Best of Craig Foster | Ink Master

Best of Craig Foster | Ink Master

I definitely feel like I got a second chance to prove that
I have what it takes to be here. I’m not willing
to let that slip away. Today, you must each work with a guest artist
and tattoo their design. Oh, God. Tattooing other people’s art
can sometimes be a nightmare. Sometimes you’re stuck
doing a bad tattoo. Let’s meet your guest artists and your canvases. Hi, guys. Hi. Welcome. Thank you so much for being here. Approximately 400,000 Americans
have Down syndrome. Down syndrome
is the most commonly occurring chromosomal condition
that occurs when a person has an extra
copy of chromosome 21. Individuals with Down syndrome
experience cognitive delays, but the effect is usually
mild to moderate and is not an indicator
of the many strengths and talents
each individual possesses. For some, art is
one of those talents. Each of today’s guest artists
with Down syndrome has brought a loved
one with them who wants their artwork
tattooed on them forever. This is my son Jay, and I’m here today for him. He said it was
his wish come true. Craig. Yes! He’s a fan of Craig. There’s times where you question,
“Are we really doing something that somebody
really wants to have for the rest of their life?”
And this is one of those moments that you don’t even have
to ask any questions. This is why
I’m a tattoo artist. I just want to do
something really special. I like it. I like it, too. I think we did a good job. Five, four, three, two, one. That is it. Time’s up.
Machines down. No more ink. Just like something he would do. Thank you for hanging out today. Can I give you a hug? Craig and Jay. So, Jay, when you picked
your skull and you saw Craig was your artist, you seemed very happy
about that. My friend. My guy. He’s your guy? Yeah. Did you tell Craig you wanted bright colors? Yup. It’s a really bright tattoo. I think it stands out. I love the little details
in the faces and the fingers. I think it’s very cool.
Good job. Bye. Bye. Awesome. Craig. The little details you put in here, the precise fine lines
you put in, the strands of those muscles
and the way you followed it with the shading,
it’s really nice. This is what you guys are competing against. And this is what we compare
all of your muscle tissue to. At the end of the day, this is
what you’re fighting, not me. This week’s challenge was precision.
We did anatomical tattoos. Saw some stuff that looked
really anatomically correct. Craig’s was a great
example of precision. Craig brought such dynamic details into this very simple muscle.
That’s what really impresses me. That’s one of the tops of the day in my opinion too. He paid attention to the
small details and got it right. Today, you needed the precision of a surgeon to create realistic
anatomical tattoos. The judges have decided that
the best tattoo of the day… goes to Craig. Yes! We felt like you did a good job. The color had popped out,
all the way to the detail. Congratulations, man. Thank you very much. For this flash challenge, we have a special group
of canvases for you. Each of today’s canvases
has suffered a severe injury. Wow. You will have to transform their gnarly scars- Oh, no. … into phenomenal tattoos. The hardest part about working with scars is that you’re not tattooing
regular skin that is smooth. You could break the skin,
traumatize it more and stuff. Bro, you all right? That’s big. That’s good, though. My biggest competition in this flash challenge
is definitely Craig. He incorporated the scar
into the actual tattoo. I have what it takes to be Ink Master
because I am versatile. I’ve definitely
not settled on just being a great
new-school tattoo artist. Craig, how did you guys come up with this concept? I thought that if I could somehow incorporate
the dog biting me, it would kind of save me
a lot of explaining to do. I would never know there’s any scar tissue there, because what Craig
did was enhance it. The dog is where you displayed your talents
in this challenge. Using your light grays
and dark grays and blacks to really give
this the value and the richness
that what we’re looking for. You did a great job. Thank you. Craig is definitely proving to be a big threat
in this competition. You guys started out in Georgia, right? Mm-hmm (affirmative). I started in ’95.
And, honestly, I had lot of difficulty
finding placement in life. I’ve been in trouble
all of my life. Finding tattooing has just been
the only escape from trouble that I’ve had. Two kids tried to rob me
in front of my house, and I got shot. The bullet went through
my hip and my spine. Oh, my gosh. Getting shot was like the least of my concerns. The only thing
I really cared about: was I going to be able
to tattoo? My doctor told me,
“You’re lucky.” I was in the hospital
for like three days, got back to work
within four days. I definitely feel like
I got a second chance to prove that I have
what it takes to be here. I’m not willing
to let that slip away. Craig. The crosshair pattern with these
circles sits nicely on the body. I just think it’s one of the
more creative conceptual ideas that we’ve seen today. I wasn’t planning on going home today. Overall, man, the circles with the plane
coming out of the circles gives it a very cool,
old, war propaganda feel. It shows a lot of
artistic creativity. This is a very competitive,
strong way to come out and try to play the game. Thank you. All right, guys. We’ve seen 11 artists
go head-to-head. Time to debate an overall
win of the day. I really think Erik’s tattoo was perfect application
throughout. Great composition.
I vote for Erik. Erik’s application is beautiful, but Craig really, really hit it
out of the park in composition. Really took a swing
for the fences. And I’m definitely with Craig. Just in terms of overall creativity,
I’m voting for Craig. The judges have decided the best
tattoo of the day goes to Craig. In this last challenge, you must tattoo a barcode. The lines are right next to each other, so if you have one line with
a little jaggedy part in it, right away,
you’re going to see it. Let’s go meet your canvases. What’s up with the boxes in the middle of the room? For today’s flash challenge, you’ve each been randomly
assigned a human canvas. But first, there’s one
other detail I left out. We’re giving you
new tattoo machines. All right. Thank you. There is a catch. You must assemble
your machine and use it
to tattoo your barcode. We’ve got to build them? No way. As artists, you should understand the
mechanics of your tools. Craig. It really shows that the machine was running right for you. You were able to use
not only very fine lines, but thicker lines. You sculpted out your letters and numbers and they
look really super tight. Thank you. I would love to see something the Craig can’t do. He’s definitely the number
one runner right now. Today we pushed your limits. Not only did we ask you to assemble
your own tattoo machine, but you also had to tattoo
the ultimate test of line. The judges have decided
that the winner of today’s flash challenge is… Craig. You will have the power
to assign all human canvases for the elimination tattoo. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

21 thoughts on “Best of Craig Foster | Ink Master

  1. The one person who disliked this probably cried so hard because they can’t tattoo this good, so they hit the wrong button.

  2. Dude I didn't really know him until the grudge match, but man, he is probably the most humble tattoo artist I have seen on this show. Then his talent, that just speaks for itself…

  3. Craig Foster the guy who makes grey wash by mixing black and white …. Really dude ….Great artist but learn how to do black and grey …..

  4. Proof that this show doesnt pick the best over all artist and just the best artist on that day. He had every skill and every style to be able to win

  5. Craig is a tattoo artist’s, tattoo artist. Definitely one of the most respected artist amongst the Ink Master alumni.

  6. I'm still pissed that he was eliminated before Josh Duhamel over that damn pin-up challenge. Craig's pin-up is more accurate with the proportion than Josh's pin-up. He was robbed!

  7. The perfect blend of talent and humility. A great deal of artists and Ink Master contestants could stand to learn both.

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