Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 2

Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 2

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier! and welcome to Bendy and the Ink Machine, Chapter two. Now, I wanna apologize first about this late video I know things got off to a bad start today I had, like, my computer to just explode on me Uh, and then I had to go to a meeting and then I had to record with Bob, Wade and Jack, And so I only JUST now was able to record, which is, like, an hour before you see this video. But either way this game came out, I’m ready to play it And I know the last one left off with Bendy, chasing you after you turned on *gurgle* the Ink Machine… *Creepy Music* Game narration : “Oh my head.”
…Owie “…What happened?” I don’t know You got hit in the head by Goofy! ๐Ÿ˜€ HELL yeah I get the axe, still! HYAHH! HAYAHH! (Link? :D) Oh what happens if you didn’t pick up the axe? (Idk) Would you just go on your daily life and look at this horrible monstrosity? Oh my god. D’: Is that from the Ink Machine? Eugh. Alright! Ohh yeah I walked in here and then I got knocked out but two of the- oh my god its Chapter Two so two of these symbols are activated. HIIIYAH! HEEYAH! Okay So anyway. HELLO? Is- *Plank suicides* Okay I didn’t actually expect an answer from that! That was more of a general “Hello?” Just announcing my presence. Rhetorical “hello”. *mumbling* Just like all my “hello”s. :’) “He will set us free.” Will he do that? Is this a sacrifice to him? Also what is that? Is it a bowl of eggs or is it a bowl of bones??? Game Narration : “How did this place get so big?” *In response* I don’t know. How did this place get so INKY? Sammy Lawrence : “He appears from the shadows” “to rain his sweet blessings upon me.” I don’t think thats good. I don’t think thats good.
Sammy Lawrence : “The figure of ink that shines in the” “darkness.” Nah.
“darkness.” “I see you, my savior. I pray you hear me.” Uh-huh “Those old songs… Yes, I still sing them.” “For I know you are coming to save me.” “And I will be swept into you final,” “loving embrace.”
NOO! “But, love requires sacrifice.” “Can I get an amen?” NO! I refuse! Absolutely not, Sammy! NO! I refuse! Absolutely not, Sammy!
Sammy Lawrence : “I said…” “Can I get an amen?” WOAH. That was not my voice… D: Was that my voice? WHO SAID THAT? WHO THE HELL *swing* SAID THAT TO ME? Was it you, Bendy? I will not give you an amen with all these satanic symbols! You’re the savior of DICK!>:c Thats what you are. *Manly hiyah* Woah. Didn’t know that worked. *Another one* Okie, that didn’t work… Ugh! Ughhh! It’s his sweet embrace all over the floor! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) God damn it Bendy! Clean up after yourself. *Manly swing* h-hiyah! h-hiyah!
Game Narration : “Hello! Excuse me! Can you help me! Hello?” Hoi- Hi! I missed that, I’m sorry! Hello?
