Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer | PS4

Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer | PS4

and push them out of that area. Somebody help! Push out! Help!
We need help! Incoming! Support is on the way.

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer | PS4

  1. There were soldiers in the Pacific theater, but it was mostly a Marine Corps campaign. Please switch the “Let’s go, soldiers.” to “Let’s go, Marines.”

  2. Still won't buy this game. Cod Modern warfare is in charge. We need a modern battlefield I still play battlefield 4.

  3. i forgot about this game.i see there is no more women where they never supossed to be ,EA moving away from sjw politics??

  4. Este tendría que haber sido el trailer de lanzamiento de battlefield v, sin mujeres, con trajes y uniformes reales, poca personalización, y HISTO RICAMENTE REALISTA.

  5. So much violence with a happy tone, I don´t think you shouldn´t have games portraying wars, but at least treat it with respect, war is a dramatic and horrible thing

  6. Ok now start working on Battlefield : Bad Company 3, and i am sure you will not include cyborg ninja feminists, cuz you learned your lesson.

  7. I'm glad that thay are actually wanting to present a close to war like experience in their gameplay by allowing to play on either side freeing players by not enforcing any side and letting them play a part as per their own preference.

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