Now let’s head past the gift shop over to the sound department! I hear they’re working on a musical episode… Before that though, let’s visit a few other areas of the factory! if you need to take a break, however; the bathrooms are in that direction Sonic: ah! So many chili dogs! gotta go fast! Bendy: This is Mr.. Peterson He’s in charge of the basement level the factory and runs security for us. How are things today? Neighbor: terrible! It looks like we’ve got some intruders in the sewers. I’ve sent Rick down to investigate. *insert fighting noises* Blue: Sammy why’d you drag us down here? Sammy: So get this! Dad’s Journal mentioned that this whole Factory was a hotspot for Supernatural activity. Also the guy who runs it, is apparently a demon! Rick: I turned myself into a pickle guys! Also, I’m the security guard! boom, big reveal! *rick dies* (RIP Rick) Van: That guy needs to dill out Get it. It’s like chill out but because he’s a pickle Blue: who are you supposed to be? Van: isn’t it obvious? I’m van Helsing from the 2004 movie Ben Helsing starring Jackman! Anyway, mind if I join you guys? Sammy: Yeah, whatever.. Blue: knock yourself out. Bendy: Here we have our dining hall. this is Wubley makes all the food here! Neighbor: If you even want to call it food.. it tastes about as good as she looks! *laughing* ???: Make me a grilled cheese sandwich… Wubley: For the last time, we don’t serve that! do you even work here? Security! Neighbor: Huh? Oh! It’s you again! Bendy: I’m sorry who is this? Fish: the name’s fish Mooney now make me a grilled cheese sandwich Neighbor: I keep getting rid of her, but she won’t stop coming back! *knocks Fish out* That should solve the problem for good. Van: Look! there’s someone floating in the water over there! Pennywise: We all float down here… Sammy: Who are you? Fish: the name’s fish Mooney. Van: Not you. Nobody cares who you are. ???: Yeah, why are you even still here? Fish: I Want a grilled cheese sandwich, make me a grilled cheese sandwich! I need a grilled cheese sandwich cuz I’m fish Mooney *bleep!* Van: Wow, that was terrible. Pennywise: Yes. You’re the true monster here. Bendy: this of course is our department of plot threads that have no payoff! Bendy: Don’t mind him, he’s been here for a while, besides. I don’t even know his backstory! *rimshot* Oh, Look there’s Ganondorf! Ganon: Howdy dudes! You guys ready to go on a sick adventure?! Bread: OOH! Bendy: Yeah, let’s go! Sammy: Look for the last time lady, stop following us! Fish: make me a grilled cheese sandwich. Pennywise: We’re all grilled cheese sandwiches down here… Blue: Not gonna work clown. We both have tattoos that prevent us from being turned into grilled cheese sandwiches. Van: That’s both Specifically obscure and incredibly convenient. Blue: Sammy, there anything in Dad’s book on how to rid ourselves of this demon? Sammy: I think I saw something in there about demonic clowns.. Blue: No, not him. grilled cheese sandwich lady Sammy: The only way to stop something so evil, is to summon a demon of our own. Blue: do it. Sammy: *chanting* Ghost: I’m the only Warner to walk in both worlds. I’m Ghost Rider. Van: That’s great. But can you get rid of her? Ghost: Only the penance stare can deal with such evil. *intense death stare* Sammy: Thanks Ghost Rider! Ghost: anytime fellas. Blue: Right. let’s go finish what we started. Bendy: the last room before we reach the sound Department is our marketing Cross-promotion division. John: hey there buddy. Bendy: hey, John Cena! I hope you don’t mind being part of the tour I’m giving to the beard! John: not at all. I’m up for whatever. Pink: Hold on there. I’m John’s agent. who said you could include John in your tour, Bendy: Uh, he did. Pink: and who exactly are you? Bendy: I’m the owner Pink: owner? What do you even own Huh? Bendy: this facility. Why are you dressed like the Queen Pink: the Queen the queen of what Who am I the queen of oh? Ghost: Oh Man, did I just kill the Queen? Van: Well we finally made it. Time to enter the belly of the beast and take down the evil being who runs this place. Sammy: Well now what? Blue: I don’t know Sammy, you dragged us here. Van: hey guys look at the sign! What do you suppose it means? Bendy: At long last the sound Department! Cuphead: Hey! I was beginning to think you guys got lost! Bendy: No, We just took the scenic route How’s your project coming along? Cuphead: finished actually! cuphead the musical just came out on random encounters. the animation’s terrible. Bendy: hey, I know those guys. I recently worked with them as well! Aren’t they great? Cuphead: Boy Oh, they sure are! What a swell group of people. Bendy: Anyway, is the composer here? Bonnie: I sure AM I just finished the song for the FNAF bendy cuphead hello neighbor kindergarten tattletale crossover, would you like to hear it? Bendy: Absolutely! Bonnie: here, we go one two three four *awful playing* This is even better than last year!

100 thoughts on “BENDY AND THE INK MUSICAL Chapter 2: Hello, Bendy! [APRIL FOOLS]

  1. I am not completely sure what I just watched, but it was amazing!! I have no words because I cannot understand anything that just happened…
    It seemed like they had fun making it!😆

  2. I guess there’s a logical reason why they’re called random encounters 😅 because of content like this

  3. 2:26 Me: NO YOU DOOF. you need a stove.
    Random encounters: I want a grilled cheese sandwich!
    Make me a grilled cheese sandwich!
    I need a grilled cheese sandwich!
    Cause im fish moony (CENSORED)
    Me: why am i here?
    Also also me: Dies.

  4. 2:34
    Weird guy: Wow that song is horrible!
    Me: Thinks of all my songs.
    Also me: YeAh My SoNgS aRe REALLY REALLY GoOd!
    Song plays
    Me: Uh oh.

  5. 2:25
    I want a grilled cheese sandwich
    Make me a grilled cheese sandwich
    I need a grilled cheese sandwich
    Cause I'm Fish Mooney [BLEEB]

  6. Can you try to do this in stop motion mode plz I like the bendy musical I just wondering if you can and I like bendys voice good job 🙂

  7. I want a grill cheese sandwich, make me a grill cheese sandwich!
    I need a grill cheese sandwich cuz I’m fish moony bi*ch

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