Atomic Angels: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

Atomic Angels: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

– All right. You girls ready to see
what New Mexico has in store? – Hell, yeah.
– You’re from the Southwest. What’s going on down here? – Well, there’s a lot
of bitey things, a lot of dangerous things. It gets hot. It can be
miserably intimidating just to walk out your door, so hopefully the artists
are the same way. [rock music] ♪ ♪ – I’m Jessie C,
and I’ve been tattooing for three and a half years. I specialize in color
and new-school tattoos. A lot of people
are intimidated by the fact that I am a strong female, and I’m not just a female,
I’m a great artist too. – Hey.
– Hi. – Hi, there.
– Hello. – What’s up?
– My name’s Jessie. I’ve only been tattooing
for three and a half years, so I’m the new kid
on the block, pretty much,
here in Albuquerque. I had to get good
really quickly. I have two little kids.
I’m a single mom. – Have you developed
a particular style you like in this time? – I’m more of
a new-school artist. – New school, ooh.
– I, too, dabble, yeah. – You’ve been one of
my biggest inspirations, to tell you the truth,
so I’m excited for this opportunity. [rock music] ♪ ♪ – I’m Don Hawkins, and I’ve been tattooing
for five years. I’m a black-and-gray realism
tattoo artist. What sets me apart
from other tattoo artists in the city
is my competitive nature. I haven’t been doing this long,
but I’m pretty damn good. Yo, what’s happening? – Oh.
– Hey. – Hey.
– Oh, superstar, look at you. – Not trying to make this
easy on me, huh? – Mr. Don, we know each other. – She’s the best new-school
artist in town for sure. – This is interesting already. – Tell us a little bit
about yourself. – I’m a semi-pro
football-playing tattoo artist. – Same.
– [laughs] I realized professional football
wasn’t for me, and I landed back
on my first love, which is art. – So you guys are pretty
comfortable with multitasking, is what I’m hearing
from both of you. – I can change a diaper
and tattoo at the same time. I got this. [rock music] ♪ ♪ – My name is Chris Partain. I’ve been tattooing
for 26 years. Known for a solid tattoo
with no frills, really, not a lot of magic,
just a solid tattoo. I’m a tattoo grandfather.
I’m, like, a– at this point, I’m a veteran. Everybody in
the tattoo community knows who I am because I
started the first shop in town. – Here’s your competitor.
– Hey. – Hello. Hi, you guys.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hey, kiddos, how we doing? – Reputation precedes you,
my friend. – What is that reputation? – He’s been around Albuquerque
for a long time. – I started working
in Albuquerque. There was only one tattoo shop. There’s 80-something shops now. – So how’s that been,
watching, like, an entire tattoo culture kind
of, like, rise up around you? – I feel like
the proud grandpa. – That rules, dude.
– Yeah. – Yeah, the more the merrier. – You guys are a veritable
rainbow of experience, so I’m pretty excited
about this. – Before we get
this competition started, we have a very special surprise
for you guys. – Oh. – You’re gonna find
we love surprises. – We have invited a guest Angel
to help us judge. – Oh, no. – She competed on “Ink Master”
season six. She has a whopping 15 years
of experience as a tattooer. [suspenseful music] Duffy Fortner. – Yeah.
– Awesome. Awesome. – Hey, what’s up?
– Hey, guys. – Oh, my God.
– How’s it going? – Good.
– Good. – You guys thought
three sets of eyes were gonna be tough. Welcome the number four. – Oh, yeah. – Not a lot of people
get this opportunity. You will come out
a better artist. I’m living proof. – Awesome.
– All right. So here’s how the competition’s
gonna go down. There’s gonna be two
elimination tattoos, and one artist is gonna
be eliminated each round. Whoever survives that madness
will face off against one of us Angels,
and if you can beat one of us, you get a spot on “Ink Master”
and a shot at $100,000. – Awesome.
– Yay! – All right.
– Very cool. – All right, you guys
are gonna have two hours to complete your tattoos today. – Oh, God.
– And… Duffy as a guest judge
isn’t the only bomb that’s getting dropped today. – What else you got? – The first atomic bomb
was dropped in New Mexico in 1945 as a test run. Today, you guys are gonna be
tattooing mushroom clouds. – Oh, okay.
– Goodness. – Okay. – We’re gonna be looking
at your style, your shading, your outline,
and your overall application. – Quality, guys.
Clean line work. Smooth shading. If it doesn’t have
either one of those, then I’m not even gonna
look any further. – Duffy’s the bad cop.
– I like having her here. – Keep in mind you guys have
one shot to show us your best because one of you is going to
be eliminated today. – Oh, goodness. – Your canvases have been
randomly assigned, and they are completely open. Go get set up,
and we’ll send them in. – Awesome.
– Yes, let’s go. – All right.
– Whoo! [rock music] ♪ ♪ – I’m gonna epically rock
this thing, and you guys are gonna
be so embarrassed. – You think you’re gonna be
able to get more than a outline done in two hours? – Kids, keep it down.
Dad’s gonna get mad. – What’s going on? I’m David.
– Hey. Pretty good. – Chris.
– Nice to meet you, Colin. – Nice to meet you, dude.
How’s it going, man? – Are you freaking ready
for this, dude? – I am super excited.
– All right. You guys have two hours
to complete mushroom cloud tattoos,
