Best Tattoos of Ink Master (Season 10)

Best Tattoos of Ink Master (Season 10)

(intense orchestral music) – These folks better be ready. Welcome. (heavy metal music) – Yeah, that’s a sexy
(beep) mermaid, dude. – [Jason] Thanks. In this competition, to have
a coach tell me what to do is a hard thing because
I’ve been on my own since I was 16. Today, Anthony’s
under the needle the whole time that
we’re tattooing, which means that I get 100%
control of this design, so I gotta make sure that this
tattoo is super (beep) cool. (intense orchestral music) – Jason. (intense electronic music) – The precision in the
pixelation is very nice. You really get a beautiful,
delicate little face. – I feel like you
really took your time and paid attention every
little bit of this tattoo, and concentrated on the
precision part of the challenge. (intense orchestral music) – Your roping is small. – I finally get to tattoo another subject matter
I have not done before. I don’t do micro tattos. – [Jason] You can
just do a light fade, really, really light, and
just let it blend out. – Okay, okay. My wife has always told me,
don’t puff up, and don’t shrink. – I’d just literally
shade all that with the single needle. – All right. I’m listening to my team,
I’m getting some input and ideas from them. – Throw some tricks in there. – With my technical application and the support of my team, these other guys
don’t stand a chance. – Great detail, man. You’re killing it, man. – All right, guys, it is
time to critique your work. Anthony, let’s start with you. – You set out to
do a clean tattoo, and were able to deliver that. The application in this
tattoo is really smooth. There’s no redness,
there’s no trauma. Everything’s deliberate. More than anything, it looks
like a believable insect. – The segments are
really defined. It’s tiny, but the details
are big enough to stand clear. – The drop shadow is really nice under the translucent wings, so you still get the effect of these wings being detailed, yet they give off this
little bit of shadow, which you got perfectly. – Thanks. – Guys, we need to
determine a winner. I mean, Anthony put
in multiple textures. Those translucent wings give that really soft drop
shadow, plus the connection of every single leg is
really well detailed. I’m leaning towards Anthony. – Anthony’s has that
beautiful silhouette, and it’s really soft. I’m-a go with Anthony. – The judges have decided, the winner of today’s
flash challenge is Anthony. – [Juan] Nice. – Damn, dude. Smooth. – After winning tattoo
of the day finally, I’m feeling super confident,
super comfortable. This is a new feeling for me. – You’re (beep)
showing off, dude. It’s not good to show off, man. – In “Ink Master,” I think
it’s good to show off. I think I actually
found my groove 100%. – [Anthony] Looks good, man. (Juan laughs) – Today, you were being
tested on composition with negative space tattoos. Let’s see how you did. Team Anthony, you’re up. Juan. – Juan, I really
love this tattoo. It’s super powerful,
it’s a great composition, the way you have
negatives coming in, and then start black images right behind those negatives, it creates a strong border,
and it’s really well balanced. – You threw some really
nice detail in this thing. I really love what you did with these vines wrapped
around the trees there. – What I love about this
is the really soft lighting that you have
coming off the moon, going back into the night sky, really giving this
thing a sense of depth. That is a really strong
play here for you. – Let’s take a look
at Anthony’s tattoo. – Your color blending
is the best example of finesse that we see today, how smooth, and soft, and
buttery all this stuff is. This is a technical application a lot of people have
problems pulling off. You do it really, really well. – In your design,
colored the way that you wanted to do it, there’s no question
as to what’s going on with this teeth gum issue. It’s all laid out there for
you, beautifully detailed. It’s killer, dude. – Thank you, man. – Let’s take a look at
the master’s tattoo, DJ. – This design actually has
a lot of finesse to it. It’s really smooth,
it’s really flowing, it’s really well laid out. – I like the way that you
etched out your pieces. That really served the
concept of a wooden mask. The ropes on this
are really nice, the flowers set in really nice. Overall, it’s a really
clean sticker tattoo. – Oh yeah. – [Dave] Steve. – You get so many
different tones of dark, the really deep inset
blackness in the eyes, and then those little dark pits of even darker, richer black, this thing really has
a lot of depth to it. – This has a ton of texture. You can feel what’s
going on in here if you run your finger over it. Giving this to your
team made them step up. It was a true test. – Artists, to earn a
spot in the finale, you had to prove
you have the stamina and the skills to compete at
the elite level of the masters. You made it through
18 hours of tattooing. Let’s get to it and take a look at
your 12-hour tattoos. Let’s start with Jason. (intense electronic music) This girl came out beautiful. – [Jason] I lean more towards
the emotional side of art. I like to portray something that people want to
ask what’s going on. – You as an artist
really shine here. – It’s well-illustrated. I love the way the top
of the head breaks, and you have that
light blue glow. That’s a really nice
complimentary color to the gray in the face, and it also shows through almost
the same color in her eyes. Really cool play, really
nice artistic look on this. – [Dave] Juan. – I really like
this tattoo, man. It definitely has
a vibrant look. It definitely has a cool
illustrative layout to it. I love the black rich
ends of these wings. Cohesive all the way around. They flow really
nice with the back of the lady’s arm, and
then the positioning of the front wing,
the way it comes down and rides her bicep
is really nice. – It’s pretty (beep) perfect. Your attention to detail
in this thing is top notch. – Thanks. – Roly. – You really show off smooth technical
ability in this tattoo. Your blacks are saturated. You have some really
cool techniques in your gray shading,
and show a lot of different textures
and different effects, from the skin, to the
hair, to the feathers. Very slick, man. – Thank you, I appreciate it. – Josh. – The illustration is
really, really cool. You pretty much bring
the traditional Japanese into the modern era with
your own style on it. All of the color application
on this tattoo is beautiful, but what I like is
that you do some of this color application
solid wall to wall, you do other pieces where
you shade off the color. You really did hit as many of these skill sets as you
could pack into one tattoo. It comes off really,
really slick. – Thank you very much, guys. (audience claps and cheers) One last time,
lets’ do this thing I came in, and I
talked a big game, and I’m here to win
this whole damn thing, and this is the piece
that’s gonna solidify it. Basically, that’s
what we’re going with. – That’s awesome. – I went a lot bigger than
the other two are gonna go, but I said (beep)
it, let’s go for it. – And finally, from Team DJ,
Josh, come on over here, man. (audience claps and cheers) And reveal. You got a lot of coverage here, certainly the biggest piece
that we’ve seen tonight. – Yeah, I wanted to come out and just deliver something
huge, epic, grand. This whole entire ride with everybody here
has been that big. Tried to capture these animals, the whole body, the whole fight. There was no way I was
keeping it on a chest, so I said let’s go big,
and let’s go for it. – I love the eagle. I love the snake. You know, these have
a really strong look, and your color
palette is strong. It gets a little hard
to read in the sternum. That eagle’s head could
be a little bit lighter so that it really stands out. – What I do like is
that you did go in and leave a lot of skin breaks. You did leave a
lot of open skin. You did show that ability to go from ink to skin
really smoothly. It is super detailed, it
is packed to the gills, it is super clean, super
smooth, bulletproof, solid. Josh Payne, killer tattoo, man. – Thank you very much. (audience claps and cheers) – All right, Josh, thank
you very much, guys. All right, the
judges have decided. (audience shouts) Josh. (audience cheers)
– Yes, yes. – You do have what it
takes to be Ink Master. – Yes. – So this is kinda
what I was thinking. It’s like a religious
Tibetan mask. I don’t get to do many heads, but I’m always down
for a challenge. – How far down the
neck is this gonna go? – How far down do
you want it to go? – I want my whole neck covered. – Cool. – One thing I’m known
for is my speed, so if I can get something bigger than the other two
coaches, I’m down. – [Dave] Wow, DJ. Clearly, you didn’t go small. – Nope. I wanted it to
look, from the top, if he puts his
head straight down, look at the crowd,
he has got a mask on the top of his
head that slides up. The tassels ride the side, and I also wanted pieces that went together, but
they are their own pieces from top to back. When he’s walking backwards,
people think that’s a skeleton with a third eye with
his brain cut out. – [Dave] Every way you
look at this guy’s head, there’s something going on that’s interesting
and intriguing. You look at the top of this
guy’s head, there’s no doubt that thing is super
tight, it’s super clean. – To me, the top of the head is really, really, really strong. What gets me on this
one is just the halos that you have on the
lines up on the top of the flower on both
sides of the shoulder. There is no denying the
blowouts in the flower. – This right here? – [Oliver] You put some
shading to hide it, but you can see them. – It’s shaded everywhere. – Yeah, I think there’s parts in every tattoo that gets
away from everybody in these. It’s a head, it’s
tricky, it’s 24 hours. Going this big,
it’s always a risk. What I like the most about
this thing is the layout, and the illustration, and
the way each piece flows into the next piece
and keeps on continuing until it covers every single
area that you can get on this. Amazing detail,
amazing color work. (audience cheers) This thing is bad to the bone. – Thank you, guys. (intense rock music) (groovy rock music)

