Best Of Teen Mom: Briana DeJesus’ Most Memorable Moments  | MTV

Best Of Teen Mom: Briana DeJesus’ Most Memorable Moments | MTV

(giggling) – [Briana] Hi, I’m Briana. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and then moved to Orlando,
Florida when I was 10 with my mom, older sister
and our dog, Prince. Hi, Prince! I’ve always been a good student. I even graduated high school
a year ahead of my class. (cheers) I’m really looking forward to
starting college in the fall. I really like hanging out with my friends and taking pictures. (groans) My dad wasn’t around much growing up, but my mom has worked hard to
take care of my and my sister. – I think you can do college and then from there, you decide
what do you wanna become? – [Briana] The three
of us are really close. We talk about everything. – Shut up, you don’t even know
what you’re talking about! – [Briana] My boyfriend Devoin
and I broke up a month ago, but I still love him and
hope we can work things out because (twinkling) I’m pregnant. (rock music) – [Roxanne] What name did you have? – I like Luna. – Luna’s nice. It’s actually beautiful.
– I like Nova or Bliss. – Bliss? Mmm, no. – Why? – Sounds like a stripper name. – Why does everybody say that? – Because it is, Briana. When you think of a name, you have to think of a name
for all the stages of life. The name Nova fits the situation perfect. The birth of a star. That is your baby. This is like something
that is cosmic universal. – Okay, that’s what we’re naming her then. – I want you to like it. If you don’t like it,
you don’t need her, Bri. – I like it! – Don’t pick it because it
means something to me, for you. You name the baby what you want. – Nova. I called Devoin and told him it was time and he surprised me when
he showed up right away. So my mom drove us all to the hospital. – [Roxanne] How you feeling, Briana? – [Brittany] You okay, Bri? – [Roxanne] You want ice? ‘Cause you’re gonna get thirsty. – I want to take a shower. – [Roxanne] You can’t, you can’t. Breathe, baby.
– I can’t take this. (sobbing) I was in a lot of pain,
so I asked for an epidural and before I knew it, the
doctor said it was time to push. – [Doctor] Push, push, push,
push, push, push, push, push. Very good, just like that. Keep going, keep going. Push harder, harder, harder,
harder, harder, harder, harder. Push, push, push, push,
push, push, push, push. – Ow! (inspiring upbeat music) – [Doctor] Push hard,
hard, hard, hard, hard. Push, push, push, push,
push, push, push, push, push. – [Roxanne] She got hair, oh my God. (mumbling) (screaming) Oh my God. ♪ I was lost ♪ ♪ Giving up ♪ ♪ And there you were ♪ ♪ There you were ♪ ♪ I had stopped ♪ ♪ Looking for love ♪ ♪ And there you were ♪ ♪ There you were ♪ Ooh, she’s a pretty girl.
– You have to see her. – Yeah, but we have to change her first. Oh my God, they’re white. Where the hell are we gonna change her? (gasps) Oh my God, they don’t have
a changing diaper rackie. – What are we gonna do, put her up here? (laughs) – That’s too tall. Nova, you poopy girl, thanks a lot. – Come on, baby. – You’re gonna hold her just like this. Bite that. Just hold that. (mumbles) Are your legs cramping? – Just a little.
– Don’t drool. Ooh, she poopy. Nova, come on, girl! She’s still pushing. Great. (laughs) – It stinks.
– Oh my God, I hope she doesn’t (bleep) on my boots. Nova, stay still, chica. Come on, work with me. – Hello!
– Hi! – [Holly] Welcome to Kinder Music. – How are you?
– I’m Holly. – Briana.
– Nice to meet you. And who do we have? – Nova.
– Hi, Nova! Have a seat. ♪ Hello, hello, let’s sing together ♪ ♪ Hello, hello, let’s sing hello ♪ ♪ Hello, hello, let’s sing together ♪ ♪ Sing together, let’s sing hello ♪ (group cheers) ♪ Wiggle to Nova, wiggle together ♪ ♪ Wiggle to Nova, wiggle hello ♪ ♪ Up and down ♪ ♪ And up and down ♪ ♪ And up and down ♪ ♪ And stop ♪ ♪ Pat, pat, ready, stop ♪ (Nova giggles) (group laughs) All right, who likes bubbles? (light acoustic music) All right. Peek-a-boo!
(laughs) Bye, Nova! Bye, Briana. Bye, Brittany. – Nova had a good time, right? – I’m tired. – That was really exhausting. That wore me out. Now I really need to get my license, so I’m taking the driving class. – Do not tell me you’re taking a poop. – [Andreas] Put your
foot on the brake there. Put the car into drive. And then, no, no, no. Put your foot on the brake here. – Oh my God.
