Bendy and the Ink Machine: FINAL CHAPTER

Bendy and the Ink Machine: FINAL CHAPTER

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome back to Bendy and the Ink Machine. And welcome back to the final chapter of this twisted story of a Disney gone wrong.(horribly, horribly gone wrong) Now, I don’t know how this is gonna end but in the last chapter We actually started getting into some really interesting things about the universe about how everything is made of ink Everything and what happens when a society starts to rely on ink entirely and what does that do? and how does it blur the reality between Life and arts and all of that metaphysical bullshit going on there. Oh. Is that so you guys sing me to sleep here? I know you’re just lulling me into a false sense of security Hello! Hmm. So this is the this is the actual cartoon come to life And that means that the last thing that we saw Henry.. Um Henry, this is the first time, this is the first time that we’ve had a voice ever. (Not true.) I mean ever, we didn’t have a voice before but something absolutely wrong about that ha Boris Hey, buddy, how you doing? Whoa, okay, that’s a little threatening. Ha ha ha Hey Boris, what are you doing Boris? We, you and I, you and I, we got along unless I was just some other version of you that didn’t really make any sense You must be got ink for me. Oh good hi. Oh That’s ok. I’ve been scarfing down ink since the day I got here. Ok Hi Boris, hey, how you doing? ok. That’s a little rude (boris is jealous) Ok, well, you know, I like the other Boris, the one with X’s for eyes, so it was probably a horrible mangled doll That was harvested for ink organs. Look Man, Boris what happened to us? Uh… What else am I watching? Ok Uh-huh My eyes. My special eyes! Is Boris gonna knock this on the floor too? Oh *nervous giggles* Maybe Maybe That’s prob.. That’s so sweet! Oh, wait. Wait, no. Wait. No no. No I saw a message that you would leave me for dead .Don’t sashay away from me. All right then. At least I got a magic looking glass that’s gonna help me in some way shape or form or not That was stupid, Tom You dumb Tom (Don’t insult, Tom!) You dumbass So stupid! You’re not Boris! Hello. I’m here *does some weird shit* Okay, alright, hey, haha Okay, again with the threatening thwapping of the axe. I don’t like that, Tom. What happened to Boris? I guess Boris got turned into a horrible muscled monstrosity Come on Yeah, Tom you big dumb dumb ass use your axe you fool *imitating Tom* Look, uh me me no how to do Oh what? no! wait! no! hang on! wait! Um Tom you have an axe it’s wood you axe? Okay Locate the gent pipe If I could have gotten out here this whole time There’s always hope take the spoon Oh God. Oh Don’t go through the door escape trust her. It’s inside the vault. Whoa Whoa You draw bootifully, thank you. Thank you. Who’s talking? take the spoon! oh X3 This is here the whole time you mean I didn’t have to shit in a bucket. Oh Come on, this is here. Oh Look inside you’ll need this. Okay. Let me just stick my hand bleep. And unless you’re talking about the hole. Oh, I Here I was, ready to go elbow deep in the shit hole that is this toilet. Oh Nice nice. All right. Well You see how Boris or Tom could have just easily flunked these away Tommy piece of crap! Tom you piece of poop! Tom you and it’s I guess that’s true She will leave me for dead, but she didn’t want to, it wasn’t malicious. I guess. It’s fine Oh Well ain’t this just sweet here. Hello fishy! Wong! Wang! Doodle! Whomping! Are these fish drawn too? Ma’am, is everything drowning here? Is anything actually alive? Is anything actually real? No, ooh Scary oh Hi, oh, we get grabbed womp womp hey now, no need for that you sack of ink I Don’t need that. I’m trying to explore here. I’m trying to see some secrets. That was a secret Follow me. Okay, that’s not much of a secret. Okay. I hear voices whispering at me from the darkness. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Probably. oh ah no no no no *gibberish* You don’t need to do none of that to me. Starting off with a weird wampie combat, but I guess that’s okay I mean over time in this game. Yeah Over time in this game. I think it became less and less about being a psychological horror game I’m more of like the interesting, like universe that it encompassed and once it started embracing that I mean the last one the last chapter had some scary moments and I really appreciated that but I think like overall it’s because this game is Actually a really – there’s something in the river – a really interesting universe and it’s something that you want to explore It can be a mixture of both and I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Oh Well, goodbye, I’m sure that wasn’t supposed to happen that my boat that a boat. Can I get on the boat? Danger! Keep out Okay here I go then *RAMBLING* *MORE RAMBLING* *ME BEING A MARKIPLIER AGAIN* Oh(realise 4 minutes ago ) I Didn’t know I had to do it twice What kind of? why was Was the point of that just to make me look stupid? Well you succeeded. Alright, fine. now I’m here. Alright Follow the Ink River. I don’t know i Don’t know why there needs to be an Ink River. I think a river of ink is a little much I think that we could get by without it a river of ink but alas I don’t make the decisions here. I Just try my best to not screw up I’ve got a bad feeling about this (my spider sense a tingling) Oh This looks like oh I don’t want to know what’s stuck in the paddle wheel. Oh I DONT WANT KNOW IS STUCK!!THATS BIG BORISS……OH MYGODD OH SHIT I’m gonna get get out. Get out. Get out. Get out. I Didn’t know I was that close to doom. Oh, I gotta go through the inky butthole again God Just in the realm of thoughts not THOTS – uh, hi Okay back into the butthole River All right. Well everyone ignore the fact that I screwed up there. I am an idiot. So what’s to be surprised here? Okay What is the big-ass hand in the river? Is that Boris? Because I got a funny feeling everything comes down to Boris being horribly horribly horribly mangled into horrible horrible shapes And everything is horrible in this game The gameplay has gotten better. I’ll give it that I mean also I gotta remember. I need to be a little bit forgiving about the game because at its core It’s an indie game made by a very small team maybe even the original was made just by one person or a small team of people and it’s Expanded into something that’s really caught on and that’s because the idea at its core is in fact good The idea behind it is captivating. It’s something that you can’t look away from. OH Okay. I’m..Im not gonna okay No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no we’re going for it I ain’t gonna wait around for no giant hand to come claw me. Alright, but it’s good I don’t want to know I don’t want