Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? DIY White Henna + Glitter!

Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? DIY White Henna + Glitter!

Hello there. And welcome To Beauty Busters Where we test our internet beauty hacks to see if they’re a poop? A whoop Or maybe baby meaning they may work for some [people] and they may not work for other [people] We’re doing the diy White Henna with glitter oh The reason I’m really excited about this is because when I went to generation beauty in New York City at the hip [C] party there was a lady that was doing henna. The line was super long and Everybody was [really] excited to get their white glitter Henna, and I was waiting in line. It was taking forever You know I was waiting. I was gettin’ patient I was like imagining my beautiful henna, and so then I get to the table. I sit down and the lady is like I’m sorry, honey. We just ran out. *Crying sounds* It hurt my soul a little bit, but she ended up doing the other Henna the brown Henna. Which is still very beautiful But I promised myself when she was doing that I know like I’m gonna learn how to do that white Henna And I’m gonna get it done so [give this] video a thumbs up if you’ve ever been so close to something yet So far away because I almost got that white Henna, but you know it didn’t work out, so it’s okay This is my third time filming this video the first time the footage got lost the second time It was [a] disaster and this you know third time’s the charm So let’s do this so some [of] the materials that you’re gonna need are some white body paint I’m using [pros-Aide] cream adhesive So basically this is kind of like an adhesive that people use like for Halloween, and you can also use spirit gum You don’t need this But I’m going to be using some of these little henna tubes this cost me around like $5 or $2 I can’t really remember [I’ll] link the source down below Basically this is gonna help you make the design a lot easier as opposed to like a ziploc Bag which I? Struggled one of the most difficult DIYs I’ve ever done and I was so frustrated after that video But you know I got these, I got these in handy You’re gonna need some glitter any glitter of your choice [and] finally you’re gonna need some corn starch. So are you guys ready? I’m ready. This is Gonna work I know it will my hackel meter Senses that this is going to be a whoop [alright] ladies and gentlemen together We can get this diy to work, so I’m starting off with One part of body paint so for every one part of body paint you want to add two parts of this cream Adhesive like I said you [can] use spirit gum One part paint oh my God come on there we go wow looks like a pile [of] Doodoo, but beautiful Doodoo Sparkling Doodoo You’ll notice that it’s getting to the consistency when you start to see it. See how it’s a little bit Tacky [there] everything is nice and mixed [now] like I said you [are] welcome to use a Ziplock bag roll it up. So difficult to do it didn’t work out It was a huge mess, so I just bought these little tubes these Henna tubes They cost me like three dollars Just come with like the little tip already, and you can just put [your] you know your henna in here So it’s a lot easier This is way easier Than what I was trying to do the other time but you can just test it out in a little area Let’s see how it works Beautiful really recommend is for you to have a few inspirational pictures that you can kind of go off of that [you] really like so I pinned a few of my favorites, and I think I’m going to challenge myself and do this one mmm… hmm Oh This is so fun. I Think [the] key to this [is] to not be [scared] and just kind of let your creative side Go, but like I said I am using a picture for reference computer [shutdown] for a little bit so it’s kind of not as easy to To work with so don’t let it dry out. Make sure once you do the mixture you do it immediately We’re done [now] the final step is to add the glitter before it dries out some of it has probably already dried, but we’ll try Just adding some of the cornstarch hate the feeling of Cornstarch [alright], so I did this a little bit opposite But what you’re supposed to do is let it get tacky for a little bit and then you [can] brush off the cornstarch But as always I don’t all instruction so I just kind of let it sit for like 15 [minutes] And then kind of brush [it] off so I let it dry for about 20 minutes and now the last thing to do is basically take a little brush and kind of Just sweep it over. Ooh, it’s working. It’s working just [sweep] out the excess. So you want to make sure that it’s completely dry so that by the time you do this It [doesn’t] mess [up] your henna. This is frickin amazing Super easy to do super inexpensive and beautiful. I love it. it worked. I’m so happy This is by Far my favorite beauty [buster’s] diy, it’s not professional, but it looks awesome I [think] it’s a little great for pictures. I love it. This is a whoop I’m Gonna be like this all day Cuz I love it guys really enjoy this video. I hope that inspired you. Maybe try it out. I think it’s such an easy Beauty Buster’s kind of [thing] it’s such an easy like diy at home, and it’s so artsy it’s so nice Just to mention This is completely waterproof. So you can go swimming in it I feel like it’s a cool summer accessory winter accessory all your long accessories absolutely beautiful I am in love with this But I really hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you did share it with your friends [so] that you guys can create really cool Diy Henna art don’t forget to subscribe to Join the Outies family, and I will see you guys next time I’m super excited this worked! Bye Hi Natilie- I would like to be your Outie of the weel. I love watching your videos, and that’s mostly it make sure to check out my YouTube Channel. Please!!! You are my inspiration [thanks]

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  1. I live in Malaysia and you can get henna paste in any shop but the thing is I ask my aunts to do it cos she is a pro in the design and there are special henna hand dryers so yeah

  2. That is a different henna henna is were you put it on let it dry and wash it off with water and the design is under it also henna is an Indian tradition and we use it on special occasion henna in the language that its suppose to be in is manthe ir can also be used for hair die and my dad makes it every day

  3. I went to a birthday party and they were doing henna but my mom didn’t let me so I couldn’t get it but everyone else did. 😢

  4. Yes i'm a muslim,muslims are people that follow god name allah,allah means god in arabic lots of people wear hanna like me i love hanna my name is sumiyah

  5. I only know 1 person thats left handed and thats me

    🐣 this is Natalie she has no friends she thinks she has no friend but everyone has friends right 1 like =1 friend

  6. I want this please 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😍😍

  7. Technically it's mehendi in India. Henna is in the Arab countries. However, mehendi originated in South Asia or India.

  8. Or just use natural henna from a henna tree and shabaam, instead of a BODY PAINT henna which is a mock of the beautiful henna.

  9. For us lazier ppl,there’s henna on amazon. I got brown,white and red (good quality henna) altogether for around $5.I highly recommend it (also I’m not hating or anything I just am too lazy to make my own mixtures)

  10. I had henna to diy my hair. Makes it really pretty. Henna was actually not originally made for beauty, it was for people in my culture (Muslims) for Eid.
    Eid is the celebration for when we stop fasting for Ramadan. You get presents, go to a mask(What you would call a church) and pray.
    There are 2 Eids. 1. Eid Al- Fitr ( id el fiter to make it easier to pronounce) that Eid is the celebration of the end of Ramadan (Ra-ma-dawn To pronounce easier).
    2. Eid Al- Adha (Id el ud ha) That Eid is when you sacrifice a sheep, goat, or camel. Do not think we are bad people. It is our religion to do that.
    And Muslims are pronounced Mu- SLIMS not Muzlims!
    Please do not be rude in the replies saying something like “Your soooo weird” or anything rude
    It is my religion.

    Thanks! 🙏🏼

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