Bigger’n Dallas: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

Bigger’n Dallas: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

And your time starts… Now!♪ ♪– Ooh, yes. My strategy to take Gia outis to show that I could do
more than one style.
– You know it.– I want line work.I want realism. I think it’s a unique design,
for sure. If I beat Gia, I get on
“Ink Master” season ten. That’s a huge deal.To anyone who doubted me
in the past,
it means everything. – Just relax.
– Relaxing is key.I went out on “Ink Master”way earlier than I wanted to.So I feel like I have
something to prove.
I’m definitely not a talker
while I’m doing line work ’cause I can’t do two things
at once.And it’s different tattooing
in a competition setting
than in the comfort
of your home.
So I’m little nervous.[dramatic music]– Okay, you guys.
You have four hours left. [cheers and applause] – How’s it going over here? – I’ve been playing it safe. So I’m gonna be a little
ballsy this round, I think. – In size or in style?
– Both. It’s very symbolic ’cause
he didn’t want, like, a bird. He wanted something
that symbolizes something. I wanted to take that and implement
some artistic edge to it. – Deanna’s kicking ass
right now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen
her move that fast. – Yeah, and they’re doing, like, two completely
different styles. – Like Gia’s tattoo– it’s a crazy cool image, huh? It actually has, like,
the bird head in there, and everything
with the cool clock. – Yeah, I think, like, right
now I can’t really tell. – She’s trying not
to break my fingers. – I think I know
what it feels like to be a monkey in a cage.
– I know, right? – Is the crowd bothering you? – Hell yeah. It’s pretty obnoxious,
actually. – Just try to zone
all that [bleep] out. – Yeah, I’m trying. – Two hours left. [cheers and applause]
Two hours! – Deanna has these sort of
trash polka, like, points coming down. – Yeah.
– But they’re not solid black. – It’s kind of tough
to pick out what’s a design point
and what’s a smear, and if she doesn’t execute
that perfectly it’s literally
just gonna look– – Sloppy.
– Yeah. – Equally as concerning, Gia is having a really hard
time with the live crowd. – It’s definitely slowing
her down. I just wish she wouldn’t
make me so nervous. – The crowd is definitely
messing with my head. It’s distraction after
distraction after distraction. – So the noise
doesn’t bother you? – It’s the crowd
that’s annoying. When they walk by,
it shakes the floor. Like, that bothers me.I’m flustered.This is really not
what I expected.♪ ♪

45 thoughts on “Bigger’n Dallas: Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

  1. I would find it annoying to with the crowds and the talking that's something that's not ON ink master so why would they allow it here.

  2. Who decided it was a good idea to find a crowd of people to hang around and drink while the artists tattoo? I'd be pretty annoyed too as an artist and a client. I don't even see that many hanging around each artist at once at conventions.

  3. Gia should've won. The kid has amazing potential but still need to work on her versatility with different styles. Can't wait to see her in season 10.

  4. DeAnna Smith is one the nicest and humblest tattooers I have met in the Dallas area. So happy for her, she deserves this

  5. room full of sorry ass girls, SPIKE really knows how to lower ratings, this show is a joke, just like last season of ink master, girls are dumb CUNTS

  6. Not even conventions have this amount of distraction… unprofessional and ridiculously pandering to the camera instead of the art & process… show is garbage…

  7. "my strategy is to take Gia …" yeah bitch, you and everyone else thought the same , that is why she quit the show, she was the weakest link out of the 4 so everyone gunned for her, also it is so good to see that many people getting tattoos in the age of the tattoo removal , people are getting burned left and right because they hate the tattoos what they got young , not because they do not like the image, they do it because they realized how disgusting it is , but I admit, it is entertaining to see these idiots destroying their own body to look like garbage, I mean I hope you can tell that do not give a slightest fuck about how it looks on you, you are just a canvas , not a human being

  8. Gia is nothing but a cow and sore loser… every time she loses she b**** like a baby… ' oh the crowd is annoying'..that's offensive to any fans you may have. 'OH the floor shakes'…deanna managed…. and as you kept bragging you have been in the business longer so you should have known what to expect. And the way she said good luck to Deanna was just being a cunt…(I never use that word!) But there are artists that would love the same chance she had and when you take advantage and your Eagle becomes bigger than what the right thing to do should be let's just say there's a lot of artists out there that are better than you and should have been put through… After all it's not like you won the f**** show! I'm glad she's not on this show anymore because she can barely smile. Just like the other episode when she's sitting there fanning herself because she's sweating like a pig and did not look interested in tattooing at all! Grow the f*** up

  9. And what the f*** is on Gia's arms? It looks like s*** which is why she usually wears long t-shirts… When a tattooist has really shity tattoos on their body then I would stay away from them because they're the ones who made that silly decision even though they didn't tattoo it

  10. Maybe instead of worrying about do I look like a streetwalker or not start worrying about the fact that the show takes people who have talent and deserve a spot on the competition and wrongly vote for each other 95% of the time and 95% of the time the competitors that were voted out will vote for the judges. because let's face it… It's just a reality show competition… And not all of the good artists apply for stuff like this. Mostly the ones with big egos… Like yourself who can't handle the fact that somebody out out there is better than them so instead of doing the right thing and voting them through you guys continue to vote for each other. Sad

  11. And we all know it should have been a clean sweep for Deanna because well we all knew the Angels voted for GIA even though we know that Kelly wanted to vote for Deanna but tossed Gia the pity vote

  12. Lol. Wtf . Watching people tattoo is boring unless your trying to learn. Tattooing is fun. But bad ideas to have obnoxious drunk people all around

  13. why do you not complete the video and show us until who wins ? i cant find the videos with the result of this faceoff !

  14. "What the hell Dallas'?!? Seriously Gia??? It was actually unanimous but the Angels had to vote for you because they couldn't have a landslide. How gracious a loser are you? Your tattoo sucked and even the angels knew it! And yes you and Deanna get to tattoo again the next day… Duh… Maybe brush up on how to lay a little color… not to mention Deanna did just as good as you on Ink Master did she not? Because last time I looked you did not go home the winner and the only reason you got that close was because the girls had an alliance and you rode Kelly and Ryan's coattails as far as you could go. So get off that pedestal you and only you have put you on

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