to look behind me I don’t want to know I’m gonna assume that it was something nice like a rainbow or babies. Just shoot now ever I don’t know why that would be nice, but I just imagine that and now I’m scared No. Thank you X3 go please. I don’t know why the flashing light is necessary Hmm also, there’s something very childlike about the whole disney-like aspect of it I mean, it’s it’s horrifying when you really think about but it is that kind of like Childlike sense of terror and not really like the body horror that you would normally be used to and yet We are in a river filled with Pope. Come on Try not to die to a giant hand that’s gonna claw the shit out of me But it’s it’s fascinating it’s honestly truly fascinating from start to finish It is fascinating and I like that I like that la. Oh god, how many times is gonna get gunked-up? I would have thought that this stuff was supposed to be for designed for this Yeah, whatever make it a coincident That’s no good at all I Like the tuba guy farting in my ear back there it’s real nice helps me keep time regular intervals Okay, Oh Again, how much farther I gotta go with this thing? Can’t be much farther. How long would it need me to go through here? There’s Boris. I don’t know why bori ohhhhhhhh Um, I Okay We’re just gonna ignore the fact that there’s an Ink person right there And we’re gonna walk into this Futurama sewer esque area where I’m assuming Ink people live Okay, goodbye guess I’m not going back that way. Sorry everybody in this shantytown that I just ruined the transportation system of This bill me for that later. I guess it’s time to believe he will set us free. The Creator lied to us you bring death Well, I suppose maybe you might be right Hello Anybody there? Okay. No All right. Well, nobody wants to come out and talk to me That’s fine. Once people now fallen into despair not monsters Are these the former employees? Oh (oh hi Sammy) Oh Okay All right, what do you want it what oh, Okay, all right how good God you have an axe I have a Wooper How is this fair and why is my blood Ink? I might like one of you okay, well And back in the butthole again. What was I supposed to run away? I didn’t have anywhere to run man All right time for round two. Yeah, ouch. I’m gonna smack the shit out of you I’m gonna smack your ink all over the place. I don’t like your face. I don’t like your foot Okay party Oh, I can block, I for.. no, I can’t block Cannot block. How did I beat? How did I beat anything before in this game? Am I just dumb here? I mean don’t answer that cuz obviously the answer is no I’m smart, but It Seems a little Seems a little difficult. Maybe I should just run. That’s what He’s real tough Okay. Can I go the way he came in? Oh I can oh But to what end? Oh but to what end all but to what end. How about this? No Okay, oh well you shy because you’re ugly you’re attacking other people because you uggo. well come on now you ain’t that ugly Okay. Well the ( Boris be like nahh you go to sleep boii) Hi Wow, thank you Yeah, I think oh, okay Huh? How we fight? Why are we fighting anybody? Why do we need to fight? I like the ax. Thanks for the ax. That’s nice. Hey, do I need to do anything here? Can you do all the work that these? Hi-yah. Oh god. I’m losing again. Look at this. Well, what a surprise. I’m bad at the combat in this game Who would have thought you? stupid piles of poopy This was a peaceful town for the fishermen then I walked in and everybody hates me. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god You not can you not? You guys help? Yeah, I’ve never seen this many either whoa whoa, whoa big guy big I’d begun no no no no no No, have I been gradually the grudgingly one Tom’s respect as well Okay We get him oh Yeah, oh yeah, oh Yeah, yeah Yeah, ow, ow, I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. No not today now God in the butthole again Did anyone play test this game? I can’t be the only one that’s as bad at this I cannot be the only one that dis bad at this because you can’t run can’t do nothin. It’s just fine It’s whatever, you know, it’s fine Look at this. Look at this from the far Because you can’t sprint when you have this. Okay? Well, I guess I need to help out here probably You guys don’t seem capable anything Oh Oh Pumpkins no helmets. I’m getting some helmets My Fucking God This can’t be an intended part of this. I’m sorry. Listen, you guys have to forgive me I’m trying my best here. It’s not that I’m bad it’s that the balance is marginally off Mal dababneh mal balance. It’s just a little bit off. This is a little bit off and I keep getting surrounded They keep sneaking up behind me ha ha no ha ha Ha ha ha ha. There’s no defense mechanism. Okay, or or I won’t hit you. Whatever Come on oh if you meant what’s so it’s so floaty. It’s so impossible to judge where your axe is actually gonna head The one thing I said about this game from the very beginning. Is that why did it need it? Didn’t why didn’t need integrated combat mechanics, but ok. Here we go Melee, why can’t they give me an ain’t gun? Draw me up a gun or an artist? Can I deal with this my own way which is gone? Oh My god, this is so many of them How long is this gonna go on for and how many times am I gonna return to the butthole realm? Here’s another one There’s no way anybody can get through this on the first try. There’s no way(actually the Video Games News was the one to due in a first try will replaying ch 5) Anybody can I’m it’s just pissing me off because they’re making me look bad But I bet anybody that’s playing this part. He’s going through the whole same endeavoured that I’m going through trying their best But getting banished back to the butthole realm not today, not again Here we go again, I guess More more more more more 100 more Okay, you weren’t done yet. Okay fine Anymore, is that it? Can we be done? Are we done now? Yeah, I would agree Why would I know the way? Dude. This used to be an animation studio. I don’t even know what’s going on here You would deserve a Swonk on the nose but I’m gonna forgive you about that one. We’re gonna go this way Hmm. I don’t know why I’m suddenly slower than I used to be. Are we gonna be separated? Is this how we get separated? Yep, Oh Best if we stick together, huh? Whoo Okay, but no. All right. No, we’re not gonna stick together Nah. There’s a load of crap Now was a load of crap from the get-go All right, but now we’re separated. So please stay In the spooky part of it. Oh god a pooping chamber. Oh my god I’ve been waiting for one of these for a long time. Oh Sweet Enki relief I didn’t even have a toilet in that jail cell the holding it this whole time All right. What have we got two goos? Hello, ah Okay Oh Huh drain the passage find the missing pipes. Oh All right. Well, I’ll do that another scavenger hunt