before getting a tattoo : tattoo infection,tattoo types and more  | animated video

before getting a tattoo : tattoo infection,tattoo types and more | animated video

you don’t have to look far in a crowd to see a tooth today among people 18 to 30 years old one person in for is inked in the next few years forty percent of this age group lightly will be now up to sixty-five percent of those with catch the women you thinking of a tool for yourself find out why people get them the health risks involved and your actions if you change your mind welcome to lifestyles therapy channel Stay Tuned why get to to most people get a two for one of two reasons they want to express themselves and show they’re unique or they want to show they belong to a group take your time to settle on a design also think about where you want it and who will see it Tatto Types Anybody can jab ink, charcoal, or ashes under the skin with the pin these homemade tax often and those done by prime because such the tombs are often done clean condition they also have a much higher risk of infection cultural different cultures have to tradition catch may look a certain way or have a special surface they might be done for rituals are as a mark of beauty professional 22 replies by registered artists using a tattoo machine that’s the term many artists prefer to two guns cosmetic tattoo tattoos aren’t always designs or messages sometimes they used as permanent makeup people have to die and lip liner lipstick blush eyebrows or even take their because to 28 / x the inking has to be repeated the feat colors fresh medical to some people get in political reason someone with a chronic disease like diabetes may use a 22 Alice healthcare workers in case of an emergency if you’re getting radiation that more than once but doctors may use it to mark the site after surgery to rebuild a breast tissue may be used for the little the to risk infection any type of the two involves help with the worst is a very dangerous infection like HIV or hepatitis C from clean needles you could also get mrs saying or employee go which our stuff infections or cellular litters skin infection another danger is interference that has laws for bacteria this can lead to problems with the eyes lungs and other organs allergic reaction some people are allergic to tattooing this happens most with red the woman in this picture developed an allergic reaction to the red used in her cosmetic lipstick 22 a bad reaction to die for metals used tissue or cause swelling or rash in the next video we will discuss the following topics tutoring tips to removal tool removal list thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe and tap the bell to get notified about all new videos from lifestyle therapy you can also watch the other videos on the channel if you enjoy the video don’t forget to like it and share it and tell us your opinion in the comments thank you and see you soon

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