Game Narration : “Hello! Excuse me! Can you help me! Hello?” What were you carrying? Game Narration : “Where the hell did he go?” I didn’t even look I was too busy chip choppin! Now I feel like an asshole! D:<...ooh. what that why does bendy have bacon soup eugh. eughhh alrighty then. hmm.. shhhhhould there be redirect power to the gate find three switches okay i got my eyes open this time except for board is gonna get it and then you whoever out same with of swiggity swinging noises okay. so should around here but don recall seeing any on way i- oh did see we go another hunt are well one gooood me shit- ate that. know if was a up cans good idea plays musical genius point scream better not switch hiding behind beside no bad feeling about eating because think give some health back need unless sorta monster hurting only thing can imagine eat its just all ink inside bottle good. yes rain down upon your blessing axe shit outta :d hiiyah hohohhohohohohohohhooooa now maybe... happens cutout take biaattch>๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t eat- Oh yes I can! Glug, glug, glug! Oh thank you! There’s another one! GLUUUG! Seems a little greedy for me to be eating all this soup by myself but what else am I gonna do? I’m lonely :’)) Glug! Okay, that’s all that there! Glug glug! I got it all! Inside my bel- HEYA! *Axes again* Don’t do that to me okay? *Swing’n’scream* Okay. Huh? Ooooh, fuck you HEEYAH! Well that’s how it’s gonna be. Hup bup! Mhhhm! Huh! I’m gonna do a 360 whirlwind! Haaah-boosky! Yaaah-boosky! Haaah-boosky! 360 NO-SCOPE! boink! Huuuh! Can I do a 720, am I sick enough? HUUUH! I think I made it. I think I nailed that one; Ohhh! I see you! Wow, you are hard to find. Good god! Man, they really hide these things obscurely in this game. I don’t know why they did the same thing with the other items that I had to find in the last game but at least its only three of these. I was wandering around for a long time last time. But let’s carry on! I’ve got things to axe in the face! ..Hello?? …Goofy???~ Alrighty then. Hi- Oohhh! …Hiiii? Who in hell in you are? Hiya! Hiyo! Hee hah! 360! Swahp– Missed :'( …Nailed it. Got it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hello? I’m in the Music Department? That sounds delightful and happy and fun! Why wouldn’t I like that? Look at how happy Bendy is in the rain and ink c: It’s raining ink… Don’t know why… *Swingy* The lighter side of hell. WELL, you know- Woah I didn’t expect that to open, hello! Hell-o~ Oh boi! Oh boi! OH BOI! Ohhhh BbOoiii Hello. Hello.
Susie Campell : “This may only be my second month working for Joey Drew, but” Susie Campell : “This may only be my second month working for Joey Drew but,” Uhuh. “I can already tell, I’m gonna love it here!” “People really seem to enjoy my Alice Angel voice.” Mmm.
“Sammy says she may be as popular as Bendy some day.” Sureee.
“These past few weeks I have voice everything” “from talking chairs to dancing chickens.” “But this is the first character I really felt a” “connection with, like she’s a part of me.” “Alice and I, we are going places.” Are you gonna go to the places where you’re being worshipped and sacrificed too because that’s where Bendy’s at. *piano plays* I’m a GENIUS! ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay alright then. That didn’t do me any service. So I’m guessing what I’m gonna have to do is I’m gonna have to come back here and then I’m gonna collect all these musical pieces. *drum* Thumpity-thumpy! Thummon the demon~~ :3 I don’t know they’re all called Lighter Side to Hell. *violin* That’s a little ominous. Okay I’m gonna GO NOW! I’m gonna go awaaay. I wanna… I wanna screw myself and have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚ Take the advice I always give to everybody Is there a built-in drain to this? Why would there be a built-in drain into a staircase?! I mean- I, I wasn’t quite an engineer but I know enough about building standards that usually, stairways aren’t built with built-in pumps to DRAIN. INK. And ’cause no standard water pump would be able to drain ink as well it’d have to be custom designed for that! Oh. I don’t know what that did but it didn’t do anything. Alright I’m gonna stop questioning reality here and- Oh! Alice Angel!~ She sings and she dances. Why’d she have a devil horn then? Well that’s no good… Here we gooo! Boink! Okay. Norman Polk :
“Everyday the same strange thing happens.” “I’ll be up here in my booth,” “The band will be swinging,” Was Bendy always here?
“and suddenly” “Sammy Lawrence just comes marching in and” “shuts the whole thing down.” “Tells us all to wait in the hall.” “Then I hear him.” “He starts up my projector, and” “he dashes from the projector booth” “and down to the recording studio like the little” “devil himself was chasing behind.” “Few seconds later, the projector turns off,” “But Sammy, oh no, he won’t come out for a long time.” “This man is weird. Crazy weird.”