the biggest part of this game’s game mechanics Okay Thomas Connor I could barely hear you over the sound of the music. Oh, oh Boris Boris Is that you buddy? I think I found an easter egg a cute adorable Wittle easter egg Anyone up there? No. Oh now the music’s done Oh now the music’s done when I didn’t need the music to be done. Now now the music’s done. Okay, whatever fine Sure, okay C-can I set this here pipe. I Need one of these Bend(y)s, but I need some ink to make into it I think Oh, I did have a voice before what am I talking about I thought I didn’t have a voice before but then again, I’m an idiot. Of course. We had a voice before I don’t remember anything okay administration is opening up for some reason the game got a lot more floaty as soon as I open that Okay guys weird thing I Hit that button. And then the mouse sensitivity went way high why? Would the mouse sensitivity go higher? when I why why would Why would that? Why would that do that? The I’m dead serious the mouse sensitivity shot up as soon as I opened that that is beyond bizarre, okay vault Well, I guess I should I wasn’t sure what I was hearing there So I didn’t even know that there was a credible threat, but okay better stay out of sight then which way you coming buddy Yeah, that’s what I thought you stupid idiot. You dumb doof I don’t know who put you together, but that was just as dumb as you. Yeah, you stupid fool ain’t gonna give me (Please close the door.) (The “dumb doof” could always come in) (Close it!!!!) Okay, Joey drew. Whatever you say Joey Drew. We all love you Joey Drew. From the tip of your head to the tip of your show. We love Joey Drew. Okay, you ain’t see nothing, huh? stupid bobblehead looking mother humper (Ok, I’m just paranoid) over here The creator lied to us. Yeah. Well, what else is new? Alright Okay, I Think this is just a fancy way around so that I don’t get snuck in on them. Okay, that’s a hidey hole That’s good to know Is it just me or is the mouse sensitivity creeping back up again, which would be the weirdest thing? Okay Nothing here. I don’t exactly know what I’m looking for. I’m assuming I’m looking for material with which to Eventually build the pieces that I need, but I don’t know exactly where they’re going to be I guess I just keep wandering and stop worrying about the little things Hmm nice wall piece Okay So this entire office is also built out of ink but I mean that much is obvious at this point I don’t think I can even be surprised anymore. What will and will not be made out of ink? Cuz it all is. The answer is everything Yeah I’mma wait for that to go by. I’m gonna go through here and then behind it because that’s the only way I haven’t come Hello you stupid idiot You dumb fool don’t even know when I’m sneak AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH But okay that was not expected Okay. Oh, you’re gonna be right here aren’t you? Oh you dumb fool. Oh you incompetent goof Okay. Well, I’ll just run by you then. I guess you’re not very fast. All right. Oh, you’re kind of fast Okay, whatever. I’m gonna keep going and if I die I die It looks like I’m about to die We’re going here close the door. They’ll never Know the guys I think they know hang on. I’m gonna hide in the poop hole Where’d he go welp Wingus dingus let’s get out of here. We got no clue one way or another All right Aha, okay, well two plus two equals you stuffed your employees into ink monsters and gave them fucking again with your bullshit Good lord. What’s wrong with you? You stupid piece of poop. is it cuz I called you dumb and ugly? I’ll take back both of them and I call you incredibly Unintelligent and not good face. How’s that get better? You like that better? Whatever, I guess I’ll try to sneak Alright, can I take this I need a pipe Okay, I Skipped by a few offices, but I’ll come by on the way back to try to get him anything in the trash can no Hope I Just walk right on by stupid Man, there’s a lot of them for some reason. It’s like they’re on my scent and they know where I am and they Kind of want to get a piece of me WELP. NEVER MIND. Well, good god How am I supposed to be able to get to where I need to go? If you guys are just gonna be a bunch of douches about this. I’m never gonna be able to make any progress You stupid piece of poop or I’m going in that room. You do not turn around. Okay, good. Ah Shit nothing in here Alright, I’m gonna go in that room. You guys don’t turn around. I Don’t the blinking light is all about but blinking line is usually round suppose it go right? Well nothing here Oh, Where’d he go? Okay And this place big? This is a circle, I think it’s a circle. I think this is just a circle Yeah, it’s a circle. There we go. Okay office of Joey Drew. That’s the first time that I’ve seen his office. Hello Okay, but that’s good cuz that sounds like where I need to be Slurp that down feels good. Oh Now we’re talking Don’t do it Suzy Suzy, don’t do it Oh Suzy don’t do it. No, it’s a trap Suzy. Joey Drew might be a little bit crazy Joey Drew might not know what he’s talking about Just go that way and keep God. Yes, right. He’s stupid watch your step. Can I take this I Got some ink I don’t know if this is enough ink, but I’ve got some ink Got some stinky ink, okay Good, maybe I can get out. Oh, this is where that would have looped to. Okay, that’s good to know. Okay, maybe I can get Eyes on another on the way back, but it looks like I might be cut off here Okay, let’s just see. Okay, there’s An opening. Oh, they might spot me. Ah They didn’t spot me They did not spot me. Okay, so where was the machine it was right here. So if I pop this bad boy in Crank out one of these. I Think I need a curvy one. I think I need one more. There was another path that I could have gone What (HIDEHIDEHIDE) Oh (Bendy’s gonna getcha) (Get in the poop station, (I think that’s what it’s called)) Okay, I Guess everything is fine. Oh God, how many do I need? Okay, well I Guess I just gotta go back. Maybe I can get more from the same place over and over again know what I gotta do. I Guess that’s what I gotta do. So here I go. Oh I didn’t get this one. Did I get this one? I think I guess Oh Wally, why did you record Your crime for everybody to hear Doesn’t that seem a little bit incriminating to you don’t anything that might be okay. Oh Oh Oh we can I get another yes, I can. Okay, Wow. Hey not in the butthole zone again, uh God someone please reenact this with the guy from Twilight Zone just you have now entered the battle zone This is a place where reality doesn’t make it. Oh Wait a minute, I May have found myself a shortcut. I may find myself a good Old-fashioned shorty Cuddy. I may have found myself a shortcut I Think I did I may have found myself. Oh Okay, how do I there we go Kachunk. All right one more. I may have found