Beginning Tattooing Tips : How to Cut Out a Tattoo Stencil

Beginning Tattooing Tips : How to Cut Out a Tattoo Stencil

I’m going to take some scissors and I am going
to be careful not to touch this. You see how it is already rubbed on this paper here. If
you get that on your hands, it will get on everything. You can see, got my tattoo. I
am going to bring this around and this is pretty elementary but we do it just like we
were first grade. What you are going to want to do is trim close to the edge of the tattoo
or to the design because that is going to allow to apply tot he skin a little bit easier.
Pretty simple. Just cut around, trim it up. I try not to spend too much time on it, on
the details. It frustrates your client. Here we go. We’ve got it. The front side and this
is the back side that is going to be applied to the skin. This portion here get it away
from you, otherwise it will get all over everything.

15 thoughts on “Beginning Tattooing Tips : How to Cut Out a Tattoo Stencil

  1. wow , I wish those that made the smart comments would make a video of their own then we could see who the real dummies or fucktards really are. I liked the video.

  2. So if I can't draw very well, I shouldn't do tattoos? i can trace like it aint nobodies bizniz and I been coloring inside the lines for close to 26 years! I can even do it with a sharpie taped to two electric tooth brushes! I just want to ink myself and friends not for money.. I find these videos helpful! But should I give up cause I can only trace? And to the burnt tire and pee guy you'll get a better result if you stand i in a tub of water and piss into a toaster while its toasting on dark!

  3. Advanced tattoo stencil making liquids and techniques… check it out just google search for "Tattoo-Apprentice" or "Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo"

  4. @RandLshow Most left handed people cut with scissors in their right hand because most scissors are right handed scissors and they just get used to it.

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