*projector turns off* Ahh… “I have half a mind to talk to Mr. Drew about all this.” I know what to do! “I really do.” “But then again, I have to admit.” “Mr. Drew has his own peculiarities.” I’m Mr. Drew aren’t I and now what I remember Okay- Heeey how’s it goin’ Bendy? Jesus. Alright so I gotta run, From there, awwweee- HEEEY!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! I DON’T WHAT TO LOOK AT WHAT’S BEHIND ME~!!! OH GAWD!!! FUCKING HELL! D:๐Ÿ™ Fuck off- FUCK OFF! Fuck, NOOOO. Don’t do it. Hey, hey, STOP IT. *swing* STOP IT. AY! Fucking STOP IT. Stop it! sToP EW. God. You’re so… fuckin’ weird. STOP. Stop I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. Don’t. I don’t- ah, fuck you. FUCK YOU. OH YEAH, OH YEAH. Can’t handle MMME. *ominous whirring* God if only I had more soup to drink- wait there’s more of them down there! What the hell’s happening? alright I’m gonna go back down again, apparently. Cuz there’s something- Oooh. Sammy Lawrence : “So first, Joey installs…” Oops sorry, I… ran away. I just wanted to see what was happening. Oh, the three are up there now. Oh, okay. I see how this is. Okay, I’m going to go listen to the thing apparently because you guys are being a bunch of assholes. Sneakin’ on ME. Sammy Lawrence : “…switch right in my office.” Oh.
“People in and out all day.” “Thanks, Joey, just what I needed.” “More distractions.” “These stupid cartoon songs don’t write themselves,” “you know.” Yeah, they don’t I don’t know what Sam is doin’. WAIT. This wasn’t here before. Hello. Where was this? *organ* *swing* BAP! Okay. “Nooo…” Oh! …Hi? How long have you been there? …Okay! LIL WEIRD! Little weird, not gonna lie. Little weird. Hello Bendy. “Do not let Joey see this.” Okay. …okay! Alright… ooh. Somethin’ wrong’s happenin’ here. “Sammy Lawrence Music Department Director” What? m- what do you mean that’s one hell of a leak?! You just walk right in! You open the damn door! Alrighty then. Wally Franks : “So I go to get my dustpan from the” “hall closet the other day” “and guess what? I can’t find my stupid keys.” “It’s like they disappeared into thin air or something.” “All I can think of is that they must have fallen” “into one of the garbage cans as I was making my rounds” “last week.” “I just hope nobody tells Sammy.” “Because if he finds out I lost my keys again,” “I’m out of here.” Yeah then why did you record yourself saying it? And leave it in the middle of the hallway? “It’s time to believe.” I don’t know what to believe in anymore. What the fuck was that? I heard that… Oh I heard that. Oh I heard that. So I gotta find something in a garbage can? Is that what I heard correctly? So it’s gotta be in one of these garbage cans, right? maybe… Alright so I guess its time to go a-huntin’ again. HEY! Woah, woah, woah, woah. Caught you right in the jibbler jabber! Fucking douche. What are you doin? Also why is the ink coming alive because thats something that shouldn’t be happening, Imma get you if you get… Get outta here. Oh, think about it. I’m just backtracking this way because there were garbage cans over here so so I just need to make sure it wasn’t in none of deeez. Oh, got it! Okay, got itttt. Hello. Okay, so I got that. And that’s good. So now I can unlock this supposed closet and find out whatever’s in there. EVEN THOUGH, supposedly my character has worked here before. And knows everything about th- GLUG GLUG GLUG I love me some bacon soup GLUG Sammy Lawrence :