myself Oh shortycut All right. Well You don’t care about nothing. Do you? How did everybody else lock on target to me so quickly but you guys are just bumbling idiots the can’t even be focused on one thing at a time Almost makes me feel foolish for dying to you in the first place. All right, I call this one the butthole shortcut Cuz watch this oh Not your head Not your big ugly head And then you just walk into the butthole zone and you just kind of like stick your hand out and you scrape some of the butthole ink on the way out and then next thing you know you’ve got a bunch butthole in your hand and Baby you got a stew going instead of a stew it’s a horrible inky butthole Instead of an inky butthole its system nightmare there you’re gonna need years of therapy to If I even get out of here in the first place I don’t think therapy’s gonna even remotely change anything about this because I’m pretty sure my interiors are all inked at this point Anyway, here we go YAAAAAAAAAAA Don’t know why that was set up to be like that but okay of course, you know the decontamination zone into the vault with ink Right Okay, there we go I Just had to do that. You guys know what it’s like I Had to I had no choice. Okay, so something broke in or out of this vault That’s the first obvious thing but why? Why would there be giant pipes of ink flowing into the wall? This seems like it seems like bad security right here I’ve got a funny feeling about this Hi Yeah That’s convenient Very convenient Oh Yeah Hell yeah No more hunting for gears Tom. You’re all right in my book You get a little rub on your noggin you little pet Tom you are Just a dreamboat. Okay. Alright Also side note don’t mess with Tom because Tom punch your chest into your ass. Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait wait a minute Are we back like towards the beginning of the game? CHAPTER 1 Why? why should we not? Ohhhh Hiiiii ‘LA LA’s mixed in with ‘Hey Hey Hey’s that don’t look so good. that thing don’t look good at all. Oh, that’s some kind of gangly Oh you got like some problem with your spine there? Alright, anyway, see ya. I’m supposed to be real quiet. So have a nice day. Goodbye Death Yep, confirmed okay death has been confirmed. Okay, good. Alright Is this the ink machine? Tom punch the oceans I can’t see you You’re all blur not always. not always a reason Good you got a halo Tom you got an arm All right. Well, I guess I’m going alone again You guys are abandoning me and it’s not fine. It’s not cool in any way shape or form. So here I go wa da dee dee da da leely Well, did they? Throw me your ax. CLUNK All right. Thank you I miss Boris I’m guessing this must be the official Ink Machine. I mean, I know in Chapter one. There was the Ink Machine in there that was originally pumping out the ink but I’m guessing this might actually be THE ink machine Well, you guys look like a whole bunch of fun, why are you looking away you shy oh and hey Tom and/or Boris, how you doing? What a lovely lovely lovely place or a throne Is this a throne? I’m gonna guess it’s a throne a quite bondagy throne, but nonetheless Hi hello, how you doing grumbly It was you got a grumbly in your – Oh, that’s a big hand Whew, that’s a strong grabber. Yeah, are those your strangling hands? Oh Who’s a big boy? OHH, Who’s a big boy? Who’s a big boy, I love thumbnail moments, ow, okay. Thank you Oh well, uh, Oh, what where am I? Oh Oh well, um To who this I am outmatched in every way shape or form I’ll just take a breather in the butthole dimension cuz I have no idea what you want from me. Hey I think I was supposed to dodge If I had to guess I think this the main point here is that I’m supposed to dodge Whoa, well, he’s just having a good time. He’s just a scampering Okay, I think there might be a pattern to his running Maybe yeah, there’s a pattern. Okay, so he doesn’t come this way He was how he’s gonna go left to right across in front of me No Yep. Yes, then he goes that way Okay, there’s a switch. I like flipping switches. I don’t know what they do, but I got It wait a minute as soon as he goes Gonna go zooming back this way and he’s gonna come right through there. Yeah, okay We got the pattern a little bit down So I just got to stay out of trouble for as long as I can. Oh Shit yeah Well, I mean, he’s just he’s having a good old time. What is this dude? I have no idea Oh It opened the door pass handy All right. Where does this door go? Oh, I need to find I see. Okay. This is gonna be the door out I just got to find all of the switches it’s just too terribly bad cuz This is a matter of avoiding. Uh Avoiding his stampede. That’s not so bad. Okay, there’s another one Okay So Where would another be is another Okay, I got to imagine that they’re all opening the same doors It’s funny because he’s he’s really not that bad. He’s just a cuddly guy that likes to run he’s just scampering I just interrupted his exercise hour. That’s all really is Okay, I’m gonna take a gander He’s gonna come barreling. Oh no, it’s open. Okay. Well, I guess that was all of them Easy enough. See you buddy She on the other side Have a good day Catch you on the next life. I guess All right, oh I got troll oh no, I didn’t Oh, Who’s laughing now Wow And I don’t know always laughing. I haven’t seen any more secrets from this thing, but this looks like a final arena type. Whatever All right, let’s do it. I mean I was never laughing in the first place I’m not really the type to laugh in the face of danger I’m more detective just buckle over and just sob uncontrollably in the face of danger. Ah Here we go Found it. The one inconspicuous. Oh, hey, how’s it going there now you don’t you want to play? Okay That’s a little oh, all right, I didn’t do that. Oh, excuse me. There’s a box in my right Hey, I didn’t know that that’s what I was supposed to do, but apparently it was so I’m doing good Hey, come on. Hey stupid you big dumb goof You missed you’re supposed to hit this thing is stupid my headache hit what you gonna do Okay, wait, this is a problem Okay, you already broke that one. You didn’t need to break it again, you big dumb stupid What What happened Oh What What what what happened Why did everything go black That was weird. Okay. I’m not gonna really read into it too much Okay back on the third. Hey, the chair is mine if this chair shares mine. Oh, that was all I needed to do Why didn’t you oh hey, uh Hello. Oh Yeah, yeah movie time. Come on. Let’s watch a movie Yeah yeah movie time don’t worry about it, man OH NO …THE END RAHHHHHHH And then he’s gone Anybody in the pooper? Scary Very scary Big Boris, oh, wow. It’s all the games. Okay. Well, that’s kind of cool oh (Back again in hell) Wait(Please someone make a remix) Hang on hold up. Take a second. Hold it. Hey Wait up Hold on so this whole place Was in this old