(Andreas chuckles) – Oh my God, Briana, that’s why I know why
you called me now, okay. – This is brake.
– No, no, no, no. That’s the gas, okay?
– Okay, this is the brake. – You need to– No, no, no, that’s the gas, Briana. – Okay.
– You wanna release the brake slowly. You wanna feel the car moving. Don’t be afraid. And then turn out to the right. Bring it back, retrieve
it back to the right. Try to stay on the right. Remember, you’re not in England, okay? You drive like you’re in America. Move those hands around,
move those hands around. No, no, no, no, don’t cross your hands. You wanna shuffle your hands when you’re taking this
kind of turn, okay? ‘Cause right now, your
turns are kinda hideous so you have to get a
little bit better, okay? – This is scary. – No, it’s not scary. You know, this is part of life. This is what we have to do
to get to the next level. We need to get this license
so we can go to college or to better ourselves, right?
– Yes, I start college this week.
– Oh, you do? – Yeah.
– Well, that’s great! And we’re gonna stop here
at this stop sign, okay? Okay, cover your brake. Stop sign. Briana, stop! – Oh my gosh. – Whoa, whoa, man, my back hurts. Stop means stop, okay? When you come to the stop, you
wanna look at this stop sign and you wanna read it, okay? S-T-O-P. – Okay.
– Look both ways and go. So remember, you don’t wanna brake hard because you’re gonna
have a baby in the car. You have to be safe, okay? The baby cannot take
too much hard braking. It could hurt them.
– Okay. Do you think I will be able
to pass my driving test in a couple of weeks to get my license?
– Okay, next question. (giggles)
– Not yet. – Okay, I don’t think so, honey. Just gonna go straight in. Right now, you’re very dangerous. So I would definitely recommend you not to try anything at home right now. – No, I know, no, no, no. (upbeat music) I really hope Brittany’s
in a better mood today because it’s Fathers Day and
we’re taking Nova to the beach for the first time. (screams) (giggles) Wee! (mumbling) Hey, look at the sand! Do you like it? – [Roxanne] Oh my God, she’s so beautiful. – Do you wanna go in the water? (screams) It’s okay, it’s okay. You okay? Oh man, you almost fell back. – [Roxanne] Get ready. Careful, there’s a wave. Yeah.
– Right here? ‘Cause it’s too, like– – [Roxanne] There. There you go, Nova.
(grunts) – Devoin could have been
here with us, you know? But since he’s been acting
like such an (bleep) and he doesn’t know how to
behave, he’s missing out on Nova’s firsts of everything. And at the end of the
day, that’s his fault. – But you know what I realize, Brian? Sometimes you can’t make behave
the way you want them to. – I know.
– You’re an amazing mommy. You’re trying to go to school, you’re trying to get a license and you was dealing with
the Devoin situation. You’re pretty amazing. You have to give yourself
a little bit more credit. Are you ready for tomorrow? – I’m kinda excited, but still
like, ugh, school, you know? Nobody loves school, but– – Yeah, but feel proud of yourself ’cause you accomplished a lot
in a small amount of time. – Just know that you have me and Brittany. You’ll come through. You’ll get through this. (bright music) – Another adult move was
to get on birth control. You’re always going out
with your little friend. – All right, so I’m gonna go. Don’t mean nothing. I don’t wanna be home. I don’t have to be home if I go out. – I think we just both need to be safe. I think we should buy
condoms and just to have ’em ’cause we don’t want any
mistakes to happen again. Where are they? (intense music) Oh my God. Are they up there in the front? That is so weird to ask. Do you wanna go get some? – You’re asking.
– Oh my God. You ask him. – Why are you so awkward? – [Briana] ‘Cause that’s so weird. (laughs) – Hi.
– Hi. – Can I have the box of
condoms right there, please? – White?
– Yeah. No, no, the condoms. Si. Eso. – Oh my God.
– Gracias. (mumbles) – Oh man. – That wasn’t so hard. – That really was embarrassing. – How? (mumbles) – [Briana] Did you see
how he looked at us? – That’s why I said I don’t
provide for my man, but oh well. Now he knows we’re safe. (Briana laughs) (funky music) – Happy birthday, Nova! Oh my God, it’s your birthday. Can I have messies? It’s Nova’s party today and Devoin is helping my
mom set up at the venue. I’m happy he’s stepping up. I just hope we can all get along. – [Roxanne] Give me
the wooden boxes, guys. Thanks, Devoin. (gasps)
– Looks at how pretty! I like it! (cheers)
– Party, party! (mumbling)
(laughing) – Not yet, not yet. – Hi, Cocola! – Oh my goodness! I came all the way from Brooklyn! (crowd talking amongst each other) – See the eyes? Those are your eyes, dude. But I just wanna thank you for coming. – No problem.
