Battle of the Backwards Thumbs | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

Battle of the Backwards Thumbs | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

– Why does this place
feel strangely like home? – This girl is looking good.
– Damn, Katie, man. – She also looks like
a circus performer. – Maybe juggling
some bowling pins. [dramatic music] – Oh, hi. – Aaron Is.
– [laughing] – Are you still pissed
about those backward hands? – Pissed is a good word for it. I’m pissed that I went home.
– Like you– – You’re pissed
that you went home. – Of course, because
I don’t think we should’ve. And if we had gotten
to the stage, we could’ve won. – Strategically,
I felt like it was the better play
for me, and– – You were like
the master of ceremonies, and you rallied
all the troops up, the whole village of idiots, and they’re all behind you
holding torches. – I didn’t rally up
a bunch of people. I do not believe at all that, had the tables
been turned, that you and Cleen
would’ve been like, “Oh, shit, let me help you with your
drawing and change this.” – Oh my God, I have to
relive this thumb… – Oh, it’s never-ending.
– Catastrophe. – Enough about the thumbs.
– Oh, boy. – Let’s talk about
something else. – Y’all got eliminated,
so you’re pissed off. You don’t want to own up to it,
so you’re blaming me. – It’s not blame.
It’s not blame. – Everybody else knew too.
Nobody told y’all. – Yeah, but you were
the first people to walk up. – Whoa, what’s going on?
– Hold on, hold on, hold on. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
– Oh my gosh. – Put the thumbs down. – Clearly he is still mad about going home
for the backwards hands. – I’m not thrilled. – Even I still don’t even
feel like it was a mistake. I mean, look at every
traditional deity. – You know hands get hit hard. You could’ve
straightened them out. – But would it have been
a traditional deity then? – Katie saw a loophole
in the competition to get through,
and it’s a good strategy. – It worked, it got us
kicked off, for sure. – It’s a good strategy if
you’re competing for $100,000. – I moved on.
I’m good. – Strategically, I felt like it was the best move,
because y’all were big competition
for us. – Strategy’s fair. – Doesn’t mean I have to
be happy about it. – You’re here with this grudge,
and we need to settle it. There’s only one way to do it. We want to completely
level the playing field. – Okay. – We are gonna throw
at you guys a 90-minute face-off tattoo where we get to choose
exactly what you guys are gonna be tattooing today. – Oh, Jesus Christ. – A little banger tat. – The winner of that
90-minute face-off tattoo is gonna get a huge advantage and be able to pick
the style or the subject for tomorrow’s six-hour
grudge match tattoo. – Oh, yeah.
– Okay. – The winner of that
grudge match ends it all. – I would love to.
– Same. – I’m gonna be judging this. Aaron’s my bro, but I’m leaving
my heart out of this. This is all gonna be
best tattoo wins. – Sounds good to me.
– What should we give them? – I know you guys don’t want
to hear about hands anymore, but how about hands? Hands make cool tattoos,
and they’re hard. – Thumbs up to that.
– Hands. – [bleep] hand tattoo. – Oh, my God, 90 minutes. – This is your fault.
– The blaming again. I didn’t even do the tattoos. – Yeah, this the way
to do it. – I’m not scared.
– Get to work. – All right, guys.
– All right. – Oh, man.
– Hand tattoos. If I screw up the thumbs,
are you gonna help me? – I do have a good reference
for you, though. ♪ ♪ – In our second grudge,
in season two, Mark Matthews
and Sebastian Murphy almost came to blows
over a technique dispute. – Ah, shit,
it’s the traumatic tattooer. You still tearing people up
if you don’t like ’em, man? – Dude, you can sing
any song you want. All I’m thinking is… ♪ ♪ – Now they finally
get their chance to brawl. – Bullshit is bullshit, man. I don’t argue with bullshit. – This grudge is serious, bro. ♪ ♪ All right, guys, we got
Mark and Sebastian today. Man, these guys really went at each other’s necks,
almost. – They were ready to fight. One dude was ready
to choke him out. – He said,
“I will choke you out.” – This is a serious grudge. – Someone says
they’re gonna choke me out… – Yeah, it’s hard
to let that go. – Life grudge, you know, yeah.
– Yeah, exactly. – That client was crazy. – Somebody come in there, acting as [bleep] crazy
as she did? Turn the machine up,
tattoo a little slower, see how long it take for them to pass out
from how bad it hurt. – If you’re causing them
more pain, you’re inflicting something,
that’s wrong. – You don’t got to overwork
the skin, Mark. – If you turn up the speed
of the machine– – No, damn it. I’m gonna straight choke you
the [bleep] out. – Man, you know what?
– He’s not listening. – I don’t argue with silliness. And you’re trying to tell me
that’s not what I said. – I didn’t say shit
about that’s not what I said. I said it out of my damn mouth.
“That’s what I said.” – That was like
two MMA fighters or something in the house. Hopefully they let a tattoo
squash that today. – It’s been years,
but I’ll tell you right now, these guys,
they’re coming for blood. [dramatic music] – That hook’s your money, man. You’re tattooing a lot. – Been taking it
a lot more serious now that I’m not fighting, man. Like, I’ve been able to just
kind of focus on it. I’ve been fighting
my whole life. I stopped fighting
because I suffered an injury. Now I just focus on tattooing instead of tattooing
and fighting at the same time. So now I get to take that same
aggression against Sebastian. I’m gonna smash him. Who the [bleep]
do you think you are, as a professional tattooer,
to sit here and say, “I’m gonna give you
a bad tattoo because I don’t like your
personality”? [bleep] that. ♪ ♪ – We’ve got to plan
