foundation even with all the shades that fenty has to offer. I noticed you had to mix yours too. Korean makeup really suits you too. Peach and subtle pink shades suit me most and it's so easy to find those shades in korean makeup. Those colours really suit you too

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