– Seriously, and being a part. I think that the year that we’ve had, you got defensive, I got protective. I look back on it. I just want you to understand
that it only me as a mom protecting Briana and baby. – I mean, I did a lot of
things I know I regret, but. – Briana can’t do it all by herself. She says she can, but if I’m out the picture,
what’s gonna happen? Just don’t give up.
– Oh yeah. Never that. – Puerto Rican tribe. (Spanish music) – [Roxanne] Okay, Bri, hold on. Bri, let’s go. Chop, chop. Carry her. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Grab her. (grunts) Sorry. Okay, come on, Devoin, where are you? Devoin!
– Strike a pose. – Briana and Devoin. – [Photographer] Go, Devoin. Put the baby in the middle. Yeah, like that.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Nova!
– Smile! – Nova, Nova!
– Nova! (cheering) – [Briana] Things haven’t
changed much with Devoin. – [Nova] Momma, where’s Daddy? – He’s gonna come. But now, I’m five months pregnant with my new boyfriend, Luis. And I’m hoping things will
be different this time. (upbeat music) Now listen, do you remember my rules? I’m gonna sit right here. You cannot pass me. You can drive all around there, up, down, side to side, but you cannot pass these white lines. Come on.
– Why? – Because I said so. (Nova mumbles) I’m gonna sit right here and watch you. Wee! I’m so fat. I can’t take it anymore. I need to buy pregnancy jeans. I need maternity pants. – Actually, you know what? – What?
– You look good for being pregnant. – What?
– Like I told you, I think it was gonna be like all swollen and have Ms. Piggy nose and all that. (chuckles) – This pregnancy was the last thing that I expected to happen. – When you really sit down
and like say the story, it’s like, what? – Yeah, it’s like, what? You guys met at the club and then what? She’s pregnant, what? – Not even a month later. – When I first found out, I was more of, like, well, we
don’t really know each other. Maybe it’s best if we do get an abortion. But you were very supportive. And you said, you know our
situation is not the best, but we’ll figure it out. Are you ready to help me with Nova and having to wake up every
two hours in the nighttime to feed a newborn? – I’m all in it. I know what comes to play. I’ve thought about all of that. I’m ready. – You know, you still
have to get to know Nova. You and her have to
create some kind of bond because, you know, her
father is not around. And that’s why I’m so scared with you because I just don’t want
that to happen again. Hey, can I ask you a question? – [Nova] What? – How would you feel if
Luis and I and the baby live in one house? And then Grandma lives in another house, but you could always come back
to any house you wanna go to? – I wanna stay at your house. – My house with me and the baby? – Yeah.
– Yeah? All right, go. Just a question. (rock music) ♪ Time for the true unknown ♪ – So Briana, me, Grandma. ♪ I cannot be restrained ♪ – We’re gonna let Briana sit down. Say hello. – She’s gonna be happy that you’re here. It’s a good thing that you came. We’re all happy you came. Seriously. Not kidding. You’ll be all right. (pomp and circumstance music) – She’s crying. (cheering) Breathe, breathe, breathe. (deep breath) – Smile. Can I get a smile? – [Teacher] Thank you, everyone. Now we’re gonna be doing our diplomas. Nova DeJesus!
(cheering) – Smile, girl, damn! (bright music) – Funniest picture ever. Don’t cry, baby. Come on. Come on. Let’s go to your class, come on, Nov. – Hi, girls.
– Now she’s smiling, look at her. – Awesome, what a smile! Okay, now with Grandma. (camera shutter click) – Mom’s home.
– Hi, babies! – [Nova] Missed you, Stella. – Mhmm. She’s so funny.
(giggles) Guess what?
– What? – Stella is coming on Monday. So today’s Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday. – And then Monday!
– And then Monday! Are you excited? We gotta wake up really
early in the morning, so we gotta go to bed
early on Sunday, okay? (grunting) You are excited! Your sister’s coming! What’s the big sister dance? Do the big sister dance. Go Nova, go Nova. – [Nova] Stella’s gonna be cute. – Do you wanna come relax
with me in the room? – I wanna do cartwheels.
– Cartwheels? Oh, I’m about to have another contraction. (bleep) (deep inhale) – [Brittany] Call your mans,
Baldy, and tell him to start getting his (bleep) ready. (intense music) (phone dial tone) – Hey, I called my doctor and she said for me to go in, so I’m gonna start getting ready to leave. – Okay.
– Can you meet me there at the hospital? – Yeah.
– All right then, I’ll see you there. Bye. – Oh, he gonna be broke.