the grand opening. We’re thinking
about having a live band, face painting,
airbrush tattoos, which is gonna be awesome. – Perfect. Yes.
– I think we got it. When Mark thinks
that he’s right, he automatically starts barking
really, really loud to let everybody know
that he’s the alpha male. I’m gonna win
this grudge match because I don’t think Mark has the technical skill
that it takes to beat me. There’s no way. [tense music] – There he is.
– Oh, here we go. – Whoa, it’s been a minute.
– Oh, oh. – [laughing]
– Mark, right. Look at this.
Mark, the wannabe Ink Master. – [laughs] He’s already dissing
his tattoos. ♪ ♪ Oh, here we go. – Oh, shit,
it’s the traumatic tattooer. You still tearing people up
if you don’t like ’em, man? – Ready to choke him out. – It’s just not honorable,
you know what I mean? Like, if your own client
can’t trust you, who can? – I was just saying
it’s possible to tattoo slower
and not [bleep] the skin up. Hell, no, I don’t do that. – He wants to head-butt him
right now. You see him?
– I see it. – I just don’t understand why you’d want to put somebody
through more pain. – Dude, you can sing
any song you want. All I’m thinking is… – He literally just gave him
the bird right to his face. – He’s, like, poking a bear. – I mean, let’s go
figure this out. – That was something I got told
by another artist, and I said, “you can.” I didn’t say “I.”
It’s possible. – Dude, that is such bullshit. – Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on. – Hey, guys.
– What is going on? – Settle down, settle down. – Bullshit is bullshit.
– That’s what happened. I got to be the only adult. – What’s going on
between you guys? – The point I was trying to get
is that you can tattoo slower and cause more pain to somebody
without [bleep] up a tattoo. – Bullshit.
– You feel me? And it came from
another tattoo artist. – Bullshit is bullshit, man. I don’t argue with bullshit. – This grudge is serious, brah. It’s been way, way,
way too long. Right now, we want an even
playing field with you guys, so what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna give you
a 90-minute face-off tattoo where we decide what both
of you are gonna be tattooing. – I’m with that. – All right, all right.
Let’s go. – Whoever wins
this 90-minute tattoo is going to be able to choose either the style
or the subject matter moving into tomorrow’s
six-hour grudge match tattoo. – I’m with you.
– Hell yeah, let’s go. – And the winner of that
grudge match ends it all. No more grudge. – Man. – You guys like to fight. This is it right here. We’re duking it out. – Time to get my hand raised. Time to get my hand raised. – All right, well,
let’s figure something good. – I mean, these guys
have been waiting forever to battle it out. – How about some boxing gloves? – Yeah, yeah, I like it.
– I’m down with that. – You guys want to fight? We’ll start with
the mitts first. – Boxing gloves, any style. – In 90 minutes. – Keep your chin down.
– Keep your hands up. – Get to work, man.
You only got 90 minutes. – Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding.
– Whoo! – I think somebody might leave
with a couple black eyes. – How are you gonna feel
when you suffer this knockdown in round one? – Ah, I don’t know
what that feels like yet, because I’ve already proved
what I can do in this place. – About to get
knocked out, bro. ♪ ♪ – Aaron, you ready? – I’m very ready. – Katie, you think you got the upper hand
in this situation? – You gotta hand it to me,
I’m gonna win. – Your guys’s
90-minute face-off tattoos starts right now. [tense music] – That is perfect. – Is it? Is it?
– It is. It is. – All right, we’ll see. Ah, that’s super dope. [dramatic music] – You were my favorite
out of that entire season. – Aw, well, you’re sweet. I have a lot of fun competing, and sometimes I feel like
I get a little crazy. – Keep that shit up, and you’ll
get yourself in trouble again. – I can’t help it.
There’s–[laughs] The competition
brings it out of me. Everywhere I go,
it’s literally this. People are still mad at me for the mistake
in Cleen and Aaron’s tattoo. I just want to prove that when the playing field
is truly even, I can still beat Aaron’s ass. ♪ ♪ – This, I feel like, is gonna
be one of those tattoos that when I’m done with it,
whether it wins or loses, it’s gonna be a badass tattoo,
and I won’t [bleep] care. I’m not disappointed we
didn’t make it to the finale. I’m angry, because
we should’ve been there. This is me, my family,
my future, and she thinks it’s a joke
to throw us under the bus, and it got us sent home. Just bitter, a little sour, because I had to go home
before she did. Thanks, Katie. I want to whup her ass
once and for all. ♪ ♪ – All right, you guys ready
to duke it out? – All day, my man.
– Hell, yeah. – Hopefully one of you guys can knock us out
with a clean tattoo. Your 90-minute boxing glove
tattoo starts right now. ♪ ♪ – Hmm, what do you know? ♪ ♪ – Oh, yeah,
that’s pretty saucy. Hope you pack
a knockout punch, homie. – I hope you packed light,
because you’re going home soon. [rock music] ♪ ♪ – Do you know how many tattoos
of boxing gloves I’ve done off the top of my head
in my entire career? – How’s it going over there,
Mr. Matthews? – Just visualizing
this knockout. You over there scarring
your guy up or what? – Too busy punching you
in the face. – We can all dream, my man.
We can all dream. Sebastian, boxing gloves are gonna be your
first-round knockout. [bell dings]

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  1. I personally still think Katie was in the wrong for calling out Cleen and Aaron. The thumbs in drawing resemble what the daisha(?) traditionally looks like. Why is it that big of a problem?!

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