Bendy and the Ink Recording (feat. MatPat)

Bendy and the Ink Recording (feat. MatPat)

Hi, welcome to the Silly Vision animation studio! Where magic is made and dreams really come true Our tour group is a little small today, but uh no worries. OOOHHH OOOHHH SNAP tastic snap crackle pop Come get a look. It’s nothing like you’ve seen it’s my trendy new bendy ink machine So amazing it’s crazy believe me, it’s true Allow me to show what my ink machine can do Come take a peek cause nothing else compares. There’s no fee so feel free to stop and stare From the spout to the sprockets and the bits in between *VOICE CRACK* I’m in love with my ink machine NYAHHHHHH OOGHHH It was a choice No bad ideas in choice making. AJ: It was bold. Bold, masculine choice. -work It’s practically obscene that I choose not to use my ink machine mid-episode calls to subscribe work… UNBELIEVABLY well?! Convenience so genius. It ought to be a crime *MatPat grunting * This is so uncomfortable, this is fine. I’m perfectly okay with this in a room with two other men, it’s great Our uh, tour group is a little small today, but uh, so is our-oh No worries. *Censored* I’m so close! so close! so close! Sure there’s Kirks, *slight giggle* quirks and hiccups but they’re far flung between sorry about the flub there -I heard Kirks. yeah, Captain Kirk! I’ve lost like a lot of my falsetto which is like- I KNOW! I miss my falsetto. How could one resist this perfectly pristine Think of me, think of me fondly! (Phantom of the Opera) Those are the days before I started smoking-MACHINNEEE R-r-r-REMIX XD Here’s to my new Ink-credible machine Overclocked, fully stocked, and squeaky clean! No device is as safe nor as sleek in design Peter: I always wonder which one’s actually correct half the class of or as mine Has… half of CURSE YOU GRAMMAR! Peter: Grammatically it’s definitely Of Is it? 80% MatPat: All right! I was gonna say, how confident are you? cause like I feel I should be more confident But you’re comparing the two… do you have like a word program Maybe it’ll like have you doing- Peter: Can we Google that and just have Google like “Did you mean” MatPat: Yeah in this one very specific line of, no chap’s apparatus if mine is the denominator… NO, you’re totally right yep. No chaps apparatus has half the class… of mine No chaps Apparatus has *DEMONVOICE* half the class of mine Productivity is a little low Maybe we can fix that Do you want it more high-pitched and crazy “fix that” or do you want it more like lower and sinister? Probably… …Conniving. MAYBE WE CAN FIX THAT Yeah! Nailed it. Nice job. -ink not included Exclusive Ink Machine! ha! Peter: I was really impressed that you went seemingly without air through the whole ending *Laughs* There is no air.I hear they’re working on a musical episode. That’s just a fact *laughter* Can’t wait for chapter three to come out. Maybe there’ll be more lore gonna go watch Rick and morty – yeah, i’m totally not cutting

100 thoughts on “Bendy and the Ink Recording (feat. MatPat)

  1. MatPat is such a theatre kid because he has emotion in his face even though its a stop motion and his diction is on point and beyond (For those not in theatre diction is very important to get words out at an understandable level, especially when singing fast songs)

  2. See MattPat play Bendy
    Me: Why is he so good at being a crazy character in these musical
    FNAF: I do this to everyone who gets to figure me out

  3. Isn’t he a theater geek Im pretty sure he is which would explain the eyes but hey Im also a theater geek so if I sing a song and theres accents ya best knowima act them and my eyes are also gonna act ong Im weird wellm bai

  4. It’s the first time I’ve heard MatPat sing, and honestly….


  5. this video channel has more views than the channel has subscribers



  6. can mat pat star as every part of a cast for one of your movies?? he has it all!

    reading a script with emotion


    scaring us with fnaf theories that i take 2 hours after to acttualy understand

  7. I like The song . And my little

  8. I think they choose MatPat as the villain all the time cause his voice gives off this insane person type of vibe you know

  9. It always seems like MatPat is the psychotic lunatic… that can sing and act…
    gets on phone
    Me:Yeah, Disney?? I'd like for you to make a new villian… mhm… his name is MatPat…. mhm… great! Cant wait to see it… okay. Tata.

  10. I cannot watch your musicals bc then I play the games and start believing they’re nice and good and then I get killed 4 different times in chapter one and have to start all over again

  11. MatPat sounded totally like bendy,buuuut…….more childish

    Soooooooòoooooooooooooooooooooo bendy is both childish and devillish 😛

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