62 thoughts on “Best Tattoos of Ink Master (Season 10)

  1. Anthony is so kind, I love how he treats his team as equals and not as being under him. Steve and DJ Tambe are awesome don’t get me wrong but you can just see Anthony’s humble spirit every time he’s on screen

  2. Anthony be killing me "Man I don't do none of this shit a INK MASTER should do"…dude, do you not understand where you're at? 😅

  3. All of these look fantastic, anybody know of top level tattooists that reside in or visit England often? (in the style of Daniel Silva)

  4. Josh's tattoo was hard to read, it needed a lot more contrast between the different animals. I thought Juan's was way better readable from afar

  5. I really like Anthony, he’s not arrogant and is treating his team like equals and listening to what they have to say instead of just blowing them off.

  6. 7:29 I've never seen a tattoo that busy. At first I only saw the dragon and didn't even realize there was an eagle and a snake. I also thought the dragon is biting himself. And the jaw of the dragon looks like it's broken

  7. At 0:03 Does anyone know what board walk that is, I swear I’ve been to it before but I cannot remember it’s name. I use to go there with my grandparents.

  8. How did the first guy not Get any backlash for copying the mermaid?! I’ve seen the exact same mermaid in b&g on Pinterest?? The only difference is that it’s in colour and have pixels in it…

  9. the frog tat from josh has too many flaws. just look at the green/blue robe, its neither parallel lines, nor is the color saturated. he went over the line on the left hands thumb . the black inside of the hat is scribbely, line thickness on the right hand is off, the black in the fish's fin is not solid, and so on. i mean, cmon…

    long story short, huan should have one day. its flawless. with the undefineable chestpiece josh did, i dare to say that maybe huan would have been the better choice for a winner of s10,

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