“Every artistic person needs a sanctuary.” “Joey Drew has his and I got mine.” “To enter, you need only know my favorite song:” “The banjo playfully plucks.” “The banjo, once again, strums it’s melody.” “The violin shudders with a piercing voice.” “The violin again screams.” “Sing my song and my sanctuary will open to you.” Okay, banjo banjo violin violin. I guessing that suPPOSED to be randomly generated, don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it. But, with your stupidity you have revealed your secrets to me! So I think I gotta go up and I gotta start the movie and then banjo banjo vile vile And then I’ll be good to go. Then I’ll know exactly what I need to do. OH there’s five of you now. Great! Greaaat GRRREEEAAT! Love that. Banjo banjo violin, violin. Banjo banjo violin, violin. Okay, where dat banjo? *banjos twice and violins twice* AYYYY! I got it! Open for me! OPEN! Ooh~ Well that seems… ominous. I don’ think I should do this! If I’m turning this shit on, that’s bad. Okay good. No more Ink Machines to turn on here. Jus- AAYYY! FUCK you, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU!!!!! Alright. I think that was inappropriate in *mumbles* *gasp* Fuck! Hi! God damn it. Fuck off! Ah. Frick, missed that. EH. Ow. Fuckin OW. OW. STOP. STOP. STOP! You’d better not. You better not have… *ominous music* NOOO! NOOOOOOOOO! FUCK YOU!!!! Okay! So now, Hopefully- Ayy! Fuck off with you. Fuck off with you. Fuck off with you. Okay. One at a time please. One at a time. One at a time. Hey! One at a time. What was that? Hello. ONE AT A TIME! PLEASE! ONE AT A TIME! ehhhhh, BAP! MMMM, BAP! OI! Did I bap em? Did I bap ’em good? Uh, BAP! How’bout one more? BAP! yeah. YEAH. Professional BAPPER over here! Noted MARKIPLIER! Gonna BAP you into the next century! Okay, anyway. We got it, so if I can get through here, Now to do is NECESSARY BAP you. Okay. We’re good. We’re good. PUMP! Okay! What is that? That the Ink Machine? Yeah, Ink Machine mark 2? Uh-oh! Well, that don’t seem good I don’t know why we need that much Ink but okay, here we go! Fuck so we just gotta get out of here. I-I have words about that save system. but I’ll get to that when I get outta here. Fucking again?! In the back of my skull?! AGAIN? Sammy Lawrence : “Rest your head,” “It’s time for bed.” Okay thank you, yeah all right then. AGAIN. Again. Uh-oh Maybe we would. We MIGHT! Okay… Okay! OKAy! You noticed me! Yeah I’ve been here before. Okay…? I like my body! I don’t know why your body is all blackened. Uh-huh Let us NOT! I-it doesn’t need to, thats not a requirement. Will he hear me screaming? Maybe! Alright. BYE! Nice feet you loser. Okay so what do I do about this, what do I do? I see my axe… I Can’t move~! That is an option! Okay! No thank you! No means NO! NO MEANS NO! Oh.. Okay!! Okay here we go! Hey! NO. God damn it DON’T do that to me! Don’t you fucking do that to me! BAP! BAP! BAP! BAP!!! FUCKING BAP! GET BAPPED! WHY ARE YOU NOT BAPPING??? Fucking hell! Bap! Bap! Bap! BAP! BAP! Aw, FUCK! HEY! OH MY GOD. Oh my god, oh my god! Okay, alright then! EEEEEEeeeEEEeeHHH EEH, Okay THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Ah! I’m still running I think. I’m still in trouble I think! Uh oh! Uh-oh. I don’t think that’s a good idea… Oooh!! Hello! Hai Goofy~! Okay! BORIS. Also known as; Okay! Huh that was weird. So anyway, that is the end of Chapter 2 So the save system: if you’re gonna kill the player, don’t make them backtrack 20 minutes to get back to where they were. That’s all I’m gonna say about it! Other than that, this is actually getting really really interesting, I like it a LOT. And there’s still a lot of potential here. Now in this one, there were enemies. They could use a little more work, but it was a bit more threatening in this one and I like that a bit more than the ambiguous darkness. But either way, that is all the time that I have for this episode. I still have, laryngitis. Like I’ve still been fighting it. That’s what, have been making my voice so weak. So I’ve been trying not to strain it but, Thank you everybody SO much for watching I’ll be back on schedule very soon. And, uh- thanks again! And as always, I will see YOU in the next video. Buh-bye! (Horror outro) Oooh, Hello… Uh-oh…After credit sequence?! Or NOT! I guess. Ok! Bye~~

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