– Listen, when we got back from the hospital and we were in the car ’cause he took me to
get my stress test done, he was like, so, if we get back together, can we start this family? I want my family back. I was like, what, why? He was like, ’cause I miss you. I miss how things were. I was like, we’ll see, Luis. And then it just got awkward. All right. – Got the keys? Go, just go. – [Brittany] I’m gonna leave
it on the door for a second. I’m sorry, y’all. – Oh my God! – It broke?
– Yes, yes, yes! It’s like the mucus plug. Oh my God, yes! – This is so funny.
– Ew! – [Brittany] What are you
doing, that’s my sweater! – [Briana] Shut up. – [Brittany] This is so funny (bleep). – [Doctor] Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go. Go harder, harder, harder,
harder, harder, harder, harder. – [Brittany] I see Stella. – Give me more, Briana.
– You got it baby, you got it. – Push through that pain.
– I see her head. – And good job.
– Luis, she got more hair than you and she got more hair than me. (giggling) – [Woman] The hair is out
of your vagina already. That’s how long it is. – [Woman] She makes the funniest faces. – [Doctor] Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go. Push, push, push, push, push,
push, push, push, push, push. – And breathe.
– Good job. (talking over each other) Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. – Hold it, give me more. (grunting) No noise, no noise. Okay, quick breath. And coming back up, push. There it is.
– Yay. – [Woman] Can you see it? Here she comes, watch!
– Oh my God, Briana! (cheering) – Hi, baby. – [Brittany] Come on, Nova,
come clean her, come clean her. (talking over each other) How do you feel, Nova? – Good!
– We got a baby! – Hi, baby. Hi, baby. Oh my God. – [Roxanne] That’s your baby, Luis. Isn’t she beautiful? (giggling) – [Nurse] Mister, come over here. (bright music) – Are you ready to go home? Are you excited? – She wants you. – She stopped crying. That means you gotta stop crying. (Stella crying) – All right, let’s go. Oh, crap. Stay calm. No, no crying. Oh my God, my two babies are crying. Breastfeed her. – How?
– Just take out your tit and put it there. – No!
– Yes, you can. Just try. Hurry up. Just take that (bleep)
out and breastfeed her. It’s gonna work, never say no. Bend over and just give it to her. Stella, Stella, latch on, girl. There you go. – You can’t drive too fast. – Huh?
– You can’t drive too fast. – [Roxanne] Okay, but we
just gotta get home fast so you can finish breastfeeding her. – Who’s going to school
for the first time? My baby! (upbeat music) You ready?
– Oh my God, you ready, Nova? – Yeah? Come on. – Good morning.
– Good morning. – Good morning, Nova! Oh, I like the bows!
– Right? – I really like them.
– Cute. – Are you ready? Nova, is that your lunch? – Yes, that’s her snack.
– Can you put it right under here?
– Put it there. There you go. – What’s in your desk? Look, are you gonna color this today? – I love you, okay? You gonna be a good girl today? – [Brittany] Do you want
a surprise after school? – I can give you some special, okay? – What do you want?
– What do you want? You don’t know? – [Brittany] You can make all the friends and be the popular girl! You’re gonna be the girl that’s on TV. Everybody’s gonna wanna be your friend. – We’re gonna leave, is that okay? We’ll be right outside
waiting for you, okay? Don’t cry, you’ll be all right. You’re gonna have a good day. Hi, smiley, how are you? Are you okay? Come on! – How was it? – It was good?
– What? – You love it?
– Let me see you. Did you miss me? Give me a kiss. You gonna go back tomorrow? Yes! – [Roxanne] Awesome. (pop music) – Good. Let’s see what silly faces you got. (laughing) Okay, how about there. – Where’s the big cloud? Oh, that’s cute. – [Roxanne] Here’s
Nova, Stella, kiss Nova. – Kisses, kisses. (laughing) – [Carlos] Ready, ne, two, three. One more.
– You’re ew. – Hold it.
– They come take pictures. – [Roxanne] Nova, look up at him. – Look up.
– Devoin, look– There you go.
– Oh, I like it. – I love it. Oh my God, I love it. Look at that. This looks like a ad. Look at that! Thank you for coming. – [Devoin] No problem,
thanks for inviting me. – Why don’t we give them a break and then we can do some adults? – Come on, Stella. Okay, there she goes. I got you, I got you, I got you. (Stella crying) – Wow, yin and yang. Put Stella in the
background having a tantrum and Nova having a great time. – [Devoin] Do a handstand. – [Roxanne] Oh my God,
that’s a perfect one! – [Carlos] How did your family session go? (laughing)

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    I just hope she learns how to love her natural hair. European/Western beauty standards have really messed with POC's perception of their own inherit beauty. Beauty comes in many forms.

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