guy’s back y….yyard Okay, I’m cool. That’s fine. All right Don’t get it. That’s okay. I don’t know why everything is so wrong Boris went a little wrong, but that’s all right Joe J Thomas. All right I don’t understand anything that happened here, but there is one more chance and I will see it soon There’s one more thing in the end of this game to be seen Even if I’m very confused even if I’m incredibly incredibly confused at this entire operation within this guy’s back room somehow(shook) is that the ink machine? (confused by the liitle girl voice) I Am very confused and I don’t understand anything Anything at all? Something don’t add up here. I don’t know What is happening in this game? I’m really confused Cuz I really am. I’m really honestly truly trying to piece it together exactly what the story cuz obviously that that last sequence, that last sentence that, “tell me another one, uncle Joey” like All of this, I think the point it’s trying to make is that all this is just ideas come to life in ink Like that’s whole thing, these stories These shows, this movie, this whole universe. They’re all part of stories and in a way them coming to life is no different than them coming to life in an animation in a in a video or in an animation in anything like that, but at the same time (mark is becoming a game theory) It’s a little bit confusing And I’m wondering what the connection is between everything because what it like what is the point that they’re trying to make? What is the what is the end result out of this, right? Are you just trying to keep it open-ended? So open-ended it’d be like anything’s possible with the power of imagination Were you trying to say that like this is the this is the end result of a man so obsessed with his creations that he actually did bring them to life in a perverted quest for Building his own Empire and it burned around him but then again like that whole intro sequence of like go check out the old workshop and then Going there you have unlocked the seeing tool in all previous chapters Well, I’m not gonna go through the whole game with the seeing tool even though that would be cool But I’m not gonna do that, but I am gonna go to the archives so we go here and We go. They did also they remade the first chapter I will say that but I’m gonna go to the archives here because I want to know what is The dealio with this. Welcome to the archives. Bendy and the Ink Machine began when the developer Cartoonist known as The Meatly experimented with bringing a sketch 2d style into a 3d world After turning the idea into a horror game, Chapter One of the game was created in a little under a week with programmer friend Mike Mood and released on February 10th in 2017 much to their surprise, it struck a chord with global indie gamers almost overnight the Meatly and Mike Mood decided to drop all of the projects to work on Bendy and tell the most unique ink story. The entire game was completed a chapter at a time in a year and a half by a small but dedicated group of indie developers Although the concept and story remained as originally intended, the game changed over development as characters and models were refined from their early Thrown-together versions. This archive is a sneak peek behind the scenes at that process Interesting, I’m gonna do this more of a narrated guiding style. Ooh, okay. Let’s start from left to right We will love the art. I love the whole art of this place. Oh my Goodness gracious. Oh Oh Oh my oh my oh my oh my concept bendy This is the first version of bendy ever modeled in the earliest concepts bendy was much smaller and cuter with a face that split open To reveal a terrifying mouth. I love that. I love that entirely. I love that completely, that is terrifying. They should have used that in some way, shape or form they should have used that because that is Horrifying alpha bendy. Okay. I remember this one This is the original game use design of ink bendy from the earliest version of chapter 1 It is jokingly referred to as “bird poop with a smile” among the development team yeah, I could kind of see that but it does have a very like Interesting silhouette, it looks very muscular without actually being overly bulky and that’s kind of a weird threatening stance to it I actually don’t like the design of the final boss very much. It’s just very um, I don’t know, it’s nonsensical in a way and it just didn’t seem very threatening. Whereas the other one was slight and I Don’t know just seemed like it was a morphus and actually could be anything whereas that is just a big muscle monster Which is something that I don’t really like in horror things Beta Bendy. This was inked Bendy’s Form until the release of chapter 4. At that time, the game received a major visual upgrade and the key title character got a new Model as well Okay, pretty cool ink bendy ink bendy as we know him today although similar to beta bendy This upgraded version was remodelled enhanced with a higher polygon count and given new ink effects Okay. Now this I like this I really like cuz it’s got this weird bony skeletal structure and the face is obviously leering and more peeking out from underneath ink, but at the same time I I gotta go with this one I really do I really like that one or this one As opposed to this one wins one is nice with a higher poly count and everything but there’s something about this one. That’s just like Unnaturally disturbing in its silhouette whereas this one just seems like I’m a monster It looks like one of the imps from doom. Whereas this one just seems like I’m trying to be hue like hello fellow human I am bendy You know in the way ya be spending Bendis horrific final form in chapter 5 pulled away from the cartoon facade and revealed the demon within yeah I kind of see what you were going for and like in static. It’s kind of cool But at the same time, I don’t know. It just feels like it detracts from the actual horror element of it I feel like when a lot of things go overly muscular and too big You know with a lot of like sharp teeth and shark style like I I get that it’s it the idea is scary but the execution often falls flat because – a funny little legs here, but that’s not the point like it just it’s less horrific and more just like I’m a brute. I’m a big dumb brute. Whereas this one and is inherently more interesting I think that’s his personally though beta searcher early in development with just a few weeks to create chapter 2 the beta searchers were designed In record time before being fully retooled later on they were the first fighting enemies encounter in the game hate you Hate you very much. I didn’t even notice the mouth there. That’s interesting That’s a final search err. Ok hate you also. I love these guys, though Hey I love, even though they’re dumb and their AI wasn’t