Best Tattoo Cover Ups | Ink Master

Best Tattoo Cover Ups | Ink Master

– Today, your canvases are counting on you to fix one of the biggest
mistakes of their lives. – (bleeping) coverups. – By covering up a
constant source of shame. A hate tattoo. (bleeping) – We gotta cover up some hate tattoos. We just did foreheads. This (bleeping) is getting
crazier and crazier. (rock music) – Today you’ll have six hours to cover your canvases tramp stamp. Nikki you won the flash challenge, that means that you have the
power to assign the canvases. – What are you looking to get today? – A photorealistic rose
decaying into a skull. – Can I see what you have? Awesome. (buzzing) Oh, your skin takes ink like butter. – [Woman] Oh good. – I came into this competition needing to prove exactly who I am. And with every single day that I’m here I get more and more
comfortable in my own skin. – Are you coming to (bleeping) Fort Lauderdale HandCrafted, or what. – I hope so.
– Ooh. – [Man] (bleeping) do. – Now’s my time to shine and prove that I can win time and time again. – Nikki, let’s start with you. – In the sense of a coverup, you nail it. You hit technical
application here really well. You apply the ink to the skin in a way that gets rid of the underlying tattoo. That real deep rich black
that you get down there puts so much depth into the tattoo. And when you have those leaves, you can balance the black everywhere, then it always camouflages nicely and somebody can’t go,
oh there’s the coverup. – It’s very beautiful, and
technically it is pretty perfect. – There’s no trace of the existing tattoo and that was a massive
tattoo that you covered up. Great job.
– Thanks. (rock music) – What you wanna get done? – I got a Swastika and iron
cross I wanna get done. Wrong part of my life. Now I know where I’m
at and I want it gone. – Any ideas what you wanna do? – Maybe like a zombie
nurse, cemetery scene. – All right, all right. – Because I gotta get it outta there. I got kids, and my kids hate it. – Please do not give me a swastika. That says white power. At one point in this
guy’s life, he hated me. – Anthony. – I don’t know if James is testing me with the hate or the tattoo. Dammit. I can’t let it get to me. I need to keep my composure
so I stay focused. What’s going on, what’s
the story behind that? – [Man] I was just brainwashed
when I was younger. – [Anthony] Yeah, I understand that. – When I got older and had kids, I realized man, what the hell? Trying to do a 360. – Well I’d love to help man,
that’s what I’m here for. – Yeah, I appreciate that.
– Right on. (buzzing) – I’ve been trying to get
rid of it for 20 years, man. When I first got the tattoo I
was like 13 or 14 years old. Like an idiot, joined
the Aryan Brotherhood. That (bleeping) ain’t cool,
that’s not where I wanna be. It doesn’t matter if you’re red, black, brown, yellow, green, whatever. – Unfortunately I’ve
been a victim of hate. When I was wanting to
get an apprenticeship to learn how to tattoo, I was told that the color of my skin was
gonna hinder my chances. To be a minority, it’s actually driving me even more to do a killer job. – [Man] So how’d you
get rid of the swastika? – I put a little chinger
in the gravestone. You’re burying the past so it’s perfect. – I can’t wait for all the
stress comes off my shoulders. – To be able to help
this guy change his life is a complete honor. – Ain’t nobody gonna beat this one. – Let ’em know how it’s done. – Anthony. – This is one of the most
solid coverups of the day. Definitely nothing of that
tattoo’s coming through. It shows really good
ingenuity having to draw that tombstone just right, and
you could use those details in the cracks to mask what areas you needed to really get hidden. – You have so many nice
details in the hair. You have really fine fine lines. You create this kind of ratty feeling, but it still shows
perfect linework in there. This thing really really
shows strong today. You did a great job. (rock music) – Halo, you won the flash challenge. You now have all the power
to assign the human canvases. Don’t make any decisions you’ll regret. – My strategy is to make
sure that I give myself the easiest thing to coverup. And give everyone else some crap. – I would like to get a
sea turtle on my butt. – Can I see?
– Yeah. Halo. – I’m not going home. A sea turtle. – Yeah, swimming this way. – [Halo] You don’t want him
going to your butt hole. (laughing) I’m swimming in, shorty. – When I saw that sketch
I was like, oh my god. This is gonna be awesome. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – That’s the type of effect I wanna make. My goal today is to definitely
outperform Scott and Matty. – [Man] Yeah, bun. – Now when the
competition’s getting tough, that’s when I plan on shining. I’m gonna stomp this tattoo. – Awesome, dude. – Thanks, wing. – Halo. – As far as a coverup
goes, you had it easy. But this tattoo has such solid saturation over a big area of skin. And whether it’s a coverup or
not, this is a great tattoo. – You did a great job applying this. This is soft tissue,
it can get overworked, it can look beat up. Yours looks healed. – Canvases please show the artists the tattoos you want covered up. – This is gonna be awesome man, we’re gonna do something
really beautiful for ya. The rules of thumb when
approaching a coverup are, you’re not covering a tattoo. What you’re doing is you’re
actually camouflaging it. The darks are always gonna be there, the blacks certainly are
always gonna be there. So what you’re trying to do
is work with what’s there and make something brand
new for the person. (upbeat music) I lay down 90% of my clients
just to make them comfortable and feel at ease throughout
the whole entire tattoo. And that helps so much. – Tommy, come on up front. (dramatic music) – You did an excellent
job with the coverup. It was definitely tricky. And even in the parts
where the former tattoo might show a little
bit, you put wispy lines to help make it look like
there’s stuff going on there. If I had to say anything negative about it it’s just that some of the
areas in the coverup area using white highlights a little bit, which might get a little muddy over time. But you did a really good job. (rock music) – [Woman] And what did
you wanna get covered up? – [Man] A Celtic cross on my back. – [Woman] What would you like
to get it covered up with? – An outstretched owl, black and gray. – One of you is gonna
get (bleeping) with that. – I don’t wanna (bleeping)
deal with that shit. – Woo, look at those crispy lines. Those lines look good. – I hope so, there’s a
(bleeping) a lot of ’em. The most difficult aspect of this tattoo is just getting it done in six hours. Because the coverup itself
will be the body of the owl. And then proportionally the wings are gonna have to be this (bleeping) big. I’m taking a huge risk right now. And if it doesn’t pay off,
I’m gonna be (bleeping). – Jason. – It’s a very intimidating
tattoo to try to cover up. You do a great job really
punching in the blacks. A lot of detail not only with linework but with your directional shading. That thing was so faded
out, you’re light shading pretty much becomes that
same tone that’s underneath so it’s very easy to camouflage. – I think you gave this guy a reason to take his shirt off again. Great job. – (bleeping) yeah, thanks. – The toughest coverup is
definitely gonna be Jason’s. To actually blast over a big
intimidating Celtic cross in the center of somebody’s
back is commendable. – And it also turned out
to be one of the most well executed tattoos of the day. – I’m gonna go with Jason. – Creepy Jason. – The judges have decided the best tattoo of the day goes to Jason. (rock music)

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  1. Left handed tattoers rock. Anthony rocked it as well. That sea turtle was amazing. Creepy J should be brought back again.

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