Bae Brings Baby Nikko To Work ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

Bae Brings Baby Nikko To Work ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

Stay right there I told Kitty I’ll open up the
shop but Rob is at work all day
so I have to bring Nico with me while everyone else
is living it up in New Orleans. I’m stuck here lactating.
All over the god damn place. Oh
my God.>>OK. Oh yes. pump my milk Nico Give me 15 minutes oh my
god! You OK?. You hungry? You
hot? If you’d told me a year ago that
I’ll be pumping milk from both
of my tits. while working and taking care
of a crying baby. Ah me no speak english This working mom stuff
is way harder than I thought. Nice to see you.
You’re ready for me now. Follow me. Have a seat right here. First
thing Imma do. Imma change my
shoes. Just had the baby. OK congratulations.
Yeah you know after you have the
baby, you feel fat as (bleep) you know
I try to look cute today. It’s not working I want a small logo
three lettering logo. MIB. Thats Easy peasy
I’ll be done in 2 minutes. I want you like. In the I, I
want to look like a skyscraper. Music signs on some flags
and some coloring in it. In a little space
Do I have that small of a hand?
Yeah! I need you to come with me Because you know like
I can’t trust. My baby there
with nobody else when no stranger
stranger danger. Okay. Hi How can I help you.
I’d tattoos. You want it today. If it’s
possible. Yeah sure. Just give me 10 minutes
I’m supposed to be in maternity
leave. Ok I’m about ot call. I don’t
know Blackgate human resources because what is the point
of getting citizenship If I can’t take advantage of
my maternity leave! Talk to me
I want a battleship. You could have a seat right
there for me Baby. The tattoo shop.
going crazy. You feel gassy I don’t do babies bro
just get it out there. Just
finish. Gotchya. Oh my God.
My son has a muddy butt. Good luck brother
Niko got a muddy butt

100 thoughts on “Bae Brings Baby Nikko To Work ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

  1. The dark brutha was like haaayyyaaa…. Lmaoff when bae walked in the room happy for her though yes im a mother 2 a 6year old

  2. Anyone notice her accent got thicker after her first season. The first few episodes she sounded like she was born here, now she sounds like she’s fresh off.

  3. This was cute but fake as hell. Kids are not allowed to be in the shop during business hours well at least where I'm from they can't.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen she needs help you know she have a child to president please please come on over and get some money

  5. At 2:51 when he tapped his leg amd he stopped talking and Bae was walking all slow to the counter with the baby in her arms while she was smiling😂😂😂😂YALLL SHE IS TOO DAMN MUCH😂😂😂

  6. Lmfao…… me no speak English motherfuker LOL Bae is hilarious, I'm look at that Snapback damn she looks great her babies like a week old……

  7. Bae one of the funniest cast members if not the funniest 😂 tried to look cute it ain’t working hey she keeping it real

  8. why would they leave a woman with a BABY by herself when they know customers will come in to get tattoos? tattoos take a lot of time and work and what if it’s big? she has a BABY to take care of, and nobody’s there to help. she has TWO customers, a BABY, clean up the place, AND pump breast milk? it’s so wrong to leave her alone. she’s a MOM with a BABY to take care of. did i already say that?

  9. That’s wrong she supposed to be on maternity leave and she is working That mean she should get paid extra

  10. Bae is super mom and Black ink is wrong to do that to her, Sky Learn something from Bae about being a good mother.

  11. what they did to her was fucked up like she just had a baby and they out here makin her do all the work with a baby on her shoulders to manage

  12. I hope that was staged because that’s just wrong. If I was filming I would go help her, I couldn’t stand there and watch her struggle with her new baby. Poor girl needs to be at home, she looks amazing though 💕👏

  13. @1:20 why dude look like a older version of Chris Brown in his “Excuse Me Miss” video with the baggy clothes 😭😂😂

  14. I'm the type of momma that if I walked in I'd offer to take care of the baby and let her do her thing. She is bustin her ass

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