too good, I like him. (back to the searcher) far more robust in appearance They were smoother with better ink effects and a more human appearance I’ll take your word for that one. Beta Sammy with his first appearance in chapter 2, fan favorite Sammy Lawrence became a terrifyingly entertaining character. When his slim build was deemed not threatening enough He was redesigned and given a better skeletal rig for more advanced emanation. Ah Again, I disagree I I don’t think final Sammy Sammy Lawrence’s final form came complete with a bulked up stature and more powerful limbs The mad songwriter may finally get notice now, at least by fans( Sammy got finally notice by his senpai). See I disagree I Don’t think that adding muscles or bulking them up in any way is more interesting to them I think that the the overalls are modelled better and fit his form a little better But I don’t think bulking him up inherently makes him more threatening. I think it just makes him seem more like a more like a 1920s like rail worker or something like that someone working in the iron the iron departments The thing is if he’s a musician, he doesn’t look like a musician I feel like there’s nothing even to give him any sort of personality to this I don’t think muscles is the right way to go to give him personality It’s an inherently interesting thing where this guy goes mad and like takes on the face of bendy But at the same time I feel like there could be a different direction Not that I have anything off the top of my head, but you know I’m kind of thought of the original BioShock you remember like the the Photographer that like actually like cast the corpses of the people like in different ways the weird elegance that he had I feel like the like if this is the sound designer and all the music form of it like it’s like the musicians not gonna be bulked up like a musician’s gonna be fancy a Musician’s gonna try to retain the fanciness in some way, shape or form, but then that again that’s just my opinion I don’t even know about you There’s no message about you. Hello, so Which one of these was the actual human? That was turned into the monster I think this one must have been the human that was turned into the monster and this one’s actually Just the character brought to life. You know what I mean? There’s Tom. Ah Betta, Boris Papa papa papa. Oh Hi papa Yeah, Papa was the original name of the character that eventually became Boris the wolf. This version was released with chapter 1 He was quickly refined into the boris We know of today with the releases of chapter 2 who I loved don’t know who Tom is screw Tom Boris the wolf a friend to the end was designed using various references for cartoons of the 1920s a blend of West Coast and East Coast animation styles the silent and supportive wolf won over the hearts of many Although at times. He was a headache for the development team due to be as AI taking a mind of its own during production Yeah, but that’s what made him cute Oh Big Boris brute Boris. Now, this is now this is a Good example of brute like meeting a horror style taking something that you once loved and turning it into a brute I think that kind of works better than taking something you hate and turning it into a brute like Alice Angel’s monstrosity. Brute Boris was one of the biggest surprises of chapter 4 His design was roughly based on the Frankenstein monster But with a more unfinished appearance Alice took parts from within him and substituted thing that his body is rapidly rejected Yeah I can kind of see that see a lot of the elements of What what you take from before is is made in a horrified way. See the other one. It’s not enhanced by its bulk The bulkiness of it doesn’t enhance any horror of it because it doesn’t make it twisted in any way It just bulks it out. This one takes something that was adorable and cute and retains enough of the features of its original cuteness So that you can see the perversion that happened to it. And I think that’s a good thing about it The head is still exactly the same shape you can kind of get the sense of the overalls and now they’re stretching and ripping at the seams like this bone jutting out of This leg here that’s kind of cool and the weird the weird way like the juxtaposition of the hands and stuff and The sense of it kinda is is good in a way because you can see what you’ve lost And I think that’s really neat about it um Lastly here. We have the ink machine before a major visual upgrade This version of the ink machine was the one the game used in the game much of the machine’s Iconic fan loved design was translated into the final version Yeah There’s the ink machine. Alright. Oh This guy, I love that now. That was a cool boss. That was a really cool boss I think a little like the gameplay could have used some tweaking but it was still really cool Oh, here we go The butcher game the Piper, Striker and Fisher made up the butcher gang. Interestingly, The Ink corrupted versions of the characters were designed first and then were reverse engineered back into their more friendly family friendly cartoon forms There’s nothing not family-friendly about this. What’s not family-friendly about these lovely lovely things anyway, all criticisms that I have are not like Not to be taken like in any way sort of like with expert opinion. These are just my opinions Those are just what I would do if I had the ability to do it But I don’t have the ability to do it because I am not necessarily an artist. I am just a player of games I’ve never made one myself But that is just my idea behind it. But this has been bendy and the ink machine I liked it. I really do. I have a lot of problems with the gameplay But I’ve never ever had a problem with this story with the idea behind I,t the world, the environment. I think it’s very original I think it’s really cool to see. I think it brings a lot to the table and I think there’s a lot to be learned From the experience and I can’t wait to see what they make next whatever this company does They’ve hit it really big with a lot of success. Ooh, that’s scary Now if it actually had eyes like that it would have been a lot scarier. Oh my god, that’s terrifying Oh, I hate that. But either way, thank you everybody so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this adventure into bendy and the ink machine and Let me know what you thought down the comments below. if you want to play this for yourself and see the secrets of the mirror Throughout the beginning of the game You can play the game. I’ll put a link in the description thank you everybody so much for watching always remember to support the indie developers who make these great games that we can all love and and Enjoy and thank you all so much again. And as always I will see you in the next video Bye-bye

