Beginning Tattooing Tips : How To Start A Tattoo

Now we’re going to begin the process of tattooing.
As I discussed, we’re going to take a dry paper towel, just for reference, you want
to use a quality paper towel so it doesn’t disintegrate in your hand, and it will get
bound up in the tips of the needles when you’re wiping it, and I’ll discuss that as we’re
going along. So, I’m just going to take, not wipe but pat, the tattoo area to get any excess
hexigraph ink for transferring off of the skin. And, now it’s been about five minutes
since we applied it so, it’s ready to tattoo. And now we’re going to take Vaseline. This
is something that’s really important, you want to use a new tube or tub every time you
tattoo to keep from any cross contamination. So your not spreading disease and so forth.
So, I’m just gonna take a little bit, OK, and lightly brush it over the area we’re going
to tattoo, just a little bit, OK?. Just let it sit like that, you can’t even really see
what’s going on but I just put a small dab on him. Now, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
take a glob and put it on the back of my hand, right here, and this is so that I can apply
Vaseline as I’m tattooing to keep the splattering of the ink, while your tattooing which you’ll
see when I begin to tattoo, why I’m gonna need it. OK, now we ‘re gonna take a clean
paper towel, and I put a little distilled water on it, I don’t like to use green soap
right away because it starts to smudge the transfer, the tattoo, and then that makes
it difficult to actually complete the tattoo. So, what you’re gonna want to do, being that
I’m left handed, is on my right hand, I’m gonna put it between my fingers like that.
What that allows me to do is as I’m stretching the skin, as you’ll see, I can wipe the tattoo
down. So, we’re gonna begin the process here. We’ve got our tattoo machine. And, I wanted
to show a point here, this is the jack plug that plugs in to the power supply. We have
the adjustment knob, that’s over here.
This is a clip cord, and there’s little slots for it to go into as you can see right here
in back of the machine and that allows the current to flow through. So, we’re on, we’re
ready to go. We’ve got the colors of ink that we’re gonna use here, we got black, red, white,
and a real light blue. We’re gonna start doing an outline now.

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