Avenger? I Hardly Know Her

– So you’ve done, what,
five films together, so I thought you knew
each other well enough to play a game. (both)
Okay. I’m going to ask
a series of questions and you’re going to see
if they’re true or false about one another,
and it’s a game we call “Avenger?
I Hardly Know Her.” – Oh, that’s cute.
– Okay. – All right. So Scarlet, this is
your question about Chris. “Chris just directed
his first film, ‘Before We Go.’ It’s about a family of geese
flying south for the winter.” – What? – Yes, that’s false.
– That’s false. – That’s false.
– I would watch it. – It seems interesting to me.
– Sounds long. – Well, it depends on
where they’re going. Chris, this is for you. “Scarlet has a twin brother
named Hunter, and she is
three minutes older” – That is true.
– Boom. – I knew that as well.
– Boom. Scarlet… “Granny Smith, Fuji, Macoun,
all types of apples. In this picture, Chris is
holding a Honeycrisp apple. – Oh, geez. [cheers and applause] – Wait, what am I
looking at? – How do you like
them apples? – I’ll say true.
– Yeah, no, it’s a McIntosh. – McIntosh, oh, well.
– It’s a McIntosh. – I got distracted, sorry.
– Certainly don’t know your apples. That was why we did it
’cause you’d get distracted. Chris, “Since living in France,
Scarlet has learned to make traditional crepes
from her sister-in-law.” Oh, man. I’ll say true. – Mm, you are wrong.
– Ah! – Yeah, I know.
She’s not learned a thing. – She doesn’t know anything. – Nothing.
She’s not even trying. – I am trying. – You don’t speak French. You haven’t learned
to make a crepe. – You sound like my
mother-in-law. – You shouldn’t live there. Don’t you talk back to me. Scarlet, “Chris used to work
at Disneyland, “and in this picture,
he’s helping a child reach for a lost balloon.” See, we’re getting
him back now. – Oh, man.
– What’s happening? – McIntosh.
What is going on? You can’t do that
at Disneyland. – No, that is true.
– That’s not– – He’s not looking for
a lost balloon at all. – That’s actually true. – I think you’re at
Coachella or something. I don’t know what
you’re doing. All right, Chris,
“Scarlet loves karaoke, and her go-to song
is ‘Baby Got Back.'” – Uh, I do know
she likes karaoke. I’m gonna say true. – Mm, you’re wrong on that.
– Come on! – No. She refuses–
– Come on. – God, you don’t know
anything about me. – It’s over.
– No. Oh, no. Come back. – Wait, don’t. I’m afraid
you’re gonna come back, like, behind me again. – Chris, this is for you,
Scarlet, again. “Chris played Mr. Freezie
in ‘The Iceman,’ but in this picture…”
– Oh, Jesus. – “He looks ‘muy caliente.'” True or false? – Yeah, he looks–
looks ‘muy caliente.’ – She says false.
– All right. That’s great.
That was a fun game. – I enjoyed it.
– Look at you. My God. – You’re a beast.
– I know. – Movie magic.
– That’s what that– That’s what’s under
all that right there. – That’s it.
No. All right. “Avengers: Age of Ultron”
opens in theaters and IMAX 3D tomorrow.
We’ll be right back,

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