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  1. Allison: Quiet. Don't make any noise

    Mark: Why?

    Bendy: Walk slowly


    Allison: Wtf….

    Tom: Can i punch this guy?

  2. See Markiplier, Bendy was suppose to be the Threatening Ink Demon with the most incredible Form. The point of the Brute form is to show Bendy it's true Form, to show you who you're actually messing with (kind of). It doesn't matter if Having something you hate and turning it into a Brute would not give out the Horror Element, It's suppose to be The scariest most annoying Ink Monster to ever faced with. Also I'm pretty sure he's suppose to be like Mickey mouse, the Main character, and the forever lovable character by others, and the hero. Boris, yes he was the example of seeing your childhood being all horror. But that's not really all this time the point. If Mickey was a ink Monster, he would try to set this right, even if he had to turn Demonic. And as for Sammy, Im pretty sure it doesn't also matter if he was bulked, that's like seeing a wrestler working as a teacher. he's still a wrestler. Sammy is still a musician with or without bulk muscle.

  3. The evil alice is the original voice actor for alice who was jealous that joey recasted the voice actor and the nice alice is the new voice actor

  4. "I was never laughing in the first place. I'm not really the type to laugh in the Face of Danger. I'm more the type to just buckle over and sob uncontrollably in the Face of Danger." [Markiplier 2018] Also like same Mark same lolz

  5. Anybody else think that they stole the design for Beast Bendy from somewhere? I can't remember where but I"d swear I've seen something just like it somewhere else. And not Venom or Xenomorphs like the wiki says.

  6. Therory-
    At the very end when their was a girl who said tell me another one uncle joey
    I think that Henry and Joey are brothers and before the girl and stuff and Joey was speaking to Henry he a loving family I think the girl was Henrys daughter.
    The girl speaking was a drawing of Henrys that came to life and because Joey and Henry are such good friends then the girl calls him uncle joey.


