Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? DIY PEEL OFF vs. NORMAL FOUNDATION Natalies Outlet

Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? DIY PEEL OFF vs. NORMAL FOUNDATION Natalies Outlet

Wow………………….. this will not end well Hello there and welcome to beauty busters *pew pew pew* where we test out internet beauty and DIYs to see if they are a poop or whoop, or a maybe baby. Meaning they may work for some people and may not work for other people. Today we are testing out something SUPER exciting that I saw on the internet ok? listen to this… DIY peel-off foundation *explosion sounds* Literally that’s how I feel ok so Personally I LOVE makeup, I love applying makeup the best part of my day is taking off makeup as well but it’s a hassle to remove my makeup, it just is. It takes me forever, I don’t enjoy it. So I figured DIY peel-off foundation. So let’s start with something. I recently saw this on Rclbeauty101’s channel and basically what she did was she DIYed a peel off foundation. I think it’s pretty genius. If I can facilitate anything on my face and make it that much more fun to remove, and that much more quick to remove then why not? i was a little skeptical about a few ingredients on my skin but i still wanted to give it a go so what the heck! so i’m gonna leave a link down below “go check it out!” send her some love! i think it’s an amazing video I mean she always comes up with the coolest DIY’s ever! so! first we’re gonna test out if the DIY’s actually works! then we’re gonna compare to see if they actually work and if actually take’s less time to remove make up! and what it does to your skin? if you enjoy beauty busters ! to make sure to give a thumbs up I’m gonna be doing a bunch more beauty busters If you want! Just tweet me insta me just let me know what you want me to test out there in beauty. Some weird ratchet like beauty diys. I am your test dummy and I am here for yah! Are you ready for this. Let’s do this! Honestly this diy is supper duper simple with the ingredients.. it’s kinda scary. A little bit. So the first thing we are going to be using is Elmer’s glue. Safe and non-toxic. Now this Is the only thing that rubs me wrong. With the whole thing. You know what I’m sayin. It’s just like I don’t know if I want to apply some Elmer’s glue I just i don’t know. So basically in a little container you are going to apply half of a containers worth of glue.

100 thoughts on “Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? DIY PEEL OFF vs. NORMAL FOUNDATION Natalies Outlet

  1. Heeeeyy Guys!! Its friday & Beauty Busters is here! 🤛🏼💥 I'll be uploading this series every Friday! What do you want to see next?

  2. I kinda say a woop 🙌 because my mom uses it in her face becauce its to take blackheads of you face so i think its a woop 🙌

  3. Can you please find on the internet how to grow your hair and test them out. If you do it, can please announce me?!? Love you

  4. Did anyone notice the little note on her computer that says

    If you see me!

    Like gurlll I already did!

  5. I bet I can guess ur childhood…. like this if u

    1. Put glue on your hand and peeled it off
    2 . Knocked on the table in class and everyone turned to the door
    3. Made a joke and nobody laughed except you
    4 . Tried to make a YT video on camera pretending u we’re a YouTube
    5 . Followed a makeup tutorial and thought u would look beautiful but u look 💩

    Like if u did these

  6. I think the peel off foundation would work better if you used a peel off face mask because it seems like it would work the same way, but the face masks are meant to be put on your face

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