any style, and your time starts now. [rock music] – Ready for your mind
to be blown? – I am ready. – Mushroom cloud tattoos
are really difficult because there’s
a very good chance they’re just gonna look like
apocalyptic broccoli. – Fabulous. – There are sonic booms,
debris that go flying. You need to think
about other things that you can include to show the absolute destruction
of a mushroom cloud. – All right, man, let us begin. [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ There’s not gonna be a lot
of black outline, but we gotta make sure
we get her colored in there. – Absolutely. [tattoo machine buzzing] – I know doing a big tattoo
is a huge risk, but I’m feeling very confident. I do big pieces all the time. [tattoo machine buzzing] ♪ ♪ [uncertain music] What do you like better?
You like sports or art? – Sports.
– Yeah? Art was always
my number-one love, but football was my way to get to college,
to get a free education. But you do know
you can do both, right? – Yeah. – You don’t have to do
just one. I want my son to know he doesn’t have to make
the same choice. With hard work and dedication,
anything is possible. [tattoo machine buzzing] – How are you feeling
about time? – I’m definitely giving you
guys a poker face right now. – Sure. Well, thank God
you went real small. – [laughs]
– [laughs] – ♪ I want to make you
[indistinct] ♪ ♪ I want to, I want to ♪ ♪ Make it on my own ♪ – All right, you guys,
you have one hour left. – [bleep]. I’m going with
a new-school tattoo. It definitely gives me
the opportunity to show my creative skills. Kicking ass, taking names. [mellow music] All right, kids,
monster pancakes? – We could make it purple
by mixing. – What colors make purple,
babe? – Blue and red.
– Cool. Being a mom has been one of
the biggest gifts in my life. Those kids have brought out
the best in me. Oh, fabulous! I’ve had so many clients
from my kids’ school because my daughter sits there,
and she’s like, “My mom is the best
tattoo artist, and I’m gonna be
just like her,” and it literally rips me
to shreds inside because I couldn’t be
more proud to know that. – Oh, no!
– [laughs] [tattoo machine buzzing] – That’s a clever idea.
– Color’s where it’s at. I live and breathe this stuff
most days, so decided to kind of
show you guys, make you a little nervous too,
maybe, hmm? Huh? Maybe? Maybe? ♪ ♪ – Like, the last
couple years, dude, I went through
a real dark, crazy time. Went through a crazy divorce
and all that and didn’t deal with it
so well, questioning everything
in my life and everything. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna
tattoo anymore still. ♪ ♪ When you get a divorce
and you think you’ll never love again,
the universe will lay this little nugget
in front of you. I have a awesome girlfriend. – I believe in you.
I’ve always believed in you. – Well, thank God
somebody does. – [laughs]
– She was a godsend. This is the perfect opportunity
to show the people that counted me out,
they thought I was done, [bleep] off,
I’m not going anywhere. [tattoo machine buzzing] – Can definitely tell
you’re not afraid of the black. – No, I’m definitely
all about it. You gotta be. I know the fundamentals
of tattooing. This tattoo will look like this
in 20 years, 30 years,
40 years down the road. There’s no way I can let
these kids take me out, man. I got way too much to prove. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – Five. Four. Three. Two. One. That’s it. Stop tattooing. – [sighs] That’s a wrap, dude.
Hey, give me an elbow. – All right. – That’s it. All done. – Look at that. – Some new school, man,
with your old school. – I know. – Right there,
you got me juicing again. [laughs] – You slayed it on that size.
I’m [bleep] impressed. I mean,
for somebody who’s okay. – Yeah, you know.
– [laughs] [dramatic music] – I’m pretty happy
with what I’ve seen here in Albuquerque so far. – I really like Don’s. The design
was really interesting because he has
a little girl’s silhouette, foreground, middle ground,
background. – That outline was beautiful
as opposed to Chris’ tattoo. – You can see that he went
into there and built up some lines,
which broke my heart. – And unnecessary. – But, in terms of creativity,
his design was awesome. I did not like Jessie’s. – The spout on the bottle,
I love that ’cause you get the impression
that spout actually kind of bubbles up. – But in the fade in her cloud,
I don’t want to see every time you changed
your color. That’s gotta be gradual,
and if you’re not confident that you can do that,
then don’t do it. – She did a lot of really good
things that are almost there. – So, who outweighs who? – I thought the whole point
of today’s tattoo was supposed to be
a mushroom cloud, not jars. – At least I executed it well. I can’t say the same
for Mr. Partain. – You’re kidding yourself. – Not one good, clean part
about it. – You did a tattoo this big, and you couldn’t involve
one clean line in it. – I for sure did, dude. – You were freaking out.
– Absolutely. – Hey, guys. We want in on the convo. – I mean, I feel like
I’m in the safe zone, so that’s between them. – All right, Mr. Big Shot. – As far as the mushroom cloud,
I hit that. Not a jar. – My style’s pretty funky
and out there, and, you know, I really wanted to bring that
to the table. – You all took your own
creative take on this, which we love. – But unfortunately,
only one of you can win. The winner of today’s
elimination tattoo is…