  7. In chapter 1, in one of the updates, the ink machine room was updated to be put on an elevator which got lowered deeper into the studio with each chapter

  8. Alice: "It's probably near by…"
    Mark: "Well, that's convenient."
    Alice: "Probably past that door…"
    Mark: "That's SUPER convenient!"
    Alice: "But it won't be easy to open…"
    Mark: 繚 _ 繚
    Alice: "I'll need three gears, a crowbar…"
    Tom: Walks over to the door
    Mark: 繚 _ 繚?
    Alice: "And something to collaborate…"
    Tom: Casually punches the door, breaking it with ease
    Mark: 0-0

  9. I really just kinda hated the whole direction this chapter took. Up to Chapter 4, you were primarily alone save for Boris, who was mute. You really only had your wits and, even though I was not playing through the game, I could feel the insanity of the place. Yet in Chapter 5, the vibe that the place is abandoned is sort of…gone. Alice and Tom just kinda chill at the bottom of a decrepit animation studio, and the neighborhood setting implies that strange ink people just sort of live there happily, even with Bendy around. Sammy's reappearance just kinda fell flat as well. There was a sort of chance to flesh him out a bit more than in Chapter 2, something to explain why he was alive after Bendy supposedly tore him to shreds. It would have made the story a bit more intersting: perhaps Bendy could have shown he could reason and plot against Henry by keeping Sammy alive. The characterizations of Alice and Tom also fell flat. The reason that Boris worked in Chapters 2 and 3 was that, although he was not hurting you, he wasn't helping you either. You felt like he could turn on you at any moment, especially when the player first meets him. Alice just kinda felt like a one-dimensional character that served as a mere "sidekick" that immediately trusted and helped Henry. Tom was a little more interesting since he was slower to extend signs of warmth to Henry, intimidating the player in the cell made you feel like you couldn't trust him at all. And the final boss fight was just plain awful. I wholeheartedly agree that the "big feral monster" motif made Bendy less like a plotting cat toying with a mouse and more like a simple force of nature. Up until the point where Bendy turns into the monster, I was expecting the plot twist to be that Joey Drew had been Bendy the whole time, dousing himself in ink in an attempt to become the dancing devil, perhaps as part of the ritual Susie underwent to become Alice Angel. Personally, I prefer my version better, as it raises a bunch of weird questions (how did Joey become insane enough to attempt to turn himself into Bendy? Did he love his creations more than mankind? Would he have married Susie/Alice as Bendy in an attempt to live out his cartoons?). And the ending feels like a sort of copout. It sort of comes out of left-field in the sense that the established universe of BATIM isn't followed. How did Henry just time-warp back to the beginning of the game? Nothing like that had ever occurred or was even hinted at.

    Now I've spent enough time being negative about the game, time for me to praise the game where credit is due. The atmosphere is phenomenal. The fact that everything feels cartoony, yet realistic at the same time blurs the line between reality and fantasy beautifully. I really liked a lot of the character designs: Mangled Boris was really unnerving to look at up close: you could feel he was in a tortured state. Same with Sammy: you could tell he was a crazed madman that was left behind years ago. The Projectionist is really gut-wrenching to look at and hear. Ignoring all the fetch quest-y stuff, I liked the way Susie/Alice was characterized. And I found Henry to be very likeable, with the way he occasionally spouted quips ("Always on time"). Yet he also seemed very frightened about the whole situation. The sound design is used to great effect: the game knows when to stay silent and when to ramp up the tension. The music and movies playing feels like it was intended to be happy, yet with the juxtaposition of disturbing scenery, became eerie. The Bendy cutouts made the player feel like they were being watched by a sinister force, even if no sinister force was actually present. The design of the carnival boss was really disturbing and weird. The implications that a man disfigured himself into a carnival ride are really dreadful to think about. And finally, Bendy's character up to the whole Chapter 5 thing. He looked like a cunning, conniving creature that had found his next meal — or another soul to torture. He was mysterious in the sense that he seemed intelligent. He could have reached through the porta-potty Henry was hiding from the Projectionist in, but he had other plans. The Bendy cutouts were most likely placed by his design to intimidate the player. He had clearly been able to convince a great number of people at the studio to worship him as a god: who knows what he had in store for you? He resembled the character he was supposed to represent, yet he was twisted and perverted into a disfigured wretch. He was always a looming force throughout the adventure, and even if he was never present, you could still feel his presence.

  10. Markiplier guess what Markiplier they're after you kill them by making a pipe bending ink for kill the the those thingies in them if you go to a area you'll see a pickaxe

  11. 20:44
    Mark: There is no way anybody can get through this on the first try
    Me:*dancing awardly in corner cause i did it first try

  12. Alice: It wont be easy going through that door. Ill need 3 cog wheels, a crowbar and…

    Tom ( Boris): * punches through door*

    Alice: Or that I guess…

    Me: * starts dying*

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    Sure it will be painful but its worth it, although I wouldnt do that 不不

  14. All of the bendy monster's were originally people Joey found a way to turn them into reanimated monster's. Also you visited the butthole 8 time's

  15. Me looking at the ink "sac" with a hat:did i crush you before, you pile of shit? And mark is not quiet if he was there he'd be dead 20 hours before i wont be surpized if he dies in total 100 just ITS TIMS TO STOP

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