48 thoughts on “Atomic Angels: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

  1. So proud to say I have all my ink done by Chris. He is an amazing artist, truly talented. My tattoos are 16 years old and still look like I got them yesterday. He is a respected veteran in this trade.

  2. That Jessie chick said one of my biggest pet peeves,
    "strong woman"
    Every time I hear that I think I die a little, but I can't be sure.

  3. Does Ryan ever let her guard down and stop posing?? Honestly…showing some emotion or…anything would be a nice change…and Duffy needs to get off her high horse and stop rolling her eyes… In fact I'm not even sure why she was there as a guest Angel to begin with because in my opinion it's laughable and has not earned the attitude she has….nor the right to turn her nose up to anyone…nobody has that right

  4. Am I the only one that noticed an unidentified flying object come down from the sky when the show came back from commercials almost at the end

  5. since watchi g this sow i ve felt the judging has been skewed. they choose their personal favorites over the quality of the tats. i m done watching this crooked show. on this episode don killed it duffys back pie e was huge but unfinished

  6. I can't STAND these "angels".
    They are feminists pushing an agenda, and it's pretty clear.
    I've only seen them vote for a contestant once or twice, and i've seen several finalists who deserved to win. They were always bitching and whining about how unfair everything was when they were competing on Ink Master, and they made EVERYTHING about the fact that they are women.
    The worst thing the producers could do was to give these chicks their own show. All they do is promote their feminist bullshit, and the women who compete have an unfair advantage, even when they suck.
    This latest episode was just the latest instance where the winner was another angel representative who didn't deserve the win.
    If they REALLY wanted to be fair about it they would do a BLIND finale where you don't know who did the tattoo until AFTER the voting was in.

  7. Dammit. I been saving to get a tattoo by Jessie and now her prices are gonna go up 😂 frs congrats to her on being able to get her name out there more! She's an amazing artist!!!!

  8. Hell yeah born and raised in Albuquerque. Don did my wrist tat and I been saving up to get another. Hes bad ass!!

  9. Calm down a bit Duffy… Not only did you not win in a contest with only what 24 people or less? But you rode your partner's coattails the whole show. So stop leaning over people and giving your eyes a roll when you don't like what you see… and we all know no matter how bad of a job you do on this show the angels are going to vote for you.

  10. Not to mention Duffy's tattoo was basically the Angels skull that they pick with a couple extra things thrown in… No creativity

  11. This is so nice I think this 3 are the only contestants who didn't trash talk or had a big ego instade they said nice things about the other artists

  12. always the same scenario, they name each other, that angel is surprised,
    come on, even me i'm not surprised, because all the competetors you featured know one another -_-.
    and always you find a guy who thinks his the best, who's very confident, then he dedicates everything to his family.. etc.

    same scenario with diffrent actors,
    things are becoming boring, you need new ideas

  13. "Rainbow of experience? Two five and under and someone with twenty-five years? And can anyone tell me if this show is scripted, cause it sure sounds like it is when the artists are having their 'smack-down' of each other when they're alone at the end…lame.

  14. I love the fact that there was the respect between these three artists. Usually at least one of them is this loudmouth who trash talks all the way but fails to back it up more often than not. I know they are rivals but it really should be about the respect for the other artists imo. Nice one.

    Also….I love the girl watching the cloud tattoo. Looks dope af.

  15. The producers must tell them beforehand that they have to insult the other artists and act as arrogant as possible. Really not necessary. The art makes it worth watching, not the douchebaggery.

  16. For some reason until the challenge actually started I heard "Marshmallow cloud" I was like OH YEAH LETS DO THIS AND MAKE SOME CANDY CLOUDS

  17. At 6:28, when he says, “With hard work and dedication, anything is possible,” it sounded like he said, “With heart-work”, which was exactly what all three of them exemplified. It’s refreshing and heartwarming to see the respect between these three talented artists.

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